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Your opponent awaits you, @ #WWENXT #LadderMatch @shirai_io


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BreadSlice ()

Charlotte should win this match. Just for the sake of Twitter meltdown. #WWENXT


Alex Burgess ()

Catching up on @WWENXT and obviously repping my fave @JohnnyGargano ❤️


紫雷イオがNXT王座挑戦権を獲得!シャーロット・フレアーvs紫雷イオが見られるのか!これは激アツ✨ #WWENXT

Rain⭐️✨ ()

シャーロット・フレアー🆚紫雷イオ...唆る😏 #WWENXT

Matt Ryan/Ozzy Dead ()

#TheNightmare will be back better, stronger and mightier just Vegeta #WWENXT


Charlotte vs Io?!?! Balor vs Walter?!?! Whoopa whoopa dang dang bay bay!! Yes please!! This is too sweet!! 😍❤😎🔥🥰😊🤘👍 #WWENXT


NXT has the hottest & badass women period. 😎🔥🥰😊🤘🤙👍 #WWENXT #LadderMatch

Adam Wilbourn ()

Some people might not like it, but I fucking adored #CiampaVsGargano. It was everything Edge & Orton should have been, plus heel Candice?! #WWENXT I see you Killer Kross 👀


POST Wrestling ()

Braden Herrington and Davie Portman review the April 8th #WWENXT featuring two matches from what would have been TakeOver: Tampa. @upNXTpodcast


Alex Pawlowski ()

I pitched this on the Wednesday Night Wars after-show podcast, but I really want Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux to have like a Murderers Who Hunt Other Murderers gimmick. The heels who heel heels. And their first targets: Johnny & Candice. #WWENXT

Be2Sports ()

#WWENXT A ladder match where the prize is a figure-8. Congratulations?


WWE ()

Your opponent awaits you, @ #WWENXT #LadderMatch @shirai_io


A Kenny For Your Thoughts Wrestling Podcast ()

@Shotziblack didn’t come in on a tank. AS IF THIS WORLD COULDN’T GET WORSE! #WWENXT

Carnation City Fool ()

#WWENXT “What can we do to better our ratings?” Fans: Trips in Commentary NXT: Sam Roberts on commentary?! You got it! Neilson Ratings: SMH Dumb assess Fans: &[email protected]!...#AEWonTNT it is.

Undisputed Brandon 🤟🏾😎 ()

I know y’all saw the gloves too in the promo 👀👀👀👀


Capt. Howdy ()

@WWENXT @Shotziblack I have a feeling this was meant to be more than shotzi chillin but what do I know?


STILL Limitless. STILL North American Champion. @LimitIsUnknown! #WWENXT


Mike Killam ()

Alright. I know I tweeted about how Lee/Dijak/Priest feel less special the more you book them against each other, and I stand by that on principle, but that was a heck of a match. #WWENXT

Edwin Ouellet ()

I really want to watch Gauntlet match, but I dont wanna hear Sam Roberts on commentary #wwenxt

TheOnlyLeageThereIs ()

What was better #AEWDynamite or #WWENXT And how would u describe what show u watched. Post gif below

W.F. 🖤 ()

Either we see this next week or we riot😤😤😤#Io4Champ


Kurt Zamora ()

Someone please tell me what the hell Dexter Lumis did to his right arm with that tattoo cover up?!? #WWENXT

Izzy ()

Tonight’s episode of @WWENXT was no no joke and did not disappoint! But you know what time it is where I give you the “Hot Tag”. So let me know what was your favorite match or moment of the night using the hashtag #TheHotTag 🔥

The Pop Tower ()

While everybody dies, a takeover begins to be televised. But who won between #WWENXT and #AEWDynamite this week?

Zé do Caixão ()

caralho vcs tao poluindo tanto minha tl com essa porra de big broder q eu achei q era o babu nessa foto

David Malandra Jr ()

the end of one of the most Physical Rivalry in @WWENXT ends next week #WWENXT #GarganovsCiampa

WWE Argentina ()

Dejen de pasarme videos de Royal Rumble. Imaginarme lo que hubiese sido este RTWM sin todo este quilombo me da ganas de tirarme de un balcón. #WWENXT

TurnHeelWrestling ()

Se conocen todas las participantes para el Ladder Match femenino en NXT. #WWENXT


Scott Fishman ()

Bask in the glory of my interview with @RealKeithLee : #WWE #WWENXT

Soundwave ()

If I go to Heaven and Gargano and Ciampa are still beefing I’m requesting a transfer to Hell

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