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I can only conclude that #YouCantAskThat is the best show on Aussie TV by a mile. Nothing but respect for the intersex people starring tonight..

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I want to hug everyone who’s in on tonight’s ep of #YouCantAskThat Intersex. Thank you for this episode. 🥺♥️ Guys you need to watch this..

Finally, ABC is bravely tackling the tough questions posed by regular Aussies whos voices are rarely heard #YouCantAskThat #auspol.

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Watching #YouCantAskThat #intersex and learning a lot. Still one of the best tv shows on television. Well done @ABCTV!.

I binged #YouCantAskThat on a long bus ride home recently. The episodes are all revealing, moving & honest. Episode on intersex people was an incredible learning experience. Much respect & appreciation for the participants, & thanks to @the_aaron_smith & @ABCaustralia for sharing.

This is a fantastic program. #YouCantAskThat thank you for tonight’s episode. I had no idea. #intersex.

Another outstanding #YouCantAskThat Given the experiences described it should be compulsory viewing in medical school.

Just watched the #YouCantAskThat African Australians episode & I think at least three of the interviewees casually mentioned they were from Zimbabwe 💕 🇿🇼 🇿🇼 such a good ep.

@the_aaron_smith @ABCTV Such a captivating episode of #YouCantAskThat thank you to all of the interviewees!.

I can only conclude that #YouCantAskThat is the best show on Aussie TV by a mile. Nothing but respect for the intersex people starring tonight..

#YouCantAskThat is hitting it out of the park this year. This episode is amazing. I’ve learned so much about gene/cell variation. Thank you so much to everyone that appeared on this episode. Amazing..

I honestly always learn so much watching #YouCantAskThat. The format is so simple and the participants have so much 🙌.

Brilliant intersex episode on people talking about their experiences. Respect #YouCantAskThat.

The folks on #YouCantAskThat tonight sharing their stories and answering questions about being Intersex are incredibly brave. Well done you courageous beautiful people!!!!.

Another great episode of #YouCantAskThat on @ABCTV Really impressed with the candid and generous responses. Thank you to all, I learnt a lot. ❤✌.

#YouCantAskThat What an amazing show. I learnt so much. Intersex ppl wld have no issues if ppl just accepted full diversity of people ie just accepted them as they are..

God, #YouCantAskThat is such an important show. Tonight’s episode on #intersex people was truly wonderful. Thank you, @ABCTV..

NOW this is Exactly the kind of show I want my High School aged kids watching in their health/Personal development classes Thank you @ABCTV #YouCantAskThat #ycat.

Very depressing what they did to a lot of these people. Thanks for sharing #YouCantAskThat.

#YouCantAskThat on @ABCaustralia is so so captivating and everyone needs to get on to it ASAP..

#youcantaskthat and #ahnsbrushwithfame were amazing episodes tonight. Highly recommend. Priceless viewing. 😁👍👍❤.

Wow, absolutely blown away by the amazing humans on #YouCantAskThat tonight. Each and everyone of them so eloquently and beautifully answered each and every question..

@ERN_Malleyscrub Fucking idiot rednecks reduce the whole complex argument to who uses which #dumbfux #YouCantAskThat.

@iamemilymayo It’s great that certain types of people watch #YouCantAskThat. It’s just like #AusVotes2019. At least we’re paying attention!.

The intersex episode of #YouCantAskThat is so, so good. Well done to all involved for your honesty and advocacy. #intersex.

“I want to be seen in the world, but I don’t want to be judged. I want to be seen for who I am.” #YouCantAskThat.

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