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C A L M is finally out! We’re sharing the most honest versions of ourselves with you. We hope you and feel with the album while you listen. As we did, creating it.

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Ashlee - kinda ia ()

harry stans help us stream calm by 5sos pls! we helped w fine line and would love if u guys could help us <3 we just wanna see them get their fourth #1 album!

Michael lover 5sos calm out now ()

I just love you, all I love this fandom you guys make me cry 5sos fam forever ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Samantha ()

5sos are number 5 on the itunes charts pls keep streaming!!!! we’re so so close we can do it

Lauren ()

Started watching 5sos funny moments again those niggas were so unfunny

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Neesh ()

5sos got a song trending without even releasing it. how powerful is this band?

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Zoe ♡ ()

@5SOS I wanna know. How many songs were actually written for the album before you had to cut it down to 12? Just curious. Oh and next album you should do a docu series

Louisun ()

#5SOS Так вот Зря боялась Надо было сразу послушать Потому что это реально классный альбом 💔


@livinginOOO A 5sos nos deixou mal acostumados. Espero q tenho o álbum live pq se n tiver eu vou ficar fora de mim

Lily ()

n e way 5sos tweeted this the night they followed me,,, the way i love them 🥺

Lucas Was Thinking About Things 😭 🇮🇸 ()

5SOS really been delivering the goods for a while and nobody has been paying attention

Jhade ()

ok so nauto ko siya pakinggan at iappreciate yung bagong album ng 5SOS 🤣 pero hakk nauto niya rin ako pakinggan yung bagong album ni Moira 😬 currently listening to it right 😬

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Sisi ()

I really put myself in a bad position bc 5sos is one of the only things that calms me down (pun intended) and now I’ve completely stressed myself out over wanting their album to go number 1

⁰³²⁵ella⁷ 🦋 ()

6 bands/tags 1. day6 2. 5sos 3. all time low 4. p!atd 5. the 1975 6. the internet males ngetag mon maap😔✋🏼

Cheniee ()

@Asknonym Reality club The sounds projects pkonya konser 5sos, Taylor Swift (kalo ada) Kalo KPop enakan sm tmn cewee napaaa hahaha

Kelly ❀ ()

okay moving on: 5sos would never treat me like this and actually cares about their fans a lot so chose the right band to stan

Micah ♡’s calum ()

˗ˎˊ˗ ⤷

Papita 🇮🇨 ()

la vd que volví a entrar en el bucle de 5sos y creo q va a durar así q voy a estar mucho tiempo fanguirleando porque les amo, PERDOOOON

𝙟𝙚𝙨𝙨 ()

sorry i can’t stream calm bc i’m too busy listening to the bratz soundtracks for the rest of my life, sorry 5sos xx

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ɒᴎɘl ()

5sos is 5SOS IS GOING going live LIVE

Vio ()

bangtan ve 5sos mashup yapmaya calisiyorum ama aklima gelen hicbir sarkilari birbirleriyle uyusmuyo su an sicicam

𝒚𝒂𝒛𝒛𝒚 stream calm!! (MH still not great) ()

one good thing today that’s made me happier even a bit, my signed 5sos cd and cassettes have come!! okay now i’m gonna go play animal crossing to hopefully calm down more

Stephy ()

pota hindi ko yata kakayaning hindi makita 5sos kapag bumalik uli sila. tangina i have no words sa bagong album. puta fucking solid

Emily is seeing 5sos and harry 🦋 ()

GUYS we can’t lose our number one spot now!! #5SOS #CALM we need to get them to number one again!!!!

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♡︎𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚊𝚑♡︎ 𑁍KID KROW, CALM, SLEEPYHEAD𑁍 ()

the youtube mix i have on rn is just like taylor swift/cavetown/5sos/the maine and then youtube said throw fuckin asshole by ronnie radke to spice shit up ig

♡ mia • ⁎⁺˳✧🧸 ()

[email protected] YOO BABY OMG, i miss u so bad ? 🥺 like i wanna see u again fck!! If you can we can see to see each other in june ? This can be cool i will be in paris for the 5sos’ show !! Take care of ya ily baby ❣️

𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘺𝘰𝘰𝘯𝘨𝘪🍒 ()

@5SOS And that is the exact reason why I love these boys so much. Ask me why I am totally whipped for 5SOS? I’ll show them this video.

Sam⚡️ ()

dije que ya no iba a llorar por ella y estoy escuchando las nuevas canciones de 5SOS Y NO MAMES CON UNA YA ME PUSE A LLORAR POR ELLA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Jhade ()

11/10, listen to Lover of Mine ng 5SOS 🥺 co-writer si Sierra kaya i think magkakasundo tayo 🥰

5 Seconds of Summer ()


5 Seconds of Summer ()

C A L M is finally out! We’re sharing the most honest versions of ourselves with you. We hope you and feel with the album while you listen. As we did, creating it.

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