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🤔 ¿Venderías a Gareth Bale al Tottenham? 🔁 Sí ❤️ No.

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bale kumakain ako ng skyflakes sa pantry noh tapos may nagluto ng pancit canton. bastos amp.

@vanderhaarp @Shelbie_THFC No place for booing him though mate. That was out of order. Form poor yes, motivation low probably. But he hasn’t done what Modric, Bale, Berba did and refuse to play.

Announce bale to spurs already. Few days left to February man😔.

@foreverheir Ene kana they legit got ghosted, a nigga will go to the mines a baya go boa hela a setse a swa a lwala.

Bale is injured again lol Madrid pledging his salary to bushfire relief will be a far better option at this point..

@IanMorr82313534 Definitely something wrong that’s why I think I’d put him out on loan wouldn’t be the worse idea, I thought the same about bale as we’ll be even at LB he could beat a man or even cross, I’m sorry just not seeing it, like I said hopefully I’m wrong.

Arrest made on 1/23/20 of user @appendlix on multiple accounts of. Whatever the hell this is. Bale and sentence length have currently not been set..

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Valverde: “They fought hard and we didn’t play brilliantly at times, as we would have liked, but the important thing is we’re in the next round. You have to play and enjoy yourself no matter which pitch you’re playing on. Bale took a knock, I hope he recovers soon”..

@strmjcboy Uy maraming salamat sa insight!!!!!! Bale kung ang B ay subset of A, mag-end up ako ng P(B)/P(A) na lang no? <3 <3.

@militxo LMAO, I love them all so much. I can only think up agendas against Vazquez, Nacho, and Bale. 😭.

Os imaginais tener a alguien como Bale en el Barça? Una ficha de 20 millones de Euros..

Today for the very first time in my life I thought it would be great to have wireless earbuds right now! and it was because I was carrying a bale of hay.

地方のJ2クラブの主力とかなら派手に不倫してもまったく問題にならならいんだろうけど、今回のは両者とも人気俳優で杏ちゃんは親もそうだから余計に大きくなってるよなぁ… まあ芸能界も略奪婚になってしまえば甘くなるけど(^_^;).

grabe yung pamromroblema ni papa sa sasayawin niya, bale budots na nga lang balak ko para di na siya mahirapan kahit kamay nalang igalaw niya pero pag uwi ko kanina sabi raw ano na rachel sasayawin natin? girl in the mirror nalang kaya gagahahagagagagagaa.

Bomba!! 💣💣💣💣 El DT de Belgrano Caruso Lombardi no se da por vencido y se comunicó con Gareth Bale para manifestarle su interés de tenerlo en el celeste. Tema económico sigue siendo el inconveniente pero este episodio provocaría que se reflote el pase..


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Papa telugu chuste bale muchata estundi,abbba nabhaaa😘😘😘😍😍.

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Haciendo un ejercicio breve la verdad es que si eventualmente hicieran un remake de The Godfather para el papel de Michael no veo a alguien distinto a Christian Bale en el papel..

#ChiringuitoBale Si marca porque marca, si no marca porque no marca, si celebra porque celebra, si no celebra porque no celebra. E incluso en el plató hay quien sabe lo que piensa A-l-u-c-i-n-o. Basta ya de esta cacería..

@asensiones Zizou said Bale is a little bit injured right now, he said it now after match.

✨ Encaminados a su SEXTETE ✨ Gracias a los goles de Bale, Brahim y otro en contra, Merengues vencen a Unionistas y avanzan a los octavos de la Copa del Rey 🗞️⚡.

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Gareth Bale, 143 gün sonra Real Madrid formasıyla golü attı..

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¿Qué se va a encontrar el Madrid en Salamanca? 🖊️ Un campo más estrecho y corto 🖊️ Un césped donde Bale verá hoyos por lanzamientos de jabalina y martillo 🖊️ Duchas con caducidad de agua caliente, Unionistas tendrá el detalle de ducharse después 🖊️ Un palco entre los seguidores.

🤔 ¿Venderías a Gareth Bale al Tottenham? 🔁 Sí ❤️ No.

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🚨🚨🚨 REUNIÓN POR BALE entre Real Madrid y Tottenham. #JUGONES.