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Exhuming procedures of the FIRST mass grave in Izyum are being completed today. In total, 436 bodies of victims of russian occupation have been exhumed. Most bear evidence of a violent death, and 30 were tortured..

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And to be clear, women of Arizona, to undo this and keep it undone you need to vote the WHOLE BALLOT. State reps now control your bodies. The governor = veto power. The secretary of state decides if you can vote. And the congressmen and Senators decide if this rot goes federal.⏱.

Men who think they know women’s bodies more than women themselves 😹.

@johnny_tmanV2 @lexiisal Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is the greatest movie of all time next to Sonic 2, Rush Hour 2, The Raid 2, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Spider-Man 2..

Journalist @nikimahjoub : The families of a number of those killed in the protests were told that if they publicise the deaths, bodies of their loved ones will not be delivered and they will be buried in an unknown place without their knowledge. #MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی.

We are mourning her. We will continue to remember her bravery and pray to the Almighty God to reward her effort, Bandits have claimed her life and the body is still at the bush since yesterday , All the other 9 bodies are still lying at the scene⁦ till now😭😭😭.

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@666fischI ITS SO VERY CONFUSING but basically this guy has two different bodies and he switches from time to time basically having two different lives theres just all sorts of different arcs that i can’t really explain BUT ITS SO GOOD AND FUNNY I PROMISE.

Her will bring them chaos and wealth. And make them decide that take a water to clean the bodies up..

robins parents were out of town whne the bodies were found so they asked finney to identify the body. finney had to look at his boyfriends deceased body..

@nypost Neighbor upstairs is stuffing dismembered bodies in their walls without draining them in the bathtub first. 😒.

In that base we burned the bodies in a furnace. I hadn’t eaten in days. The truth is simple. The smell made me hungry..

The other night my neighbor’s cat was doing king shit like killing rabbits and showing off the bodies.

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...there was nowhere for them to go and if one would just walk three blocks away from the airport, there were also people sleeping in makeshift huts or out exposed to rains even lying next to the bodies of their loved ones because these had yet to be picked up..

FINALLY watched bodies bodies bodies and that was AMAZING,,, it was so fucking funny @Rachel_Sennott is a riot.

@rabbitsfoot333 @blandbutfunny u can be so mean without dissing peoples bodies and bigotry.

acabei de assistir Bodies Bodies Bodies e sério que DELICIA ver um filme que te faz reagir e experienciar mil emoções a cada segundo.

Their bodies started to melt, and lost what physicality they had. Pretty soon, all of the test subjects had melted together Those..

Seeing so many other men with stacked asses embracing their bodies has made me realize I need to get my squats up. Being naturally caked up is cool but I’m tryna be STACKED. I need my shelf back😭.

Mass molestations, murder of women and children, beheaded bodies lying on the streets, houses, and wells. Fanatics wandering around with victims’ heads placed on spikes; their screams have planted horrific memories in the coming generations. #MalabarHinduGenocideDay.

@cdotb_isfvkd @danceswithfat Actually, a good percentage of obese women have something called lipedema, which interferes with the way our bodies process fat, and is resistant to low cal more exercise regimes. My diagnosed me last winter. It’s a tough diagnosis..

@NowTobie @Cernovich No one is telling women what to do with their bodies. The life inside of them is not their life to take - fighting for freedom of those most vulnerable - that’s the GOP..

@YinkaMuniru So because you are taking the drugs your wife is selling, that’s why you would look at dead bodies and say it doesn’t exist. Your wife.

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If you spoil us we will even use our bodies to wash the car with you in it 😘 Remember babes: excellent tippers are *always* rewarded..

Angela Yeo is getting bigger and beefier, while Andrea Shaw’s creating a refined physique. It’ll be interesting to see both bodies go head to head..

@TinoSibanda Exactly that, keeping the mind in a good place is difficult. But our bodies have to get us through our career and life. X.

@edrormba your Kürdistan is literally a 100 year old projeci by western powers, imaginarily build on dead bodies and lands of armenians and Turkmens back in Ottoman Era. Eastern Turkey cities like Malatya, Erzurum, Erzincan, Sivas, Maraş, Kayseri, Ardahan are %80 turkish since 900.

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@YVolumes @GoneCitizen It’s time to go back to Eden and drink herbs 🌿 to cure our bodies. I even heard that every sickness starts in the mind, so let’s cure our minds first. We need to flush out the garbage in our minds and renew it daily. It’s a process but a fruitful one..

@Vic_Auld_Reekie @murdo_fraser It’s not an exodus of bodies, it’s an exodus of salaries. People who live in Scotland become domiciled in England and pay less tax. They still live in Scotland..

@Abdullah_azzam8 These were innocent civilians martyrs but I have 1 question why does their body affected by soil while only a few mujihids bodies are safe. Is it necessary for all martyrs to he safe from soil or does Allah(swt) keep safe only a few to show it to Muslims? Anyone to ans.

the first and last of these conative bodies in the assemblage. exudea fearful, if not at least faintly moralistic scent that permeates the article..

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