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Updated: September 16th, 2021 01:36 AM IST

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@aburkaya10 Arnold demişken Neco Williams keşke Mikanʼa gelse geçen sezon çok iyiydi

Arnold Twitter

I just saw in this first half #LIVACM -How Milan did manage the pressure impose to them by Liverpool and strikes back at the right moment when their opponent started losing focus. -Arnold is good offensively but when it comes about defending 🙆🏾‍♂️

J’avais parié sur alexander Arnold marque et Liverpool mène à la mi-temps. Merci beaucoup le Milan j’ai encore perdu l’argent

@estoesanfield_ Se necesita gente que raspe y meta como corresponde y en Liverpool no hay salvo traer de esa característica y más sabiendo que todos juegan a espaldas de Arnold

Y’all not ready for it but Arnold is a horrible RB. He only runs forward. Incomplete. Can’t defend for shit.

@RepAndyBiggsAZ He puts Benedict Arnold to shame! And representatives are actually praising this. We need Trump Back

(Video) AC Milan equalise vs. Liverpool through Ante Rebic after Trent Alexander-Arnold is #LFC

Paling seru emang liat duel Trent Arnold sama Theo Hernandez, sama² bagus pas nyerang. Cuma Arnold malem ini lebih yak²an nyerangnya sampe lupa pertahanan.

@aburkaya10 Arnold demişken Neco Williams keşke Mikanʼa gelse geçen sezon çok iyiydi

Fun fact: Major General Benedict Arnold was a better general and less of a traitor than General Mark Milley

I don’t think there’s any right back in the world who’s better than Arnold attack wise. But his defending and fucking hell

Arnold Schwarzenegger was told his body was too muscular, his accent was too heavy, and his name was too confusing for him to ever become a success in acting, yet what’s he known for? Let this be a #lesson to you. Weaknesses are nothing but perceptions.

Congrats to the 2021-22 Freshmen Class Senators!! M. Arnold L. Bottoroff O. Case H. Dale Ma. Grimsinger My. Grimsinger L. Katakis L. Parmer A. Maguire M. Main R. McCamy J. McCrary T. Sigars N. Steele E. Zweerink

Alexander Arnold, a defender who’s worst attribute is defending. Make it make sense

@igimatsu @Bangun_Adhi182 Agak susah bang, endingnya juga balik ke crossing arnold taktiknya cuma crossing dari arnold/nunggu salah doang. Udah beberapa kali gitu mulu haha

@jennfrey @321englitmama Who Killed Arnold Baffin?: Iris Murdoch and Philosophy by Literature Philosophy and Literature Vol 39, 1A, Sept 2015 pp. A178-A194

Los errores de #Liverpool fueron muy bien aprovechados por el #Milan , Alexander-Arnold dejó en varias oportunidades la marca de su banda al ir al ataque mientras que Joe Gomez nunca supo a que jugador marcar.

Transfers In Last Hour(Top 5): Ronaldo(3318) Lukaku(2214) Gray(2010) Alexander-Arnold(1534) Bamford(1319) Wed, 15 Sep 2021 20:00 (GMT) Full GW Data: Table --> Visualization -->

Blocked Driveway & Illegal Parking at Intersection Of Arnold Ave & Crescent Ave. Black Honda Accord with license plate CA 7ZAV123 Car parked in red zone on crescent creating hazardous situation pulling out from arnold as well as block…

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@picollilaura nem faço parte dessa tal de futt aí, só uso foto do Arnold pq é meu jogador favorito

@Box2BoxBola Alexandre Arnold from hero to zero Abis bikin gol tapi terus blunder posisinya bikin Milan comeback buat 2 gol

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