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Christoph Freund, the new man for Chelsea project 🔵 #CFC ⭐️ Haaland, Mané, Upamecano, Naby Keita among his best deals; 📊 More than €500m profit with player trading with RB Salzburg; 🤝 Meeting with Boehly for Šesko: how it started… 📲🚨 More:.

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Official. RB Salzburg confirm they’ve decided to keep Christoph Freund at the club and he will not join Chelsea. 🚨🔵 #CFC The agreement reached on contract between Freund and Chelsea last Sunday has been cancelled as Red Bull Group will keep the director..

Chelsea Foto,Chelsea Foto by Fabrizio Romano,Fabrizio Romano on twitter tweets Chelsea Foto

Ever wondered what cars the Chelsea players drive. Here they are driving out of the training ground. 📹:-@PulseChelsea @SteviesStarSigs.

@CoreyCourageous It is. It takes time to undo all the indoctrination but it’ll happen. I can walk into a Catholic Church now and not want to burn it down..

Now wey Maguire they hot I think is time for Chelsea to make his dream come true 😂😂.

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chelsea fan saying nobody would want maguire.

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@GdcSergio La combinación perfecta: la primera parte ante el Barsa y la segunda ante el Chelsea..

Con el juego de hoy tengo **algo** de ganas del Chelsea - Palace si Mount y Havertz se enchufan.

Lil clippy from my chelsea match. Gonna be a good year. #FIFA23.

Ni Arsenal, ni Liverpool, ni El Manchester United, ni El Chelsea, ni el Forever Aston Villa 😍😍😍 @Fabiancforero @CamiNietof.

Transfer Talk: Chelsea are monitoring whether Leao re-signs with Milan.

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@idextratime @CFCPys Yaiyalah kan masih terikat kontrak. Selama dia blm dikontrak klub lain, dia masih digaji Chelsea.


@idextratime kalo Chelsea kalah gimana tu min? 1 poin 3 game, trus lolos itu minimal 10 dan belum tentu juga Chelsea sapu bersih di 3 laga.

@feliperolim Levava Premier League pra mulecadinha, vulgo eu, que via torres no Liverpool, CR7 no United, van Persie no Arsenal e Drogba no Chelsea.

@chelsea_c7 Whyyyy does it have to be Thursday thoughhhh 😭😭😭 I’m heartbroken.

@PursuitOfTruthB He’s really good under little pressure (why he’s been linked to Man U), just not as accurate or involved off of goal kicks as Kepa. Watch Chelsea V Salzburg. Fascinating case study on Kepa; he was basically an extra center-back; Sanchez isn’t that comfortable just yet..

my brother in christ i don’t know what you’re expecting from chelsea but we will not be winning anything 3-0 any time soon.

@ByLucyJones It’s a nice photo🙂It takes me just over thirty five minutes walk to Buckingham Palace Gate from Chelsea waterfront 💂🏻‍♀️.

@snow__alice ここ見やすいから良かったら参考にどうぞー!!.

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@CFC_Ali10 A mean all the ex pros speaks a lot of good things about don carlo he’s top tier in man management tbf very good coach too also my fav chelsea coach tbh.

@idextratime Arema Tahan Persija Tahan Spurs Tahan Emyu Inter Bayern over Atleti Barca Chelsea over.

@AbsoluteChelsea Chelsea succeeded in influencing when they relied on the moving attack that brought Chelsea back to failure is the stupid Romelu Lukaku.

@dotunoloniyo Be ready for arsenal to beat your Chelsea again this season @dotunoloniyo 😊.

And then I wonder .. where is this when he has on a Chelsea shirt….

Lo feliz que me hace que King Kai, y Mase hayan marcado de nuevo 🥺💙 Esq lo que habrán tenido que pasar estos días con todas las crí Mis niños, han vuelto a sonreír, la confianza ha vuelto, y los goles han vuelto. Ahora a seguir asi en el Chelsea 💙💙.

@ConnCFC @SxrgioSZN This same Chelsea fans was protesting they should sell mount that he’s shit now you’re quick to claim him clowns.

This line is awesome. Chelsea Wolfe writes such good lyrics. I hope her day is going well.

@midnightsmunson these look good… I just know that if he wore a pair of doc marten chelsea boots it would be over for me.

@from_thesuburb @chemicalbrodar Lol, Chelsea to the world. Their former owner abrahimovic na over all kpatakpata na 😂💔.

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