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These two All-Stars put on a show 🍿 Zion: 34 Pts, 8 Reb, 6 Ast Giannis: 38 Pts, 10 Reb, 4 Ast

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Pelicans Nation
Pelicans Nation ()

Zion Williamson goes full Thanos against Rudy Gobert, bullying the Jazz star numerous times. #Pelicans

Jeff Duncan
Jeff Duncan ()

Nice balance and production for the Pels tonight: Zion: 10-17 FG 8 rebs 5 assts 24 points Ingram: 10-17 FG 4 rebs 5 assts 24 points Lonzo: 9-16 FG 6 rebs 7 assts 23 points

Mason Ginsberg
Mason Ginsberg ()

20 year old Zion Williamson has warped the entire floor. Everything you thought you knew about basketball is a lie

Central Utah Jazz 🇧🇷 🍷(27-7)
Central Utah Jazz 🇧🇷 🍷(27-7) ()

Que fique de lição pro Snyder que mesmo com um time ajustado, é necessário se adaptar ao adversário. Jogando contra um garrafão de Zion e Adams, tem que colocar Favors e Gobert, se não vira isso, chuva de rebote Ofensivos pra eles e derrota. #TakeNote #NBAnoSporTV

Rob Perez
Rob Perez ()

if you let Zion power-dribble with that left hand anywhere near the rim, don’t waste your time screaming for help. call 911.

ABC News
ABC News ()

FLY FREE: This condor at Zion National Park in Utah was released back into nature after being treated for lead poisoning.


GRAY on ’s SAP stream now on N app or website! #GRAY #AOMG gta

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Clipboard Pete Buttigieg
Clipboard Pete Buttigieg ()

Zion Williamson had 28 shooting possessions vs MIL. 26 of those were in the paint. He drew 3 fouls on those 26 attempts in the paint (24 paint FGAs, 2 FTAs and an And-1.) That is physically impossible to be not commit defensive fouls in those situations, @OfficialNBARefs.

FanDuel ()

Zion: 34/8/6 Giannis: 38/10/4 Couple of stars 🤝 (via @NBAonTNT)

SportsCenter ()

These two All-Stars put on a show 🍿 Zion: 34 Pts, 8 Reb, 6 Ast Giannis: 38 Pts, 10 Reb, 4 Ast

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Fondue TTFL
Fondue TTFL ()

📊Deck n°10 | Pick n°64📈 Hey la comu, la nuit aurait pu (dû) être LOURDE sans un Brown en dedans (tout pété) 👇🏼👀 5x Zion 55pts 😎 2x Brown 20pts 🥴 Allen 61pts 🤩 LaVine 43pts 🙂 Towns 38pts 😐 Total : 457pts Mais la dynamique est bonne #TTFL

SpursFR #TTFL ()

Notre nuit #TTFL Booker 3x34 Ingram 2x47 Zion 2x55 Sabonis 43 Brown 20🥕 LMA 18🥕 Total 387pts. ☹️

WGNO-TV (ABC) New Orleans
WGNO-TV (ABC) New Orleans ()

A star is born: Zion Williamson named NBA All-Star for first time

在音 ()



First-time #NBAAllStar selections: ⭐️ Zion Williamson ⭐️ Jaylen Brown ⭐️ Zach LaVine ⭐️ Julius Randle Well-deserved for these young stars.

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#NBAAllStar ()

Making his 1st #NBAAllStar Zion Williamson of the @PelicansNBA. Drafted as the 1st pick in 2019 out of Duke, @Zionwilliamson is averaging PPG, RPG, APG for the Pelicans this season.

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NBA on TNT ()

Second season, first All-Star appearance 💪 Zion Williamson is a 2021 #NBAAllStar

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Travis View
Travis View ()

I really hate claims that QAnon is broadly true or directionally true just because powerful and abusive people do exist. All conspiracist narratives posit the existence of hyper-competent villains! Might as well say the Protocols of the Elders of Zion has emotional truth.

Abdi ()

My All-Star Reserves Completely non East - Harden, Lavine, Randle, Sabonis, Vucevic, Brown, FVV West - Lillard, Mitchell, PG, Gobert, Zion, CP3, AD* DeMar DeRozan Injury Replacement for AD. 12 All-Stars per conference is really not enough.

Shaw🔮 ()

Zion this season is averaging Pts/75 on + rTS with some of the worst spacing in the league. He’s only 20! Why aren’t we talking about this more?

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Does it make sense to anyone that a team that plays Zion and Lonzo heavy mins is ranked 23rd in Pace?

Newsrael - 24/7 Live News Feed
Newsrael - 24/7 Live News Feed ()

View of #Jerusalem both new and old, from Mt. Zion WE LOVE #ISRAEL!

Darren Rovell
Darren Rovell ()

Two years ago today, Nike responds to the events of the night before when Zion Williamson blows out his shoe in the UNC-Duke game. Nike investigates. They never disclose results of investigation. They sign Zion when he turns pro. He never says anything.

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Pips NBA
Pips NBA ()

All of our players, except Zion(only 31 min) shot bricks today, cant explain it. 3-5 day, -

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Hoop Zoo 🏀🌏
Hoop Zoo 🏀🌏 ()

I can’t believe Zion is only 6’6 averaging 25 pts a game with no 3 pt field goals ..... this has to be what Dominique Wilkins looked like

Knowmes ()

first 3 minutes of the 4th DA turns a 12 point lead by NOLA into 2 Blocks Zion, rebound DA causes clock violation, Zion Finds Crowder, 3 Pass to DA DOWNHILL😍,foul, hits 2 O reb, put back, And 1 CP3 pretty lob to DA DA steal Suns dont win this game without DA, respect the man!

TimeoutSPORTS__ ()

Dunk contest should consist of Zion Williamson, Anthony Edwards, Ja Morant, Zach Lavine 🗣✈️

The Salt Lake Tribune
The Salt Lake Tribune ()

Park rangers at Zion National Park found a dead man below the Angels Landing trail on Friday.

Parrish Bright
Parrish Bright ()

@PelicansNBA @PanzuraStorage Fire Stu!!!!! You leave Zion out until we lose the lead, then Ingram once again shoots us out of the game? Why does Zion not get the ball? He hardly ever misses down low! If Ingram quits jacking bad shots and gets the ball to Zion, we probably have 10+ more wins this season!!!!!

Rob Perez
Rob Perez ()

the moment before taking a charge against a full-speed Zion Williamson: making peace with your god.

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