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City Xtra
City Xtra

Official: Anthony Taylor will referee Wolves vs #ManCity in the #PL on Saturday afternoon. Darren England will be the VAR..

City Xtra
City Xtra

Anthony Taylor will referee Wolves vs #ManCity in the #PL today. Full list of match officials:.

Nathan Collins can have no complaints. Shocking, dangerous, studs-up challenge on Jack Grealish, caught him in abdomen, clear red, Anthony Taylor did not hesitate. #WOLMCI.

RED CARD: Anthony Taylor effectively ends this game by showing a red to Nathan Collins!.

Anthony Taylor must be *redacted* in the most painful way possible..

Me going to watch Man city game VS me coming back because there is Anthony Taylor. #WOLMCI.

Anthony Taylor Foto,Anthony Taylor Foto by Yaasoni🔞🥺,Yaasoni🔞🥺 on twitter tweets Anthony Taylor Foto

If this were Chelsea and not It would have only been a yellow card (Anthony Taylor is the referee)..

Anthony Taylor Foto,Anthony Taylor Foto by ~,~ on twitter tweets Anthony Taylor Foto

NEW FIGHTER: A regular in the YouTube boxing scene looking to get his first W in the space on October 15, Anthony Taylor takes on Rak-Su on X Series 002, his profile is live now 🔥 See now at ⬇️.

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Wolves fans can boo all they like but Anthony Taylor has officiated this game perfectly. #WOLMCI #PremierLeague.

@flaviopradojpgz Você está de brincadeira, futebol não é vale tudo ou MMA, Collins foi perfeitamente expulso por Anthony Taylor..

Nice to know that Anthony Taylor can actually give a straight red card for a foul right in front of him 👀.

That is shocking refereeing by Anthony Taylor (as always). Wolves fouled outside the City box and then are forced to commit a foul to stop the break after City won the ball back from Wolves illegally. 🤦🏻‍♂️.

Anthony taylor would never have given that red if it was on a chelsea player I promise u.

@premierleague Anthony Taylor from MANCHESTER dishing out a red card in favour of MANCHESTER City. Corruption..

Are we genuinely still saying Anthony Taylor is a top referee, got the sending off right, but the inconsistency in his decisions is so obvious.

@premierleague Any guess how much money is Anthony Taylor pocketing from @ManCity, today??! #CORRUPTION.

Feel for wolves fans having to watch a referee performance from Anthony Taylor. Guys a clown screws Chelsea every time he refs us and NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT! #ChelseaFC #wolvesmancity.

Fuck me, Anthony Taylor is having a fantastic game. This is the standards all reffs should have in the prem.

@CFCfahim Ofc its anthony taylor so hes gna give a red if that was a red haaland should have been sent off in the palace game.

@premierleague @ManCity Anthony Taylor the Manchester boy is the man of the match. Epl is corrupt and under the control of Abu Dhabi 💰💰.

*Nathan Collins Kung Fu kicks Jack Grealish* #WOLMCI Anthony Taylor:.

Anthony Taylor Foto,Anthony Taylor Foto by Milliator 👩‍🍳🥞⚽️🎭,Milliator 👩‍🍳🥞⚽️🎭 on twitter tweets Anthony Taylor Foto

How can City keep getting Anthony Taylor for there matches a Manchester ref Crude Oil.

#premiereleven Anthony Taylor apitou, até ao dia de hoje, 6 jogos no Mollineux para a premier… 2V e 4D. Os Wolves ganharam os últimos dois jogos, ambos em 19/20, 2-1 frente ao Villa e 3-1 frente ao Everton. Abraço desde o Transfermarkt..

Mr Anthony Taylor doing what he loves to do fuck up a game of football never known a ref to pick a side and stick to a plane like him should be struck off the list.

Anthony Taylor de3 God go punish am oo Walaayi @PepTeam if you talk against refereeing decisions in the future . May God punish you, Amen.

Anthony Taylor shouldn’t be officiating top games. Give him Forest vs Fulham. Clueless ref.

Great to see Anthony Taylor continuing the pathetic level of refereeing in the Premier League this afternoon #WOLMCI #EPL.

Should have put me house on this game with Anthony Taylor of Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester reffing this game..

Anthony Taylor loves a club from Manchester.

Anthony Taylor Foto,Anthony Taylor Foto by ÃMNDE👽♻️,ÃMNDE👽♻️ on twitter tweets Anthony Taylor Foto

United teve Howard Webb. City tá tendo o Anthony Taylor. Dois carecas árbitros a favor dos times de Manchester. #PremierLeagueNaESPN.

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