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Dementia often reveals the true person within. #PlantationJoe has been a condescending blowhard since his proud days of beating up “bad dude” Corn Pop down at the pool. His latest #YouAintBlack racist filth is not a gaffe. It’s the demon emerging from a rotten soul.

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Errol Webber For Congress (CA-37) ()

According to Democrats like Joe Biden, being black is not a matter of your actual race but on how you vote. Also according to Democrats like Joe Biden, you can change your gender back & forth however many times a day you feel. #YouAintBlack

🌺Peace Love & Joy ()

Reasons to 🗳4 Joe Biden Make Private prisons Make War Make people poorer Make monopolies What else? Reasons not to 🗳4 Biden #YouAintBlack What else?

Mike Breslin ()

@JoeBiden Unless they are black and don’t vote for you? Right, #JoeBiden? #YouAintBlack

Alyss 42 ()

@AurelienMarq @AFPusa mais vous ne saviez pas qu’on pouvait être “racialement noir“ mais non “politiquement noir” ? Oui les idées politiques ont une couleur maintenant, mais ça peut pas être raciste puisque ces concepts viennent de proclamés antiracistes 🙃 #YouAintBlack #JoeBiden

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Susan S ()

@JustBeaTee This shows his pattern. This was no one off. Biden is a racist. #YouAintBlack #JoeBidenIsARacist

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#IBelieveTaraReade🦉#TrumpEpstein🦉#Bernie2020🦉 ()

From now on this is @JoeBiden . #YouAintBlack #JoeBidenIsARacist

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Pants McShirt ()

If you think #JoeBidenIsARacist for his #YouAintBlack comment, do you also think Trump is a racist when he called Mexican immigrants rapists?

EdMemphis ()

@MrChuck_901 If you don’t play at least one song off of CIRCLE B SMOKED SAUSAGE & JUNGLE JUICE album while you barbecue & fellowship with family this weekend #YouAintBlack

🇨🇲 B. Keith Hotchkins ()

@JoeBiden are White and excluded from framing how being Black must look. You should have said a vote for @realDonaldTrump is a vote for anti-Blackness, which would have made a better point. #YouAintBlack

🇺🇸Old King Cole Was a Merry Old Soul🇺🇸 ()

When someone tells U who they are, we should believe them. The former VP doesn’t regret being too “cavalier” or using #YouAintBlack —he meant every word & it’s typical for ppl like Biden to openly express who they are then once they read the room & it’s negative, they backpedal!

Crypto Yoda Jr. ()

It was the way he reduced his vocabulary and tried to seem “urban” out of no where. Just be yourself! #joebidden #youaintblack

Aly ()

How many of you are over both Trump and Biden? How are you feeling right now? What are your thoughts looking forward to Election Day? Talk to me, y’all. I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you’re on❤️ #YouAintBlack

Just a girl named Becky ()

@JoeBiden I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again #JoeBidenIsARacist You are disgusting and your words without a teleprompter reflect how you truly feel! #YouAintBlack

† Crusader ()

Black Conservatives: Joe Biden‘s ‘You Ain‘t Black‘ Comment ‘Racist and Dehumanizing‘ via @BreitbartNews #YouAintBlack #JoeBidenIsARacist

Pearce Pedro ()

Black people need to not vote for a whole election and let them come to us. #YouAintBlack

Gretchen ()

#YouAintBlack Could you imagine if President Trump had said this and would hypocritical democrats still be calling it a and comment made in jest.

John Crewsack ()

Did former VP actually say that? You can’t just lump people together based on skin tone and assume you know what’s best for them. What is this the 1800’s? We live in a modern society and everyone is independent #YouAintBlack #DivideandConquer

President Raprock Obiden Bama ()

Charlamagne called it. Joe Biden is the embodiment of white democratic entitlement. #YouAintBlack #JoeBidenIsARacist

Doublee ()

My Plan: 2020:#YouAintBlack

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African HornET ()

Instead of whites.( women),who voted for Trump or still-hopeful Sanders supporters,Biden decided to attack African Americans who have doubts. #YouAintBlack 👀 Rather than voting in another blundering racist,many will now choose to stay black and die

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James Woods ()

Dementia often reveals the true person within. #PlantationJoe has been a condescending blowhard since his proud days of beating up “bad dude” Corn Pop down at the pool. His latest #YouAintBlack racist filth is not a gaffe. It’s the demon emerging from a rotten soul.

Candace Owens ()

Senator @JoeBiden: -Authored the Crime Bill of 94 -Voted against forcing white kids to bus with black kids. -Was so pro-segregation, he stated that forced integration was “the most racist concept you can come up with” But if you’re educated and know all of this, #YouAintBlack

KMcNeuroSleep 🧠 ()

Wow, so there are literally thousands and thousands of troll accounts and bots on twitter pushing certain hashtags? Just another reason to hate this garbage. None of it is actually real and is pushed by an agenda. #youaintblack

Russell Drew ()

I feel bad for Biden’s VP vetters. They are wasting their time going through the motions with Amy Klobuchar! A black woman or bust! #YouAintBlack

Gregimus ()

Forever Vice President @joebiden informing Kanye West that #YouAintBlack , (uncolorized, 22May2020)

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Robert Mitchell (RLM3) ()

My blackness isn’t tied to a white politician’s electoral success, so Joe Biden can miss me with the #YouAintBlack mess. He keeps telling us to shut up and fall in line, instead of offering policy prescriptions (for a reason), and y’all gleefully oblige. I’m truly disgusted.

Catalyst ()

President Trump: Whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots, we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms, and we all salute the same great American Flag. Joe Biden: #YouAintBlack if you don’t vote for me.

Michael Covone ()

Joe Biden is the dumbest man I have ever listened to speak. #YouAintBlack. Also its May 22nd 2020 and Barrack Obama was the most corrupt president in American History. Have a blessed day. #ObamaGate

🇺🇸 ()

@breakfastclubam @JoeBiden #Youaint How are you going to sit there and let an old racist white guy tell you #YouAintBlack? 🙄

Mercedes Schlapp ()

[email protected] has no respect for Blacks with his #YouAintBlack comment. The one guy who supported the Crime Bill, which led to mass incarceration of so many Black men.

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