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Updated: January 18th, 2022 08:37 AM IST

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I’m not watching #CardinalsvsRams simply because I have been happily watching Cavs highlights and mulling trade options, but from what I can tell Kyler Murray is not playing what people would say is “good”

Every single team around the Cavs in the standings lost tonight except for the Cavs This fuckin team is games out of FIRST PLACE past the halfway mark of the season This is UNFATHOMABLE

After 41 games, Cavs 2014-15 - 21-20 ; finished 53-29 (33-9 after 20-20) Lakers 2021-22 - 21-20 ; No idea ☹ Question is Bron still being Bron,but no Kyrie here , we have a Russ situation. So can the others be consistent , help Bron and also grow, win as a team?🤞🏽 #LakeShow

#EFEFOTOS | 👏 Klay Thompson regresó a las pistas 941 días después en la victoria de los Warriors sobre los Cavs 🏀Anotó 17 puntos y se mostró feliz. 🗣️Ha merecido la pena cada día que estuve fuera y cada día de recuperación 📸 John G. Mabanglo #NBA

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@009Kingz @TheWestbrookEra They played the Cavs and he shoot 30% 🤣🤣😭 but false narratives love to be played out in y’all small heads

Après 2 winning streaks de 5 victoires, les Grizzlies sont actuellement à 9 win de suite 🐻. Sur ces 9 matchs ils ont notamment vaincu les Suns, Nets, Lakers, Clippers et tous à l’extérieur 🥶.

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Played great against the Heat, a the Bucks, and Cavs this season.

“That felt really good.” Klay Thompson said he wasn’t dunking the last two months he has been scrimmaging with the Warriors. In his first game back in years, he put two Cavs on a poster and had fans at Chase Center going crazy

Klay a fait son grand retour face aux Cavs ! 🔥 19 minutes 17 points 3 rebonds 1 ast / 1 blk 39% FG 3 tirs à 3pts 3% d’impact (PIE) ➡️

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Nach zweieinhalb Jahren Pause, nach einem Kreuzband- und Achillessehnenriss ist Klay Thompson zurück - und wie.

The warriors defense is so legit even without Dray. Kept Cavs to 82, their lowest total of the season (previous lowest,89, was also against the dubs)

📺 Wider angle of Klay in #KlayDay intros pregame before Golden State Warriors-Cleveland Cavs

@Ryan_Mourton @RhArthur16 Last four Cavs losses: - 1/9 tweets that it’s now “officially”Cavs season 🤨, lose to GSW - 1/4 tweets about Garland, lose to MEM - 12/31 tweets about “riding with 6” with a pic of #6 Kevin Pangos, lose to ATL - 12/30 tweets about Evan Mobley, lose to WAS

Looks just like screenshots I’d take from the 2018 cavs team, how could you not feel bad for Bron at this point. Let’s hope when AD comes back he plays how we all know he should

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Klay Thompson scored 17 points in his return from two devastating injuries that sidelined him more than 2 1/2 years, helping the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 96-82 on Sunday night.

Thanks to all who tuned into my cast with the homie Ace on @Colorcastapp for the Cavs & Warriors game to see Klay Thompsons’ return.

@BallySportsCLE @cavs I am for LS -The Hustle The Muscle. Great basketball fella! #KeepGoing

Esto es una vergüenza de equipo niveles cavs en su peor época

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Warriors-#KlayDay (Cavs) live commentary (2nd screen/analysis/positive vibes/Not an illegal stream!)

@ijon122 @CornetaWarriors 17 pontos em 19 minutos e uma enterrada monstruosa em cima de 2 jogadores dos Cavs, saldo hiper positivo.

Nome disso? Liderança. Cavs tem um dos melhores jovens e um dos melhores Centers da liga em mãos.

@Lefty_Layup Naw for real. They were trying to force feed Klay early and he was off, they looked real sloppy at times…and still was still beating the Cavs by double digits and Dray and Wiseman wasn’t playing. It’s spooky over there lol

Certainly overshadowed by a loss and Klay Thompson’s return, but Lamar Stevens led the Cavs in points with a career-high 17 tonight against the Warriors. Played 34 minutes and shot 8-for-11

Cavs played a solid game, shots didn’t fall & you’d like for them to control the boards more given their size. It was a nice test for them; Cavs are still a young team. I believe once missing pieces are fulfilled along with some more experience the Cavs will be fine in due time

📊 | Kevon Looney contra o Cavs 6 pontos 3-6 (50%) FG 18 rebotes - 9 ofensivos (career high) 3 assistências 4 roubos (career high) 1 bloqueio +19 plus minus

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Warriors ain’t the only ones with 3 point shooters @Mark25Price @cavs LETS GO!

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@cavs_br Só pode. O foda que é um jogo que dava para ganhar, era so diminuir os erros

Lmao Cavs got 3 7 footers faceguarding my point guard. We still can’t guard steph. Love it. We really back with Klay man. This gonna get ugly but we’ll be okay once bron comes home.

@cavs @BallySportsCLE wtf is Mobley and Love doin, getting pushed around by Juan Toscano Anderson and Iggy?? Come onnnnn

This is a @_bigjayy_ appreciation post ❤️ RETWEET to help send him to #NBAAllStar in The Land! 🌟

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