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Arya with the biggest flex of 2019 “you don’t know any other rich girls” 😂 #GameofThrones.

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@kantoucan hmmm idk about arya i just dont see it happening what she just never gonna finish the list? idiot.

who do you think is definitely die in got and why i think arya definitely because she’s been a fan favorite forever and her path of revenge has maybe gone a little TOO well.

Arya’s decision to lose her virginity is the best bit of character development Game of Thrones has given her in years..

@narendramodi साठ साल कांग्रेस देखी... अब साठ साल बीजेपी देखेंगे... फिर 2074 में तुलनात्‍मक अध्ययन के बाद ही कोई ठोस निर्णय लेंगे हम. 😂😛😝.


Will Arya steal the face of a White Walker on Game of Thrones?.

THIS. I mean, we all saw the clip from next week’s episode— Arya running through the dimly lit stone corridor with blood on her face, expression pure I haven’t seen Arya scared in a very long time..

@Leila_Arya این همه گفتیم عرب مارمولک خور ، عرب ملخ خور ! حالا به لطف نظام موغدث عسلامی جیرجیرک و ملخ جایگزین گوشت داره میشه. اصلا کسی نمی پرسه که چرا دیگه از صف گوشت خبری نیست! و یهویی هجوم ملخ ها و بلافاصله تبلیغ ملخ خوری ، چه خبره ؟ چه اتفاقی داره تو وطنمون میوفته؟.

@HumbleTeej They made Tyrion a fucking idiot and then had to turn his stupidity into a plot point to justify the whole Arya x Littlefinger x Sansa storyline was they can’t handle the magic elements of the story and a/o GRRM they can’t grasp the humans either. JihaD.

E se a musica dos ghosts da Jenny for referência à Arya no final da batalha a recolher os rostos(fantasmas) das personagens que morreram e estari a tocar nessa mesma cena, bruh that would be so sick.

@timiretimzzy @casanova___d ini hngu was looking forward to the war paEp2 kwete zvemaMemories and fucking of Arya & knighting of lady Brianne hahahahahahah i need war ini lol.

@TIMMMMATITS My current pet #GameOfThrones theory is that Jaime will die in the battle against the white walkers but before the news reaches Kings Landing we’ll see Jaime arrive home and kill Cersei only for it to turn out to be Arya using his face..

@LambaAlka मेरी ईश्वर से यही प्रार्थना है कि . . . . . . चुनावऔर काग्रेस दोनों शांतिपूर्ण तरीके से निपट जाएं! 😂 😂 😜 😜 😂 😂.

@diegoj1189 @refriega Si le pasa algo a Arya el domingo será la peor serie de la historia..

@iDiHAV بچه تهروننن(به تهرونی های گل توهین گشه.این عن منظورمه)..با سواد الاغ فرق عینک دودی با عینک شب و عینک طبی فتوکورامیک رو نمیدونه عن آقا قبل از حرف زدن مطالعه کن (ببخشید دوستان...خواستم مثل خودش جو اب بدم).

@myogiadityanath जल्दी जल्दी फ़ॉलो कर लो सब .... .... ..... क्या पता कल को मैं सेलेब्रिटी बनगई फिर फोल्लो बैक भी नही मिलेगा .... ... कल किसने देखा ......😂😂😂😂😂 फॉलो बैक 200% कापी करके लाई हूँ 😉 🤣.

بخصوص آريا والكل كاره اللقطه حقتها مع جندري الحداد؟ راح تصير حامل وهو يموت بالمعركه وولدها يصير الوريث لانه حفيد روبوت براثيون you goooooo arya #قيم_اوف_ثرونز.

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Arya mata os filhos e serve pro pai comer: Ok!. Arya perde a virgindade: Pera aí! Como assim!? Quantos anos ela tem?.

I have literally been saying I hope Arya fucks Gendry before they all go to battle she deserves it on like nine thousand podcasts for months now so this blowback has caught me by surprise..

@valsmercy I died laughing. This has been a man’s line for centuries and Arya owned it..

No, you people are disrespecting Arya too much because of this episode. #GameOfThrones.

@mohajavad لندن آخه؟ بچه بودی کارتون گوژپشت و نتردام رو هم ندیده بودی؟.

What Arya’s new weapon could mean for #GameOfThrones.

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Arya with the biggest flex of 2019 “you don’t know any other rich girls” 😂 #GameofThrones.

mom: hello how have you bee- me: if anything happens to Arya over the next six weEKS I WILL BURN EVERYTHING TO THE GROUND I SWEAR TO GOD #GameofThrones.

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