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Jeeez Brisbane have some real punchable players, Zorko, Robinson, Neale, raynor, hipwood, Stefan very very happy with themselves at Brisbane. #afl #AFLLionsSuns.

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@BrisLions_Fans 2. Zorko 1. Lyons With honourable mentions to Rich, Robbo, Martin, dizzy and Andrews.

@RoyDT Like Touk tagged Neale, kept him to 74 but what’s the point when we lose by 100 and Lyons gets 158 and Zorko 130! The only good thing was my opponent had Neale😊.

@BrisLions_Fans 3. Zorko 2. Cameron 1. Lyons Loved zorkos game across the 4 qtrs.

@BrisLions_Fans 3. Charlie 2. Lyons 1. Zorko Apologies to robbo, Hugh, berry and about a dozen others. We just demolished them and I loved every minute. Looks like Dangerfield’s knee is dodgy, I reakon we can take the cats this weekend!.

@BrisLions_Fans 3-Charlie, 2-Zorko, 1-Lyons. Did what we had to, win lose or draw, the next 2 games will give us good insight to where we are at. Chances are we will meet either or maybe both in finals, an opportunity to plan. Cats game is 50/50, a 4 goal loss to the Tigers, is a win, form side..

@BrisLions_Fans Lyons Cameron Zorko but importantly finally put a side away and did not relent . A huge step forward for this team. Must hold against cats next week to be considered a premiership contender. Think about that for a sec wow.

@BrizLionGooner People around me were saying “Zorko has a sore hamstring, he won’t be able to kick it far”. Then he kicks 2 massive long goals lol.

FT Top Disposals BRI v GC 34 Jarryd Lyons 28 Mitch Robinson 27 David Swallow 26 Jarrod Berry 25 Dayne Zorko.

@brisbanelions Great win lions! can’t wait for next week game agaist the cats. We can do it! just glad Zorko got though ok❤️Go Lions🐶🦁.

@CollingwoodFC, we need to poach the @brisbanelions medical staff, as Zorko is slaying them after doing his hammy last week. Maybe they can help us out #gopies.

@WarnieDT @AFLFantasy If people can’t check teams for themselves they are beyond hope. However I will wear and apologize for the over-site of leaving Zorko in that article..

3Q Top Disposals BRI v GC 22 Mitch Robinson 22 Jarryd Lyons 21 Hugh McCluggage 20 Dayne Zorko 18 Daniel Rich.

Zorko joins in on the fun, what a goal!!! Percentage boys, get that percentage!!! #AFLLionsSuns #Uncaged.

HT Top Disposals BRI v GC 16 Dayne Zorko 14 Mitch Robinson 14 Jarryd Lyons 13 Hugh McCluggage 13 Brayden Fiorini.

@whatsabattle101 Disagree but not suprising when you have rats like Zorko setting the example.

Jeeez Brisbane have some real punchable players, Zorko, Robinson, Neale, raynor, hipwood, Stefan very very happy with themselves at Brisbane. #afl #AFLLionsSuns.

Zorko 🔥 Rich ✅ Neale 🧐 Check out all #AFLLionsSuns SuperCoach scores -.

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@WarnieDT If I wasnt so scared of Zorko not playing I wouldve gone Boak to Greene and Snelling to Bell and not had a 0 😭.

Quote from me on this weeks podcast- “There’s no such thing as a 1 week hammy!” 🤦‍♂️ #Zorko.

Zorko made a few shocking decisions himself in the first quarter, hope they let him know about it. Plenty of ball but not great #AFLLionsSuns.

@FantasyFreako Zorko more damaging surely they’ll make the switch with miller to him.

QT Top Disposals BRI v GC 10 Dayne Zorko 9 Mitch Robinson 8 Jarrod Berry 6 Zac Bailey 6 Alex Witherden 6 Lachie Neale.

Touk Miller is wearing Lachie Neale like a second lets Zorko off the leash. #AFLLionsSuns.

Lyons flicks it out to Zorko who launches from 60. His kick falls into the lap of Cameron just outside the goalsquare who wheels around and snaps the first of the day. (Q1 2:46) #AFLLionsSuns.

Zorko is out warming up on the Gabba so looks like he will play ! #AFLLionsSuns @AFL @FOXFOOTY.

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