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You need to watch @simonpegg doing an impression of all four Beatles living in his mouth now 😂.

One is reminded of Debbie Harry’s famous reply when asked which of the Beatles would live longest: “Paul, unfortunately”..

This is beautiful: Tony Kelly, Caoimhe Lally and Ellen Casey are introduced to students at Scoil Maighdine Mhuire in Newmarket On Fergus. Bigger than the Beatles..

And he’s on. Glastonbury’s oldest solo headliner Paul McCartney is on the Pyramid stage opening with Can’t Buy Me Love #beatles #Glastonbury.

ÚLTIMAS MÚSICAS TOCADAS POR BANDAS QUE NÃO SE REUNIRAM. The Beatles: “Get Back” The Smiths: “We’re Going to Be Friends” Oasis: “I am the Walrus” : “Losing my Religion” (na verdade na única e breve reunião da banda) The Kinks: “You Really Got Me” (1).

que horribles estaban los beatles como esque levantaban tantas morritas.

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Known around the world predominantly for football and The Beatles, you might not realize how much more Liverpool has to offer..

‘Wings? They’re only the band the Beatles could have been’.

The Beatles are so nasty for what they did to my sisters song 😭.

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🎶well i ate the ass of your mother oooooooh while your dad was-standing there🎶 (the beatles).

へんてこな番組が始まりますよ😊THE BEATLES 10 | ラジオ日本 | 2022/06/26/日 19:00-20:00 #radiko #ビー10.

Song of the Day: Getting Better The Beatles 1967 (remastered 2009)..

My husband (not at all a Beatles fan): it does look a bit like old men getting together Me:.

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久しぶりにリアルタイムで THE BEATLES 10 | ラジオ日本 | 2022/06/26/日 19:00-20:00 #radiko #ビー10.

音楽で英語…そう言えば自分の高校時代も、最大の英語テキストはThe Beatlesだったなー。 #ダレハナ.

150628 jonghyun: there are many songs (out there) that wake you up. big bang songs are great for that and (songs by) the beatles are also great. (source: cosmicsticks).

When he plays Beatles songs it just brings a massive smile to your face #PaulMcCartney #Glastonbury2022.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da é considerada por muitos fãs um patinho feio por conta de sua simplicidade quase infantil e seu estilo semelhante a um.

Y ahora sí McCartney se puso a tocar uno tras otro temas de los Beatles, con agradecimientos explícitos a todos su excompañeros. Una belleza. #Glastonbury.

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Never been a huge Paul McCartney / Beatles fan - but he’s doing a good job… mix of old and new songs (I really like the new ones - I think are new!), voice is good, tributes to John and George, sweet anecdotes… Stop hating on Paul for being Paul #paulmccartney.

“When we do a Beatles song, your phones light up and it’s like a galaxy of stars,” says Paul McCartney as he seats himself at his piano. “When we do a new song, it’s like a black hole. We don’t mind, we’re going to do them anyway” Paul McCartney #Glastonbury2022 #YourGlasto22.

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Talking Pictures Beatles Special, Volume 01, 1964. Page 17. #beatles.

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The Beatles performed two shows in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 27 June 1964 – their last ones in that country. A young girl threw herself in front of their car, bouncing off the bonnet. The Beatles took her to their hotel and made sure she was unhurt..


Reminded when Alec Douglas-Home was encouraged to quote a Beatles lyric in a speech and it came out as a puzzled “And, er, you know, that can’t be… too bad”.

@TheFreds If the can make a mediocre band like the Beatles into the biggest band ever, what else can they convince us to believe?.

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Andy Ha
Andy Ha

Mad how Dua Lipa has more bangers than Paul McCartney. And The Beatles for that matter..

If I was asked to name my favourite Macca song, I’d probably have to say Best Of The Beatles.

@thebeatles 🤝 @billieeilish Inspirations!.

@fiona_wyse When you have over 200 Beatles songs and god knows how many Wings and solo tracks to pick.

If you want a Beatles tribute act, there are dozens playing every week across the country. Macca is MUCH more than that. Have some respect, yeah? #McCartney #Glastonbury.

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