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@MJE_152 @BamBam_V3 I never knew you were such a shit talker! It just goes to show how calm peeps r when they’re using their Twitter fingers to type. Lol.

Congratulations, You Could have Won N10,000 but you Refused to Use #BetwizadTips & For this Reason Drop your Account Details for N3,000.

Filo fans, Bambam just caught yah all simping over his back up He have seen it all!!!🤣🤣🤣 I remember this happen to Eric Nam in Manila too when I was one of those who spazz over his back up dancers. Filo fans are marurupok for real! Sorry 🙏🙏.

enquanto vcs são cornos do seus utts, o BamBam é que é o corno aqui 🤣 te amo meu amor.

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