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Viola Davis sobre Halle Bailey como Ariel em “A Pequena Sereia”: “É muito difícil viver acreditando que você não vale nada, que não merece ser amado, que não pertence. Quando você vê imagens de excelência e beleza como essa, isso te dá a sensação de que você realmente importa.”.

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.@Lin_Manuel refuses to give racist #TheLittleMermaid trolls oxygen: Halle [Bailey] is perfect for the part. She is going to blow them away. If that’s the thing that makes you mad, then stay mad. But examine your choices.”.

Who do you give your first impression rose to for the next season of #TheBachelor? 🌹 Retweet this tweet for BAILEY! #BachelorVote.

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Kwasi Kwarteng to meet Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey today, described by one analyst as pulling the pin of a grenade, then trying to stuff it back in, according to @SkyNews. ~AA.

Full statement from Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England:.

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GB News
GB News

‘It was one of the most outrageous and most racist things I’ve heard in a long time.’ Former Conservative Mayor of London candidate Shaun Bailey hits out at Rupa Huq after the Labour MP was suspended for saying Kwasi Kwarteng is ‘superficially’ black..

problem right now is trying to work out what to do a) keep going & more tax & spending cuts b) scrap everything & focus energy relief on needy as @imf want c) raise interest rates d) cut interest rates e) fire Bailey & Kwarteng g) Cut taxes on poor h) Windfall tax on energy cos.

Bailey Brilliance: Career-high 10 strikeouts in a career-high innings. 😱😱😱 #MNTwins.

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olmadıgını #alacati merkez bir Sen Evrenin merkezi keşfedildiginde mu anlayıp #cesme sürü Bailey insankendilerinin sustuklarımı duydun üzülecek,Bernard.

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merkezi keşfedildiginde merkez Bailey anlayıp insankendilerinin sürü #alsancak bir üzülecek,Bernard sustuklarımı Evrenin duydun mu Sen #cigli olmadıgını.

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Alguém aí estava com saudade de mimos dos bastidores??? Pois o Jonathan Bailey acaba de resolver um pouco dos nossos problemas com algumas fotos inéditas da season 2. Amaram? #Bridgerton.

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LGB Alliance founder Allison Bailey to appeal after losing legal fight against Stonewall: “The appeal has been lodged at the [employment appeal tribunal] within the deadline. It will almost certainly be heard in the new year. Read more:.

White Sox have been blanked on one hit vs. Twins and Bailey Ober through five innings..

The #WhiteSox are en route to their 7th straight loss. Bailey Ober made it look easy tonight..

#BBTF CEO update: 📢 Don Bailey just replied to a post from SafemoonCee🇺🇲🇵🇷 (Citoperez329) #BBTFfamily.

bailey is making me want to play amnesia memories again so bad 😭 i never finished all the routes.

amigoooos, felicitenmen ya no es tan difícil comer, lo logreeee Ahora si voy a parecer rosa la gorda 😔.

jonny bailey celebrating six months of kathony we love our ship captain.

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#FantasyBaseball For guys under 30% owned, Bailey Ober @ KC (24th in runs) is a fair gamble stream for tomorrow if needing volume. Manning @ Baltimore (22nd in runs) is another option. Roansy Contreras has value- but he’s at Yanks/unavailable in many competitive leagues.

@SirBailey2 Keep trying, Bailey! Having a healthy imagination is a good thing, right? 😇🥰😋🐶 So no water buffaloes recently? 💞💞💞.

Funny to think the kid who couldn’t stay outta trouble in elementary school was suspended several times in middle school then dropped out has a dream of teaching 2nd Crazy how life works.


@Laurennnkk : sharks is my favorite animal Me: that’s a fish L : i thought they were mammals Me : they’re fish.

As it is #HillfortsWednesday here are some shots of Bincknoll Castle in Wiltshire (pronounced Bynol), a possible Iron Age univallate hillfort. It later housed a Norman motte and bailey castle. In pic 1, the ridge in the distance is home to the ancient Ridgeway path..

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Elegant settee made by Tatham, Bailey & Sanders in 1814 that is now located in the Blue Drawing Room of Buckingham Palace..

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Congratulations to Bailey Toporcer (89) and Anna Magnelli (98) on qualifying for the PIAA District 3 Golf Tournament! Bailey finished in 5th place today at the Mid Penn Tournament..

2/ It’s so sweet when John says to Bailey, “If you want a dog we can just get a dog.” That’s a good man right there (I mean of course it is, it’s Nolan, but in general)..

@N76247476Man Naked? No way. In one of her dresses made by Barnum & Bailey? Absolutely.


eu bem desconfiava que a sabina viria desde que vi a foto dela na arte de anúncio da tour, agora será que bailey e lamar, que tão no anúncio, vem também? 👀.

Adik Acha Septriasa jadi perbincangan di dunia maya karena dituding rasis akibat kontennya yang meledek Halle Bailey, bintang The Little Mermaid..

Since this game came onto my radar by @BaddieStreams on @UnsubscribeCast I present to you Cult of Horngy..

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