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2016 Cavs went 12-2 vs EC 2017 Cavs went 12-1 vs EC We won 10 in a row both years. Love his confidence he should think this way. I believe he believes this, even if he is wrong 🤷🏾‍♂️.

We was going to beat the s**t out of did not want to see us. John Wall explains why the Wizards would have beat the Cavs in the 2017 playoffs. Run Your Race Podcast | @TidalLeague.

The Warriors just beat the Cavs in Cleveland without Steph, Klay, Wiggins, and Draymond 🤯.

lol that’s my dawg! I get what he saying. They def matched up better with the cavs that year. They just wasn’t getting passed us.


Loud boos in the arena at the Cavs/ Warriors inactives announcement for tonight..

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Que retenir de cette nuit #NBA   • Les Lakers ont stoppé la série de 11 wins des Grizzlies…et privent donc Memphis de son record de franchise ! • Les Cavs n’ont pas battu les Warriors en saison régulière depuis le 25 décembre 2016 (série de 12 wins pour les Dubs en SR) !.

Jarrett Allen and the Cavs had a tough time keeping Steven Adams off the glass. An offensive rebounding masterclass from Stevo… He has a way of getting positional advantage in almost all situations….

Cavs é muito freguês, bizarro. Nossa primeira vitória fora de casa contra um time do Leste que esteja +50%. São 12 vitórias seguidas contra eles. Fregueses. #DubNation.

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Dopo le varie Finals giocate negli ultimi anni, quando si affrontano tra loro Warriors e Cavs continuano a dare più o meno. #NbaTipo.

Warriors derrotaram os Cavs por 120-114 sem Curry, Thompson, Wiggins e Green..

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We didn’t give looney enough credit today, he had 17 rebounds against cavs taller, more athletic front court. I remember when klay first came back he grabbed 20 against them💀.

it is January 2014, I am complaining on twitter about the Cavs failing to inbound the ball late in the game it is January 2023, I am complaining on twitter about the Cavs failing to inbound the ball late in the game.

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🟰 En ese mismo partido, en el otro lado, estaba Ricky Rubio. No se llevó la victoria con los Cavs, pero sigue progresando poco a poco. 📌 7 puntos 📌 4 rebotes 📌 3 asistencias En 12 minutos jugados..

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En 46 matchs cette saison : - Nos Cavs ont un bilan de 19-4 à domicile - Nos Cavs ont un bilan de 9-14 à l’extérieur En difficulté hors de nos terres, il s’agirait d’être plus réguliers pour prétendre à plus..

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🏀Santi Aldama deja grandes números y registros espectaculares en el duelo contra un buen Ricky ✍️@Canyameridis71.

Jevon Carter and Grayson Allen tomorrow if Giannis sits out against the Cavs.

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[🎞️RESUME] 🏀 #NBA 💫 Avec une équipe B, les Warriors gagnent à Cleveland 👉 Darius Garland a pourtant inscrit 31pts pour les Cavs #NBAextra.

I missed what appears to be a Cavs Twitter meltdown to watch the Kings light the beam against the Lakers. seems like it was for the best.

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フォロワーの中にどんなおじさん構文もcv : 櫻井孝宏で脳内再生される呪いを解く魔術師はいませんか.

@memgrizz I thought the Cavs loss tonight was horrific. The Grizzlies said hold my.

NBA Spain
NBA Spain

Así ha sido el WARRIORS 🆚 CAVS Un PARTIDAZO en @MovistarNBA Disfruta.

モーブリー積極的なプレーでのミスはいいけど、中途半端なプレーでのミスは許容できないぞ、フリースローも決めてね でもJJJ相手によくがんばった!モブはできる子!!!.

As I was driving home tonight I saw the worst thing imaginable!!!! A BRICK WALL laying in the middle of the road!!!!!! I had to swerve out of the way to avoid it!!!!! Shame on you Kevin!!!!!.

Hit a 4 leg and a 7 leg. Denver game had me sweating. I hated betting against the Cavs, but money is money🤷‍♂️.

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Jordan Poole hoje, contra o Cavs: - 32 pontos - 3 rebotes - 10/23 nos arremessos - 5/12 nas bolas de três - Vitória ✅️ Seu 9° jogo de 30+ PTS na temporada (8 foram como titular). #DubNation.

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Si me dicen que estos Warriors van a ganar en Cleveland sin Curry, Klay y Green no me lo creo. Los Cavs notan la ausencia se Mitchell y no puedes superar a los de la Bahía donde Poole y Ty Jerome fueron los más destacados..

@BronCedi Simmmmm mano, ele tava sendo cozinhado pela defesa do menphis com a bola, assim como o garrafão do Cavs tbm justamente jogo no perímetro, e dai no minuto final virou iso com scren meia boca pra tirar um coelho da cartola. obviamente quem executa que erra, mas é um conjunto todo.


Zero chance the Cavs fire JB when they’re about to make the playoffs for the first time since 2018..

@BronCedi exatamente mano. a tristeza do resultado é justamente por não ter merecido isso. tipo o tanto de tweet vi hoje garantindo que o cavs ia tomar pau pro menphis pq tava sem o mitchell que era derrota certa etc, daí o time faz esse jogo e perde por detalhes mínimos saca.

Only games separate the 2-5 spots in the NBA East. Cavs have a 3 game lead over the 6 spot. Gonna be a wild finish..

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