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me every time alina uses her powers in shadow and bone: 🌞🌞🌞.

name a better sun summoner and tracker duo than Alina and Mal and SHADOW AND BONE, i dare you.

NEW: Trump’s NY lawyers are trying to force witnesses to provide communications not just about their case, but with *any other federal or state law enforcement agency* concerning *any possible investigation*—even ones unknown to them. Me @thedailybeast.

Eine geplante Filmvorführung der Putin-Propagandistin Alina Lipp am Sonntag ist nach Absage der Brotfabrik in #Berlin geplatzt. Diese bezieht deutlich Stellung und fühlt sich getäuscht..

Alina Starkov — the only rightful queen of Ravka. #shadowandbone.

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Niedziela jest cała dla nas! Dzień dobry!👋 ___________________ Fot. Alina Pietrzak / zdjęcie z naszej grupy Gdynia w obiektywie na FB.

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something something aleksander is an asmr YouTuber that never shows his face something something Alina recognizes her new boss’ voice.

Genya was honestly treated horribly this season, from every angle. Given Alina’s goals and allies and how Alina treated her, there is no reason in hell she would have to join Alina’s side, but the narrative said so, so forget character motivations and development.

Я поняла, что мне нужно в отношениях….. мне нужна драма, я хочу страдать….. что ты приехал со своими цветами и роллами, дай мне драмы!!!!.

Alina and Mal are back, and they’re heading off on a quest 🚶‍♀️.

@LKmorgan_x Same here ❤️ my kitchen is all polished and now it’s time to clean those windows 🙈😂.

SEPOTONG SENJA UNTUK PACARKU Seno Gumira Ajidarma — Kisah perjalanan Sukab yang berusaha memperlihatkan keindahan sepotong senja kepada Alina, sang pujaan hati. Segel | R̶p̶9̶0.̶0̶0̶0̶ WA.

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how did the show manage to mischaracterise EVERYONE why is the darkling telling his shadow monsters to not touch alina when in the books he literally crushed her hand under his boot? he’s supposed to strike fear but he’s just giving very much pathetic and aimless.

@discoooinferno I found S1 a nice mix of Alina and the Crows stories but was very chaotic i had issues following and then there was this guy s costume.

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Spojler Shadow and Bone . . . . . . . . . . The Darkling laughs seeing what happened at coronation of Nikolai. He was literally telling Alina that sooner or later she would become the same as him. Well, she is in she vilian era most likely.

very curious where theyre going with this now because this is just off the rails 😭 like it makes sense in the show but now it’s not following the books at all,,,ig alina dealing with jurda addicts is gonna be all of the ravka segments of s3.

Okay so s2 was basically siege & storm and ruin & rising combined?? Except alina never had to fake her death and she and mal broke up and inej is being paired with tolya instead of with the crows oh this is a mess.

@AB61941156 Bitteschön liebe Alina,ein bischen hellt es jetzt auf 10 Grad haben wir im moment☕️.

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Si de por si las escenas que no son de los cuervos ya las agarro de bajada, resulta q la banda quiere q el final sea ESE??? plebes en el epílogo de la trilogía ya Alina ni tiene nombre.

M parece una falta de respeto que hay gente que prefiere que Alina pierda sus poderes y esté con Mal a que disfrute sus habilidades y se explore esta relación tan complicada que tiene con el Darkling y como formó su identidad.

@Alina_Celebi я влюблена в нее от и до ❤️ как и в тебя, мое солнце.

i like some parts of #ShadowAndBone but alina is just the most boring main character i have ever seen. everything around her is just tropes and clichés you can see coming a mile away. the crows are so much more interesting.

@azrabarnes tamam nikolina ve alina da baya seviliyor ama tiktokta tüm nikolina editleri altında zoya savunuluyor bu sezon hakkı yenildiği için daha da bir yükselişe geçtiği açık yani görür o kim gerçek kraliçeymiş.

Annual dinner with friends❤️💕💝 Asma (bestie),Hina,Saba,Arooj (sis), Alina lataska restaurant bahawalpur 15/03/2023.

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And this is the guy that we should supposedly see as a better option for Alina ....

Hey @Alina_AE has the code 'AETHANKSYOU' been discontinued? Was it usable only for a specific event?.

@StarlessMistake Hihi ☺️ Alina just wanted herself a milf, wasn’t quite prepared for the son.

@acourtofgrisha Nono, io pensavo proprio omicidio brutale ahahah Anche se resta inquietante la cosa del sacrifico, per fortuna Alina non è stata così scema da dargli peso.

@biblackthorns he said that he needed to discover himself before returning to alina but that he would ultimately return..

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