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Mikel Arteta reaches 💯 wins as Arsenal manager. Trusting the process 🧠.

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Arteta spanked his team like this, without his main number 9 btw.

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Mikel Arteta has now won 100 matches as Arsenal manager, in just 167 matches. 💯 #afc.

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Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal can only play one game a week, failed every-time when they’ve had to play more than one game..

Sam Dean
Sam Dean

Mikel Arteta has told critics of Arsenal’s boisterous celebrations to “go to church” instead of football matches if they do not like his team’s passion..

One thing I love about Arteta is accountability, even at our worse he never looked to blame his players.

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Interview with Mikel Arteta after his Manager of the Year prize at the London Football Awards. - Arsenal are in phase 3 of his 5-phase plan - how the FA Cup win may have saved his job - KSE’s patience + transfer spending - the dressing room clock & more.


Big stock rising for Mikel Arteta, always on message himself or through his players. And never making it about him in good times or bad. Lampard and Gerard could learn soooo much if they just learned that..


I’ve been consistent: I don’t give a shit about the Europa League. I believe we would have won the trophy *if* Arteta played our best XI every game, but he never, he prioritized the league and he is 100% correct. I’m happy we can focus on the league. 11 Finals remaining..

Mikel Arteta: “A huge blow. We really wanted to go through & fight in the competition & go for it. We tried for 120 minutes & the penalties, it wasn’t enough. But still, we didn’t find our rhythm & flow. We gave the ball away many, many times. Sometimes time after time.” #afc.

Arteta harus genjot Sumitro buat isi posisi Odegaard sih kalau dia ngga main, T-bag belum sesiap itu. Nyaris ngga ngapa2in di match ini..

@jamesbenge Imagine that’s why Arteta hasn’t pushed the Ødegaard button (not least cos Vieira has been pretty poor since half time)..

@FabrizioRomano @sr_collings Me to potter after watching Arteta embarrass himself in Europe 😭😭.

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March has been a perfect month for Arsenal 4 games played 14 goals scored 3 goals conceded 2 cleansheets Mikel Arteta is definitely winning manager of the month for the 4th time this season..

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Imagine Ødegaard Is on the bench and arteta dey Look This Martinelli 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

Arteta. You really have fucked this up starting all these players and failing to get a good performance out of them , inexcusable really.

Arteta udah ngasih penjelasan teknis. Mudahnya: Arsenal on Possession/pegang bola->duel->bola hilang->transisi/diserang balik. Pada momen ‘duel’ inilah Arsenal sering kalah jd sering kena serangan transisi yg terbuka..

Arteta: we haven’t had a big European nigh for 3 years , We want to win both the Europa league and the league. #AFC #ArsenalFC.

@Arsenal It’s so unfortunate Arteta experimented with this game despite how serious it was.

🎙️Mikel Arteta sur la suite : « Maintenant il y a 11 matchs, on doit se concentrer sur ça et chacun doit penser à une chose, Crystal Palace. Être sur le meilleur plan mental et physique possible, toute notre énergie se dirige vers le match de dimanche. » #ARSCRY #AFC 🔴⚪️.

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@brisbane_7 @ArsenalFansFR Bah défilé leur fil d’actualité tu verras Arteta parler de Saliba.

@MSE_RM @RMmadrid_1902 Yo siempre he confiado porque he visto a un Arsenal muy distinto y un líder que los guía (Arteta). Todo el mundo esperaba y espera el pecheo, pero creo que se creyeron que podían y lo van a hacer..

I see Arteta as a focused manager who is upgrading every EPL match day, i see a bright future with him and Arsenal.

Arsenals players deserve to win this title, as does Arteta. Their fans however do not..

@_Kurohitsugi_ Arteta lui a pompé tout le modèle de jeu qu’est ce qu’il raconte mdrrrr.

@M9RTI9L @btsportfootball Wenger era refused to spend money on players. Wenger after invincible kept so many average players in his team. Arteta don’t do that..


@TheFalseNein Good player just wasn’t suited in Arteta’s system, same with Tierney.

@Deco_SRN Exagero nenhum, Decão. Time do Arteta é muuito bem treinado, e olhe que começou mal!.

Imagine suffering with Trossard all game & Arteta brings on Jesus 💀 I LOVE THIS CLUB!.

@WelBeast Arteta tricked Chelsea to think Mudryk was a good player so he could sign Trossard in peace. ARTETA MASTERCLASS.

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