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Anna-Maria Robertson (née Haenlein), former health care worker, died peacefully at Edinburgh Western General Hospital on Friday 13th May 2022. Mother of Angus and James, grandmother of Saoirse and Flora. RIP..

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Baseless & foolish arguments. No one is blaming Timurids(Aka Muslim Invaders) for fall in GDP. It was quite ok. Question is to fools who quote Angus Maddison to claim Timurids made us richer when her data about GDP/Capita growth is -ve (1500-1820 AD)..



この事はずっと自分の中で残って、会社に辞表出したのもこの後すぐ。今でも時々思い出しては、こう、気持ちのリセットを図る。結局なんの役にも立てなかったけど見ず知らずの誰だかも分からない人とのあの出会い?には凄く感謝してる。 内容が内容だけに気分を害す方もいるかもですが、すみません。.

@AngusRobertson Condolences, Angus, from @joao_kay and I. A fine lady that I interviewed lang syne. I remember the pride she had in her family standing against the Nazis when so many people in Germany and Austria were following them..

Doing a coin toss between watching ‘Angus thongs and perfect snogging’ and ‘basketball diaries’. I think I’ve finally had an original experience!.

Is Tim Wilson the Jeb Bush of AusPol? idk just everything I see about him atm is kinda of.

@binestom Life is full of small pleasures, we simply have to enjoy them, and it is precisely our magnificent icon who shows us the example. Wonderful afternoon, hugs for you 🤗 and Angus 🐕‍🦺 😘😘☀️💚🌹💛.

@snapthennap Really telling, since Charlie Angus is @ndp, but he lies so much and acts like such a dork that most people think he’s PPC or CPC..

Angus By Design | Satsang of One | Spiritual Practice | Ram Dass - Be Here Now - Episode 160 #science #spirituality.

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@magskinbag Angus models doggy foul weather couture for a national weather service. He works for treats..

Tension may erupt in a close relationship at any moment. What ... More for Scorpio.

@AngusRobertson My deepest condolences Angus, please take very good care of yourself and your family..

An intense breakthrough in your career may take your energy More for Leo.

Jajaja ahora e tiendo lo que decía Angus Young jajaja emblemática banda de los Ramones en el Punk pero no eran muy buenos tocando ...

Dites vous va fait que 1 semaines que ils sont de retour, ils ont rien sorti et pourtant pnl est le mllr groupe de l’année actuellement.

@bayusabdahedap Atuda susah pertanyaannya :( Pokonya mah pas yg abis oli itu sebelumnya kaya bau trs ya udh weh isi oli & normal Yg 600rb itu ky 2-3taun setelah dr puncak. Gejalanya suara mesin kasar glodak2 hrs diengkol siah :((.

@BameFor @killthebill_1 I know racism carried Brexit over the line. The Anti-European / Refugee/Asylum/Islam/BLM genie was released. All deceptively used by #Tory Govt to distract some of the white majority & now to justify the removal of Human Rights! #VoteToryIsAVoteForRacism.

@GerryJBrown Well done for enabling more of this #ToryShambles and the #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis - Bravo! [Idiot].

@AngusMacNeilSNP He is the most awful and disgusting PM we have ever had!! Lies to everyone!! How could the DUP and ERG have believed a word he said??!! Absolutely Angus!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.

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@angusashworth Aww that’s so beautiful Angus Happy Birthday so glad your Auction house is back on tv 🎉.

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