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Vancouver Canucks General Manager Patrik Allvin announced today that the club has agreed to terms with right wing Brock Boeser on a 3-year contract worth million per season. DETAILS |.

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BOESER SCORES! BROCK BOESER! Yup, get excited to keep hearing that. Brock is back!.

Asking for pronouns has become a social standard. Who is it serving? @UnhappyFem writes.

7/30 口喧嘩祭 at club BROCK 今回も参加させていただきます。 7/10には納屋橋から1人 criticalにてもう1人 どんな人が上がってくるかを 楽しみにしつつ、バチバチしあげます。 よろしくお願いします。.

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@Hedgewatchers Good morning Brock! Your scarecrow looks awesome! Our Staff is a lazy ass. She refuses to make a scarecrow. She did give us this scary crow (a raven actually) however. We donate it to you, so it may help scare away the pesky pigeons from your garden..

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@YOUNGBLACK_MAN I don’t think he’s ready. If he’s gonna be the next Cena, he needs to be tested. Cena spent a couple of years doing programs with all the top guys. Taker. Brock. Angle. Carlito. He failed to the capture the title on a few occasions. Theory needs more time..

When Theory gets out in Reigns vs Lesnar match to eat the pin from either Roman or Brock, I won’t be surprised. Because this is what Theory winning #MITB briefcase screams. @WWEUniverse @WWE.

Congrats to #TeamPulse driver @Brock_Zearfoss and his entire team on their @WorldofOutlaws win tonight at Cedar Lake Speedway..

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@ErothPathak @WrestleOps Nobody cares abt Roman v Brock Interesting opinion, did twitter give it to you? The audience in the arena who has payed to watch it live does care..

Now people can quit bugging @Brock_Zearfoss about when he will win an WOO race again. Good to see the 3Z back in victory lane..

@WrestlingOnCB Mad ASF He better not cash in on Roman Reigns vs brock lesnar Cause he SUCKS.

Chickmagnet motorsports driver Brock Zearfoss Racing wins with the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series poduim number 56 @Brock_Zearfoss.

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I’m in the progress of making Colby Brock in the Sims 4 🖤 u looking good @ColbyBrock 🤩 click to see the full picture 👀.

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@WWE @_Theory1 My SummerSlam mainevent is like : Brock gonna win the WWE title from Roman and Theory gonna Cash in the MITB to win the title.

I took this @BMSupdates but congrats @Brock_Zearfoss HELL OF A WIN!!! You deserve it!!!!.

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@WrestlingHumble Where’s the one where Ali’s reaching for the briefcase before Brock stepped in 😭.

157 🎬To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)🇺🇸 Dir: R. Mulligan Cast: Gregory Peck, Mary Badham, Phillip Alford, Brock Peters “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” —Atticus →8/10⭐️.

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@WWE @_Theory1 I see y’all went the Royal Rumble Brock finish lmfao. Y’all are digging the kids grave early, the ol baby face Roman treatment…..

@ManUnitedUltra7 @TurnHeelWres Que se recuerda de UFC?. Brock lesnear el que mejor vendía entradas y connor mcgregor por su ACTUACIONES DE ENTRETENIMIENTO QUE HICIERON QUE SEA INTERESANTE UNA PELEA, JJAJAJJAJAJAJAAJAAJJAJA. Ambos siendo del pasado, jajdasjdasjdhahjdajhdhajdahhdajdajjajajajajajajaja..

@EscobarWWE This why the main roster is mad anyone could of one but him Brock and Roman got a easy play day whenever he cash in.

@Duhanmandic @WWEGareth Understand he doesn’t have what it takes to beat Brock or Roman.

@thawrasslinguy Ain’t no way Theory is getting the W over Roman/Brock. I think he is going to fail whenever he cashes in the contract..

@Jaymqu She is highest paid woman on the roster makes million a year more depending on her merch sales but she’s tied for 10th on the roster if you add in the men salaries Brock is the highest paid man getting paid somewhere between 12 to 15 million a year without merch sales..

@Dj_Tha_God @VinceMcMahonMan Did you forget that The Rock, Cena, Brock, Roman were “forced pushes” and they turned out to be some of the biggest stars. Vince knows what he’s doing most of the time..

where did my 90s rock star boyfriend go? i think he must have heard Cst Brock‘s rumours..

Yeah, people REALLY need to stop crying about Roman vs Brock..

@wrestlinginvein No Theory was not my pick either. I wanted Seth Rollins or Drew McIntyre. But just like when Brock Lesnar lost at Royal Rumble he was number 30. So Theory lost and got put in MITB..

If Roman Reigns has a 700+ day title reign just to lose it to THEORY, then I don’t even know man… And if he loses to Brock just for Brock to instantly drop it to theory right after the match, that still counts to me. Just, FUCK MAN..

@WrestleOps I’ve had a stomach ache since. They literally ended the show on a huge disappointment. Even the Brock ending from 3 years ago was better than the horse 💩 they ended with tonight.

@CubsPoverty106 @h3h3productions that’s crazy bc look at brock fucking turner, assface.

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