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Erik ten Hag and Cristiano Ronaldo ❤️ Meanwhile, Lisandro Martinez casually nutmegs Antony 😀 #mufc.

Leugens over een minister? Oh, dus @SigridKaag ging NIET naar St Antony’s College, Oxford? Dit is dus lesmateriaal bij maatschappijleer!.

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Russia’s withdrawal from the Ukrainian cities of Izyum and Bucha revealed gruesome torture and murder of Ukrainian civilians that could not be dismissed as the actions of a few bad actors..

Trikas essa semana: - soltou um balancete superavitário, algo q nunca fazem. (Sendo q estão superavitário graças a venda do Antony pelo Ajax). - reportagem do Hernan hoje mostrando infraestrutura. Amanhã: - votação dos sócios pra reeleição do atual presidente..

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi spent the majority of their 90-minute meeting discussing Taiwan on the sidelines of the General Assembly..

は?リーグ・アン載せろよ アンセムだけはめちゃくちゃかっこいいぞ!!.

El propio arquero de la Albirroja tuvo que pedir públicamente no creer en algo que andan diciendo sobre él y un negocio de.

E pensar que na copinha de 2019 os craques foram Antony no SP, e Lucas “Robinho” Santos e Tiago Reis no Vasco kkkkkkkkkkk pqp.

response to Putin’s statements at Thursday’s Security Council meeting on Ukraine, which Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is scheduled to attend along with Secretary of State Antony Blinken..

Raphinha perder um gol desse é brincadeira Antony titular imediatamente.

só acho que o Antony tinha q ser titular no lugar do raphinha #sóacho.

@hmangeniee Madueke has been guilty of this but Antony agenda must go on.

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O gp de fut é formado pelos fama merda, os que fala nada, gado, micro-cérebro, torcedor da Los e faladores de merda, dito isto, falamos tudo envolvendo futebol, menos que o Pedro tem que ser titular, msm os flamenguista concorde com isso.

US🇺🇸 Secretary of State Antony Blinken Met With Chinese🇨🇳 Foreign Minister Mr. Wang Yi During The 77th United Nations General Assembly On 23 September 2022 As US Secretary of State Antony Blinken Father Donald Blinken Died On 22 September 2022..

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Antony Blinken de llama a preservar “la paz y la estabilidad” en el estrecho de Taiwán.

Essa seleção do Brasa tem muito jogador daora né? Antony, Vini, entre outros 🖐😛🖐.

If you can’t love and protect me like Rodrigo de Paul love and protect messi then please back away .. Sarkodie useless kamaalden antony #WotoWoto accra.

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@ftblEmin U should make one and post all your comps there imo, ur antony comp is brilliant.

@BradN_Utd @zedtheered The thing is Eth is building a solid core fir the youngster to fall upon when coming in, like if Iqbal)mainoo come in they are relying on Bruno eriksen and casemiro if McNeil comes in he relies on rashford Sancho and Antony.

@SecBlinken He would be very proud of you Antony! I sincerely hope that that realisation gives you & all your family solace! May your dear father Rest In Peace! 🇳🇿 Please keep doing what you are doing! The whole world needs you Mr. Blinken. to remove Russia from the Security Council!.

Antony VIA Instagram 📸: “I am Brazilian with great pride and much love 💚💛”.

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@BatoaWeber Oui oui, on a pris Antony Blinken pour aller le faire danser à yolo avec la star du NBA Dikembe.

@Ebe4Eva I know lisandro finds a barnstorming outball to antony who takes it down playing a lovely reverse ball to bruno who finds martial who slips it into rashford as he runs in behind to score.

GM! You learn a lot about someone doing their portrait. Here’s one I did in 2019..

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@LopezCerrud @Dr_PaulinoVigil Esos 4 gatos no eran los que iban a apoyar a la Martha Roa para la presidencia?.

@Rans77065605 @kattia_olsen1 The dummy doesnt understand, why a RW like Antony is ahead of a LW like Martinelli in the brazilian squad. Shows her lack of basis knowledge of the game and just there because of being a Ole-muppet..

@Naysha63942751 This picture looks lovely but why is the girl trying to show her breasts..

@zeeshanxz no chance. martial sancho and antony. if martial isn’t fit then rashy. if he is then maybe rashy for sancho. he did just have a good game however.

This week drained me….. depression is real…nevertheless, be the light bc you understand darkness!.

@keijomedia Tätä ei enään Antony Beevor ole kirjoittamassa,vanhuus tulee äpä historia tuomitsee ja selvittää,mitä tapahtui,myöhäistä se silloin on.

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