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Alfie Allen was here to tell me about his new movie and his todger..

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@Alfie_BT1 Wees can provide an alibi pal, then it just their word against yours once da foto is discredited. Stay positive, we can win dis 😂.

Now Playing: Alfie Templeman - Used To Love #AlfieTempleman @alfietempleman.

Happy Birthday to my boy Alfie 7 today the best friend ever 👌.

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Le dernier épisode de Peaky Blinders waaahhh Tommy s’est fait Moi je suis sur c’est Alfie ce juif mdr il a vu qu’il allait juste prendre 5k il s’est dit déjà qu’il m’a nique min visage ce gitan de merde maintenant il veut me baiser ? Attends.

@OJAB_4JM Awesome boat Alfie you made with grandad all from recycled materials too.

@LuvMacyIsabella Alfie; He looks like an Alfie to me 😍😘 (either way he is absolutely adorable!! I just want to pet and hug him, lol!! Be still my heart! 💘).

a 5 meses atrás eu implorandoooo pra autora de poor alfie lançar a fic empressa e ela revelando q tava trabalhando no projeto shook.

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That’s one child that loves football (Jakey) registered to be a @MarinersTrust junior member and the other non-football fan (Alfie) signed up too because he loves the community days and other activities but not the matches 🤷‍♀️.

@SabriIsBack Pourquoi vous faites semblant de lire, au final elle y croit et vous interroge.

Janganlah mengejar cinta yang telah pergi darimu, dan jagalah selalu cinta yang sudah atau akan kamu miliki agar menjadi kuat. #Alfie.

What a fab time Ted and Alfie had tonight at the year 5/6 opening evening. Plenty of brilliant science experiments going on. @campsmountAcad.

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@WillBlackWriter I loved this scene so much! How did you know I wasn’t dead? You wrote me a letter Alfie..

@RuthHollandRich Dat be fewy true. Evil fing but not fur da person who has it 😘❤️🐾.

Look this Pets as Therapy dog Alfie he has a posh NHS ID Badge, he was on @thismorning today for @PetsAsTherapyUK. I quite like the id badge, think I quite fancy a posh.

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@serialsemantic Kevin has been brilliant with this project & has helped our Alfie enormously. Really looking forward to seeing The Stationary Bike premiere next week though A likes to be behind the camera, not in the spotlight!.

@NayonSeung @ficstaitian amore meu deus?? primeira exol q eu vejo que nunca ouviu falar de poor alfie, é uma das melhores fics chanbaek da história do fandom, sem contar as gringas ela e psicose ficam no top 4 fácil fácil.

@NayonSeung @gdsunshinee Não terminei poor alfie ainda, mas a autora escreve maravilhosamente bem ♡ provavelmente eu vou querer o livro tbm hahaha.

#ComplaintsFromTheAfterlife If this is Hell, it looks a lot like Margate. Alfie Solomons, #PeakyBlinders.

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@Szlevin77 Encima quedé remanija! Apareció Alfie que lo amo, cómo terminó!!! Se veía venir la disputa pero igual! Y ahora a esperar 😒.

How does one celebrate a Sr. major title at the volunteer party? Alfie never disappoints..

Alfie Allen was here to tell me about his new movie and his todger..

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