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I’m sorry, but the complaining about the chants from Boston fans from a team with a fanbase that threw GARBAGE at Charles Barkley is laughable lmao.


The Warriors win Game 5 and head back to Boston with a 3-2 lead ⚡ #NBAFinals.

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Al Horford’s sister, Anna, shared her thoughts on the Boston fan base. (via @AnnaHorford).

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A 1-1 split in The Bay and now the series shifts to Boston! Game 3: TONIGHT, 9:00pm/et on ABC #NBAFinals presented by @YouTubeTV.

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In 1986, Mitchell Wiggins came up clutch in Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics to lead his team to victory. Same scenario. Same opponent. Tonight his son, @22wiggins, did the exact same thing..

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ESPN Sources: The NBA and National Basketball Players Association are holding a preliminary meeting on the collective bargaining agreement in Boston today. Both can opt out of current deal in December, but sides are preparing for serious talks on a new CBA across coming months..

🏀🇺🇸 Nos gagnants de #DestinationNBAfinals sont à Boston pour ce match 3 de folie 🔥 Et ils vous font gagner 1 maillot des Celtics et des Warriors + 50€ de freebets ! Pour jouer: 1️⃣ RT+Follow @ParionsSport 2️⃣ Choisis ta team avec #DestinationNBAfinals Fin du jeu le 12/06 à 23h59.

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Utility sundress c1946, acetate printed plain weave, via MFA Boston #fashionhistory.

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So glad that Red Sox games are essentially just political bulletins and infomercials now. So so glad 🙄🖕 Cc: @NESN @WebsterOnTV.


Hello Boston, Cincy and Albuquerque! We’re now available in your neck of the woods and in 50+ markets across the country. Looking to move? Buying, selling and moving with Opendoor is simple, certain and fast..

What’ll ultimately get lost when looking back at this Finals is just how close Boston was to putting Golden State in a 3-1 hole. Blowing that lead in Game 4 is probably gonna sting for a long, long time..

Because Boston priests have a long history of protecting kids….. stop it.

This is one of those Boston rainy days where it smells like the harbor. Makes me happy to be in New England!.

Boston Bus Driver Arrested, Charged After Allegedly Eating THC-Infused Gummies And Passing Out Behind The Wheel.

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San Diego ~ all summer!🌞😎 Boston ~ Sept 12-16 Minneapolis ~ Oct 10-14 DC/Tysons ~ Nov 14-18 See you soon!💋💋.

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Fields Corner are you guys ready??!?!? Boston Little Saigon will be hosting their FIRST ever Night Market July 16th from 4pm to 9pm! Bring your friends and families! 🧋🍕🥣.

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Warriors defense held the Celtics to an ORtg of , that would be the 4th worst offense in the league this season. This solidifies the warriors were the best defense this season after they finished the regular season tied for 1st w Boston ( points allowed per 100).

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Stats vs Boston 2022 Finals: ▫️6 GP ▫️ PTS/75 ▫️ REB/75 ▫️ AST/75 ▫️ STL/75 ▫️ BLK/75 ▫️44-40-91 splits ( 2P%) ▫️ TS%(+ rTS%) ▫️ EFG%(+ rEFG%) ▫️2 15+ PTS Games.

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Love ⁦@fsinton⁩’s riff on embracing the process of building a company and having fun doing it. #entrepreneurship Full post and podcast here:.

When Boston realizes they can’t be stopped inside instead of tossing passes across court, they’d be up much ahead.

@MattBoston150 @barstoolsports Statement of fact. Just in general Boston fans are known to be like that..

“Public housing will NOT solve this issue instead we need SROs! (market-value dorms that are as cramped as existing public housing but worse and you have to pay for it and there are no price controls meaning they might (will) cost as much as any Boston/SF/NYC studio)”.

@MyNBADrakeBull1 And Draymond having a garbage game. I think Curry is OK. Reaggravated the same injury Boston gave him earlier in the season. Bums..

Boston is the most hated team in all of sports. Especially when they play dirty, they injure the shit out of people. They are the Bad Boys Pistons of this generation. Tonight was a perfect example of how dirty they play.

@BigBabyJonathan @AngryLakerFan83 I dont like warriors i dont like boston its hard to cheer for both teams.

tačno mora da se navija za boston u ovoj seriji kolike su sisice ovi iz golden stejta.

梅雨入りするっちゃねーか? 乗るなら今夜やじ? 行くやろ? ねぇ?.

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#signNowByTheNumbers: 28 million users and growing! 🥳 That’s more than the populations of Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Boston and Miami combined! 🏙️.

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Do warrior fans realize how insane Boston sports fans are? Like it shouldn’t be surprising the crowd chanting fuck you Draymond lol.

Rainfall since midnight in #Boston is approaching 1/2 right now. Totals 1-2 possible in spots where downpours are persistent! @Boston25 @mawx #newengland.

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