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Chiefs had more yards, far more passing yards, more first downs, more yards per play, allowed fewer sacks, had fewer turnovers, won time of possession but yea, it was the refs. Damn refs. Always against the Bengals..

The officiating in this game was unimaginably terrible. And very one sided. But that was an obvious call. And it ended the #Bengals season. #AFCChampionshipGame.

Bengals fans showing their true colors over the past 24 hours to me is wild man. It’s all love though. #billsmafia #rulethejungle.

♪Do you wanna build a snowman?♪ Emmy made a snowman on Sunday and colored it Bengals orange plus added a 9 for @wcpo !! Nicely done, Emmy! #cincywx.

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Charlie’s Chalkboard: Jessie Bates bet on himself twice. On Monday, he may have left Paycor Stadium for the last time. He reflected on the legacy he left, the the training camp holdout and how the Bengals shaped him. I learned a lot about myself..

Joe Mixon gave his game ball to the offensive line after their win against the Bills 🤝🏼.

Off to read and watch the Bengals beat the Chiefs 😁 have a beautiful day 🌸.

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If the Bengals operated in this type of low rent reactionary mindset, they wouldn’t have been in the AFC Championship game to begin with. Lucky for us, you are not Dey..

Mi artículo de la Ronda Divisional para @MundoNFL: -Mahomes y Reid nos vuelven a recordar que son inigualables. -Las trincheras de los Philadelphia Eagles. -La superioridad de los Bengals. Ya lo tenéis en este enlace:.

Heckuva #Bengals drive from their own 5 to the #Chiefs 5 in two minutes to pull within 13-6 at halftime.

Ramon Foster on the Bengals loss to the Chiefs at the end: “What a Cincinnati way to lose. You have one of the most calm young and talented best quarterbacks we’ve seen in this young generation and they still find a way to mess this up.” #Steelers #NFL.

The estimate right now is that the Bengals owner will have to give Burrow a contract above Watson’s number. So if it gets done this offseason it would be at minimum of $169 million into an escrow account by March 31, 2024..

Included in the newsletter –Why Bates wishes he showed up to training camp earlier -How the Bengals shaped him as a man and as a father -A Q&A with BJ Hill on standing up for Joseph Ossai. -A thought on the Reds lineup.

The Cincinnati Bengals have signed former @USFLGamblers DT Domenique Davis to a futures deal. @NiqueSavo spent time with the Bengals in 2022, and now will have an opportunity to compete for a roster spot during training camp in 2023. #USFL.

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Joe MontanaのSBのアレって、相手Bengalsだったのか…はじめて知った。.

Spiritual warriors please pray and protect these Cincinnati Bengals through the remaining playoffs.

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#Bengals vs. Bills set NFL record for most-watched AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game.

Watch NFC Conference Championship online-Eagles vs 49ers FREE LIVE NFL STREAMS (1/30/23) 🔴𝐆𝐨 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞📺@nflstreamsnbctv : 🔴𝐆𝐨 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞📺@nflstreamstvnow 🏈Eagles vs 49ers 🏈Bengals vs Chiefs ❤️Retweet.

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Watch AFC Conference Championship online-Cincinnati Bengals vs Kansas City Chiefs FREE LIVE NFL STREAMS (1/30/23) 🔴𝐆𝐨 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞📺@nflstreamsnbctv : 🔴𝐆𝐨 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞📺@nflstreamstvnow 🏈Bengals at Chiefs Like❤️ & Retweet🔁.

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Man that brutal 3rd down spot cost the Bengals another shot at the end zone. Getting 3 here feels like a loss..

Report: Colts To Bring In Cincinnati Bengals OC Brian Callahan for Second Interview.

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@sexy_nips @GTMAC21 If I recall he switched from his Tampa two zone to man to man. Too late though. Someone tweeted he was fired by the Bengals from the dee coord job due to this type of dee that he runs. Not sure if this is true. Do remember Mcd took the play calling from him during a game..

@JoeGoodberry @DavisHsuSeattle Bengals played in the same snow. Didn’t seem to bother them?!.

This is the worst sports article I’ve ever read. I don’t know what’s worse, the writing or the reasoning. No one knows who’s on the Bengals in one breath, the players are great in the other.

Buffalo Bills crushed by Cincinnati Bengals, 27-10 | The Air Raid Hour.

I appreciate everyone who has admitted to being wrong about the bengals 😅 keep em comin.

EL ZOOM La estrategia de los Bengals. #InterceptadosPorLaNFL.

ive never seen a group of grown men have such a massive self imposed victim complex like the cinncinati bengals.

Who dey think gonna beat them Bengals? Nooooooooobody! Come cheer on the squad with us tonight in the taproom!.

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The Chiefs could lose by 40 — that still won’t make Joe Burrow better than Patrick Mahomes.

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