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Updated: July 17th, 2021 08:37 AM IST

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Watch Billie perform NDA live. Happier Than Ever is out July 30. Pre-save/add/order now:

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@NSdreamhouse by your logic tyler the creator is the actual racist, billie not knowing the meaning of the word as a 13 year old child doesn’t make her racist

estan todo el dia ai stanean a billie? ai son abejorras? si no responden unf LEE LA CARRD DOWN PARA ESO LA HAGO

@Williannasci123 gente podre demais amg. tem que ser mt vazio pra distorcer o que a Billie disse só pra deslegitimar as inseguranças que ela tinha

yo en la voz cantaria bad guy de billie sin ningún motivo en especial tal vez por el vídeo de plantas vs zombies

Billie Eilish para a Vogue Austrália. Eu disse muitas coisas no passado com as quais não concordo hoje em dia e penso exatamente o contrário. O problema é que nunca sai da Internet.

Billie Foto,Billie Tendências Do Twitter - Top Tweets

.@finneas i hope u show billie how much her stans on twitter love went to war for her literally 😭

Watch Billie perform NDA live. Happier Than Ever is out July 30. Pre-save/add/order now:

คอนเสิร์ตใหญ่ Global Citizen Live จะจัดขึ้นในวันที่ 26 ก.ย. จาก 6 ทวีป นาน 24 ชั่วโมงเต็ม พร้อมศิลปินหลายสิบชีวิตที่จะมาร่วมแสดง อาทิ The Weeknd, BTS, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Billie Eilish และอีกมากมาย #TheStandardPop

Searches for corsets have spiked, call it the Billie Eilish effect.

Billie is performing at #GlobalCitizenLIVE, a global event to defend the planet and defeat poverty. Join Billie and @GlblCtzn on September 25. #MoveTheWorld

Billie Foto,Billie Tendências Do Twitter - Top Tweets

People: you’re dating a racist person and queer baiting Billie: my tits are bigger than yours Okaay…?

everyone cancelling their billie vinyls cause she’s “iN hEr FlOp ErA” literally never cared about the music lol.

people that don’t like billie always got the most to say about… billie. the math ain’t mathing

// passando aqui pra relembrar que a Billie é gostosa e tem mais peito que vcs

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billie eillish is the only person younger than me that i admire i’ll go to war for her

acho q tem alguem usando minha conta do spotify pq o meu deu bp, billie e dua lipa ??????

billie eilish é tipo: █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ carisma beleza artista talento

@_stupido_miu Pamiętam XDDDD dkdkdkxi Jezu wyobrażasz to sobie teraz? Miałabyśmy o to dramę na połowę Twittera XD

meus amores agora sério os que vão ser indicados desses aí são NO MÁXIMO evermore, o da billie, da lana e POSSIVELMENTE sour e olhe aí. positions vocês juram muito, por deus.

@pinky_billie Cnie XDDDDD nie wiem czy pamietasz,ale kiedys na tt byla zabawa,ze ktos wysylal tobie hot foty/gify itp twojego ub a ty tej osoby jego ub i ktora pierwsza zrobila sie horny na swojego ub przegrywala XDDDDDD To byly dziwne czasy XDDD

AGHHHHHHH i never cared for billie n thought her music was ok but now she irritates me so MUCHHHHG

The news in the American Empire: Billie Eilish, who criticizes white appropriation of black culture, is on video using racial slur as teen, Maid blows the whistle on weapons cache avoids another NV style gun massacre, & Crime spree increases in NYC Deblasio sleeps. More to come.

@Billie_Jean_94 @FabrizioRomano Whatever nothing worse than a liar, a theif, or dirty arse players

@_hotheaded_ Zrobiłam błąd bo najpierw obejrzalam serial a potem przeczytałam książkę:(

Billie Foto,Billie Tendências Do Twitter - Top Tweets


Billie Foto,Billie Tendências Do Twitter - Top Tweets

billie…that debut doesnt compare to any of the other albums

every single time billie posts i’m blocked from posting on tik tok i’m sick of it

ma mamie : « elle est trop bien la nouvelle chanson de billie je l’ai écouté hier »


Although you are able to work through complex issues in your More for Capricorn

Tiktok fans are so toxic bro wtf😭 And yes they are Billie, they are shshsh

Billie Foto,Billie Tendências Do Twitter - Top Tweets
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