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Dame Time started at home. 30 PTS 4 REBS 4 ASTS 3 STLS Blazers take a 1-0 lead over OKC.

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We just GOT COOKED BY THE BLAZERS!! Im derpressed af #ThunderUp #NBAPlayoffs [email protected]

NBA: Nuggets, Raptors bounce back; Blazers up 2-0.

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Bravo on this play, @johncanzanobft.

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@AaronMesh Blazers games in person are the best thing ever. That has been true for me dude since my first game im 1980. My Dad took me to see the Blazers play the Milwaukee Bucks. I went to the 1992 NBA finals and I can say that the home game experience has never been a better than today..

Rise Records 🤘🏾, Timbers ⚽️, Blazers 🏀, no sales tax, and good water. I love Oregon..

Cj fait gagner les blazers mais ça ne parle que de Dame , wallah ça me dégoûte.

End of 3Q. Blazers 91. OKC Westbricks 75. I think I’m about to throw up. 🤮🤮🤮.

@2FastFisk Wow can’t even imagine what Blazers fan went through over the last 3 years. Must be tough..

a man bike belled time of “let’s go blazers” to me whilst I’m at arbor lodge park, and I’ve rarely been happier #RipCity.

PG with a shoulder injury 🙄 but he wouldn’t sign with BRON. FUCKING BLAZERS GONE PUT THEM OUT #YouHateToSeeIt.

O Blazers precisa fazer esse esforço coletivo por mais 3 vezes, contando que Kanter continue sendo positivo na série. Fisicamente a vantagem está com a equipe do Oregon neste momento..

Dame Time started at home. 30 PTS 4 REBS 4 ASTS 3 STLS Blazers take a 1-0 lead over OKC.

Hell Yeah BLAZER WIN! BLAZER WIN! Go Blazers!!! Cheers 🍻 #RIPCity.

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Just imagine how scary the Blazers would be if they had another top-20 player acquired via trade. We would be witnessing the new NBA champions..

Enquanto isso, Blazers teve muita dificuldade em defender com Kanter em quadra, sem dúvidas a maior fraqueza hoje. Mas compensou com rebotes e ataque, grande jogo dele. E Lillard é gigante. O cara é muito decisivo..

kanter is one of three muslims on the blazers. them brothas ready, stop playin w them.

Haven’t watched the NBA since @SteveNash watched the Blazers get the win!! So happy for Lillard and Kanter. #NBAPlayoffs.

@MTRFCB Kanter w playoffs to problem balansu - atak i zbiórka w ataku są szalenie ważne, a jego obrona może Cię zabić. Ja od jakiegoś czasu upieram się że to wbrew pozorom niezły matchup dla Blazers, też dlatego, że to Russ będzie na niego polował, a nie ktoś efektywniejszy..

OKC played horrible and the blazers only won by 3. I still got OKC in the series.

Enes Kanter posted playoff career-high 18 boards. Never had a 15/15 game in #NBAPlayoffs and here we go. Good sign for #Blazers going forward..

Youngest daughter got a hat trick yesterday. Oldest daughter got a hat trick today. Blazers won. 🔥.

Final: Blazers end 10-game playoff losing streak, beat Thunder 104-99. Kanter had 20 points, 18 rebounds, Lillard 30 points, McCollum 24 points, 6 rebounds. Westbrook had 24 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, George 26 points, 10 rebounds, Adams 17 points, OKC was 5-for-33 from 3..

[email protected]_Miller Blazers win. Would you rather go to Game 5 or see the Blazers in in four?.

When you play the Dame of Thrones, you win or you lose. There is no middle ground. Blazers take Game 1 against OKC..

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Game 1 starters vs Blazers. Presented by @EnableMidstream.

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