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@RealSkipBayless BI only played 5 mins a game vs spurs also missing him and rondo hell the Lakers are the fucking Cavs

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Wizards removed the protections placed on the 2020 second-round pick sent to the Bucks in the Jodie Meeks trade (which would’ve been sent in 2020 if 31-45, 2022 if not). They’ll now send their 2020 and 2021 second-round picks to the Bucks and 2022 second-round pick to the Cavs..

Matthew Dellavedova back with Cavs and a perfect role model for Collin Sexton | Jeff Schudel.

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@SportsTalkBarry No Warrior deserved MVP that year for beating a horribly injured Cavs team..

@RealSkipBayless BI only played 5 mins a game vs spurs also missing him and rondo hell the Lakers are the fucking Cavs.

Lakes exceeding all lebron definitely MVP so far .. even tho others having a good season thus the cavs falling and the lakers turn around 🤷🏽‍♂️.

Could LeBron lead the worst team in the Eastern Conference (Cavs) to the Finals?.

Sources: Bucks trading Dellavedova back to Cavs via @ESPN App.

I spent a few hours watching Cavs game film tonight. Really interesting to see the games from 3-4 different angles. It gives you a good understand of why they are struggling. From what I can tell, the biggest difference between last year and this year is LeBron James..

#Wizards announce that they have acquired forward Sam Dekker from the Cavs. They traded Jason Smith AND cash to the Bucks AND a 2022 second round pick to the Cavs. No mention of a pick swap. They do not have their second round pick until 2023!.

Triangle trade scheme between Cavs Bucks sama Wiz ini emang nguntungin semua pihak sih. And ofc, Cavs are open to do a business!.

@adriel_angelici @SportsTalkBarry He also brought two trash Cavs rosters into the finals by his own with a record breaking amount of gamewinners in the playoffs..

Que opinan del trade entre Bucks y Cavs ¿Tiene lugar Hill en la rotación de Milwaukee ? @EJerezESPN @CoachCMorales #NBAxESPN.

@cavs you have given my baby the best birthday present she ever asked for!.

Cavs are out here looking like the Knicks with their orange and blue jerseys. What the hell.

We’re bringing the gang back together. Delly is back! Hopefully we’re working on Mozgov! If JR stays it’s practically the same team we won the Finals with. #Cavs #ALLIN.

Cavs trade George Hill to the Bucks for Dellavedova, John Henson and two picks, ESPN reports.

Back in that uncomfortable place where I want the cavs to win but I know it would be bad for the draft status.

@DarnellMayberry What happened to curry game 7 against the Cavs? 6-19 4-14 from 3 with two bricks with the game on the line . Biggest game of his career. It’s a joke that he’s over magic. Plus he can’t guard anyone..

FINAL 3Q. CAVS 89-96 Kings. Jordan: 22pts. Collin: 21pts. Burks: 17pts, 7reb, 6ast. Larry: 11pts, 5reb. Cedi: 10pts, 6reb, 2rob. #BeTheFight #SacramentoProud.

bu orospu çocuğu jordan clarkson bu beyinsizlikle kandelli nasıl düşürdü acaba cidden her cavs maçının olduğu gece bunu sorguluyorum.

Coldwater Cavs BBK update, Halftime, Coldwater Cavs 29 Kenton Wildcats 24 Half summary: 2 bags of popcorn, 1 Wenning dunk, Wourms scored, hot dog eating contest to follow.

Welcome back to the land my hero❤️ @cavs @matthewdelly.

Welcome back to the land my hero❤️ @cavs @matthewdelly Foto

Once again, Lions. If any of you become famous, use your celebrity to make good in this world. Our interactions with one another change lives..

FINAL 1Q. CAVS 27-38 Kings. Nance Jr.: 7pts. Sexton: 4pts, 1ast. Osman: 4pts, 1reb. Clarkson: 4pts, 2reb. #BeTheFight #Sacramento.

I dont think any team can stop the amount of pure passion delly and cedi are gonna bring to the Cavs.

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