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The Washington Wizards are signing Sydney Kings forward Xavier Cooks – MVP of the National Basketball League in Australia -- to a deal through the 2023-2024 season, his agent Daniel Moldovan of Octagon Sports tells ESPN..

CLUB ANNOUNCEMENT Sydney Kings star Xavier Cooks will join the NBA at the conclusion of the NBL Championship Series, agreeing to a two-year deal with the Washington Wizards. Congratulations Xavier 🎉 🔗 #WeTheKings.

Xavier Cooks Photo,Xavier Cooks Photo by Sydney Kings,Sydney Kings on twitter tweets Xavier Cooks Photo

Xavier Cooks has officially signed his contract with the Washington Wizards. It’s a four-year, $ million deal, sources told ESPN. New story on @ESPNAusNZ..

Australians Xavier Cooks (left, who just joined the Wizards) and Matthew Dellavedova, who plays for Sacramento, caught up with each other just now near the Capital One Arena court:.

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The Washington Wizards have signed Xavier Cooks to a four-year, $ million deal, league sources told @hoopshype. The deal is guaranteed the rest of this season and the 2023-24 season, is non-guaranteed for the 2024-25 season, and includes a team option for the 2025-26 season..

Wednesday night: Double-double in an NBL title clinching game. Sunday afternoon: NBA debut with the Washington Wizards. Not a bad week for Xavier Cooks..

Xavier Cooks Photo,Xavier Cooks Photo by Kane Pitman,Kane Pitman on twitter tweets Xavier Cooks Photo

Your Washington Wizards in Slow Mo, welcome Xavier Cooks! #DCAboveAll.

What a series. What a season. Sydney and New Zealand have just delivered a classic that will be remembered for a long time. As for Xavier Cooks? He finishes this season the same as a championship clinching game tallying 19 points, 11 rebounds and 2 assists..

Xavier Cooks dream came true tonight. Nobody can ever take that away from him..

Xavier Cooks. This is the last time you suit up for the Sydney Kings before you head to the Nba. I thank you for winning us a chip last season and becoming a MVP player. Before you go tho, win it all for us please!.

Xavier Cooks Photo,Xavier Cooks Photo by tai 🇦🇺,tai 🇦🇺 on twitter tweets Xavier Cooks Photo

#Wizards new forward Xavier Cooks will play his last game tonight for the Sydney Kings. I’d assume he will be in Washington in the next week or so. Does he play before the season ends?.


Xavier Cooks lifted the championship trophy on Wednesday as captain of the Sydney Kings, and by Sunday afternoon, he was playing his first game as an NBA player..

When NBA twitter discovers Xavier Cooks’ free throws it’s all over for him 😭😭.

Xavier Cooks checked in to his first NBA game today, collecting 2 rebounds in 5:30 mins of game time.

What an amazing year of NBL basketball. A brilliant league. Xavier Cooks leaves town now a legend of the Sydney Kings..

Xavier Cooks is available to make his Wizards debut today. I doubt he plays, or plays some junk minutes at best, but this tease is enough to get me to tune into a March Wizards-Kings game..

Xavier Cooks is SO intense out there. I’m trying to decide how this will impact his game in the NBA..

Xavier Cooks has found his touch and the Sydney Kings are right back in the decider. HT: SYDNEY KINGS 35 | NEW ZEALAND BREAKERS 36 STATS ▶️ #NBLFinals.

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Is Xavier Cooks crazy for playing injured in game 5 when he has a life-changing offer and opportunity ahead of him in the NBA !?!?! #NBL23.

Xavier Cooks has checked in for his first taste of NBA competition..

Xavier Cooks in Sydney King’s NBL Championship win: 19/11/2 on 8-12 shooting.

Tres roturas de ligamentos tuvo el colorado Glover. Es el jugador de la hinchada. Muy querido en Sídney. Si bien el mejor (por lejos) ha sido Xavier Cooks (MVP), lo de Glover es admirable. #NBL23 #NBLFinals.

This team is so special man, so much more than just Xavier Cooks or just Derrick Walton Jr. WE THE FUCKING KINGS.

HALFTIME: @NZBreakers 36 - 35 @SydneyKings ... Sydney have STORMED back into the contest with a 24-14 second quarter. Xavier Cooks with a massive drive to the basket to finish the second and bring the hosts back within one. #NBL23.

Xavier Cooks優勝しろ!!! 観るぞ!!!!! #WeTheKings #NBLFinals.

17:30とかいう微妙な開始時間だけどXavier Cooksの優勝をリアタイします NBL23 Championship Series Game 5 | Sydney Kings vs New Zealand Breakers @YouTubeより.

@GregFinberg @JohnnyDavis If we lost this! But I still had complaints about Brad dribbling too much like he does at the last seconds of a period. And Jay Huff was Jay Ruough! 😠 And lastly where the hell is Xavier Cooks, Quenton Jackson and Kendrick Nunn??.

NBLFinalでのXavier Cooksはこんな感じでした(1試合視聴).

#Wizards new forward Xavier Cooks in the close out game for the NBL finals, 27 minutes 19 points 11 rebounds 2 assists 8/12 FG (3/7 FT) Cooks leads his team to an NBL championship. The NBL team will fly to Washington tomorrow to join the team..

Xavier Cooks on his way to DC after winning back to back chips 👀👀.

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