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24 days into 2023. 39 mass shootings in America. 39. How many more people have to be senselessly murdered before Congress acts boldly to take on gun violence in this country?.

Never forget that the 25 richest people in America paid a true tax rate of just between 2014 and 2018 on over $400 billion in wealth gains. The rest of America paid an average of in 2018..

A volta dos empréstimos do BNDES a países da América Latina antecipa o recomeço da farra bilionária do clube dos cafagestes caloteiros.

I love being black in America, and especially being black in Hollywood. TROPHY AWAITS MC STAN.

@BornAKang Y’all keep saying US when the lady said she’s from canda 🤔 At least say North America lol.

@pete_carswell @ChrisMumbeck Yes freedom of speech for civilization. Not just for America.

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Presidente do Uruguai no CELAC, denunciando as ditaduras Narcosocialistas da América Latina..

@tedcruz Reap what you sow. Its payback for being a liar to the face of America @RepAdamSchiff.

Wind farms can be a big winner in rural America, for example: On a per-capita basis, GDP went from about $39,000 to $71,000 for Coke County. Rural counties in Colorado and South Dakota saw similar increases.

@RepThomasMassie biden added, “We’re with you for as long as it takes, Mr. President.” As long as it takes to trigger Russia into launching their nukes to destroy America..

@upholdreality Latin America is where there is real change n vision for a just world .Life bless them in their work..

Pepper spray for the school run? The weaponised SUV set to terrify America’s streets.

@RBReich I am not giving up my guns!!! And why in the hell do immigrants do all they can to get here cause their countries are much worse??? Try living with cartels in South America or in the Middle East with Terrorists how about Russia? Ukraine? China? North this guy is a idiot!.

@SpeakerMcCarthy Correction, Sir. Not “Republican-led,” more like “America First Causus”-led. Do the sooner the Republicans run those bills past Matt Gaetz, the sooner they’ll come to a vote..


In America, sure, but I feel that in France then French citizens should vote there..


@w_terrence She is a very beautiful woman. It’s to bad she hates America and thinks it’s racist for Black and White people to move out of shithole communities. She watched as China took every manufacturing job from Flint Mi . Flint was a decent city before that. Now look at it ..

Palmeiras sendo dominado pelo América MG na copinha. Tem coisa boa do América vindo aí.

These people are so freaking hateful and absolutely disgusting!An a total affront to America and our values💯💯.

In my MYTH AMERICA chapter on the Southern Strategy, I mention this 1951 debate between two Republicans that unfolded in the pages of Collier’s Magazine. The title gives the question: “Should the Merge with the Dixiecrats?”.

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@NoContextBrits We just wanted a little peace. A little peace of Europe A little peace of America A little peace of India A little peace of China A little peace of Australasia A little peace of The Caribbean.

@SypherPK @onistudiosgg Sadly its only for america. If it is also available for Europe and another countries it would be very cool, but for safe reasons i don`t want join in the giveaway because im not adult. So Good Luck Guys and have a Nice Day, you too SypherPK.

@ProudElephantUS Why 100 yrs?! They need to hear what we have to say now! It’s clear what they’ve done and continue to do and that’s to systematically take down America internally and on the world stage, ALL to make them the Elite!.

@sandibachom It’s going to come back to bite America in the a&&. The Countries with those stolen documents are just bidding their time. Thanes Garland..

@awrestaurants I’m so angry!!!! Roar! You’re destroying the fabric of America! He’s wearing mom jeans! Wait til Tucker hears of this!!!.

@DrAnitaBEtin now dont even compare the n word to obese white people straight up sent my ancestors to america, made them slaves, and called them that and you compare it to a word that medically describes people who are over a set weight by the CDC?? nah get the fuck out..

Pues en las poderosas Águilas del América. 🇺🇦🦅 No existe otro..

@nathaliejacoby1 Make America Great Again is a campaign slogan. It is not a cult, it is a statement.

👤Este 24 de enero, el secretario general de @EspacioOEI, @JaboneroOEI, asistió a la Cumbre #CELACArgentina2022, que reunió delegaciones de los 33 países que componen América Latina y el Caribe. ⬇️Lee la nota completa:.

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It is true that physicians in America make way more money than their counterparts in Europe but medical school is expensive af here..

@CentralDaSEP Mais um título pro time da crefisa, Com a venda desses garotos logo logo a crefisa vai se tornar o maior banco da América latina. Pode printar 📈🏦.

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