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#ENG face a difficult and intriguing prospect and three points may not be such a sure-bet.

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Inter, chieste informazioni per Zappacosta: il Chelsea lo valuta 20 mln 🤔🤔🤔🤔 ⁦@barbara75toud⁩ 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻.

Looking at it, Chelsea have 3 strikers 1. Morata 2. Giroud 3. Batshuayi Two sat on the bench in the world cup opener (France & Belgium) while one outrightly sits at home babysitting. 3 musketeers 😂.

Trending In Brazil: Jornal Nacional Corinthia Catumbi Delações #Apocalipse151 #HoraDaFofoca #BailãoPolloeDeDe #AmanhaEParaSempre087

@vinioschmidt @kaoejunior Ah vini você não dá, vc é chelsea pq o willian foi pra lá 🤣🤣.

#ENG face a difficult and intriguing prospect and three points may not be such a sure-bet..

Still amazes me that Chelsea managed to sign literally perfect replacements for Lampard and Drogba but ended selling them before they had a chance..

@chelsea_janes is my go to for @Nationals news. So grateful to have her insight and humor..

“It would be a return home” Zola’s agent makes it clear #Chelsea reports are welcome. Zola is very happy about the managerial idols are Guardiola and with Maurizio would be a fantastic thing. (link: ) ….

You asked for more Chelsea Heath, you got it (21 Photos).

Ok, I’m freaking out Anne you made my childhood so much better with your character We all gonna take Chelsea to our lives I’m glad you and Raven are back YOU ARE AMAZING @anneliesevdp ❤️.

@bluesofstamford @trivela Poderia ser um gol 100% do Chelsea, mas o Chelsea não coopera.

Pretty sure Chelsea goes down my profile and looks at my retweets at least once or twice a day.

@BarstoolSam As a Chelsea fan this is simultaneously beautiful and heartbreaking to know they all were Chelsea players at one point.

@reivoltado Brincadeira né 😂😂😂, oq esses dirigentes fizeram com o Chelsea não se faz nem com cachorro 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣.

udah indonesia jgn berantem mulu .. liat tuh di belgia .. hazard (chelsea) mengoper ke debruyne(city) dan kemudian memberi passing ke lukaku #2ndgoalbelgium cc @saididu cc @Umar_Hasibuan_.

oh hey look chelsea “reject” to chelsea “reject” for a goal anyway how is Morata doing this World Cup so far?.

That could have been a fucking Chelsea trio: Hazard, to De Bruyne, to Lukaku #WorldCup.

Só não consigo entender como que o Chelsea conseguiu vender Lukaku e De Bruyne por preço de #decepção.

Pelo menos o Luís Roberto não me lembrou que essa dupla (KDB e Lukaku) jogaram no Chelsea.

El nivel de Hazard (como desde toda la temporada) es ALTISIMO y el Chelsea no clasifico ni a la champions , va a durar menos en el Chelsea que dolar a 20 pesos.

Linda jugada y sociedad entre Hazard, el crack del Chelsea y De Bruyne, Lukaku de cabeza, el fútbol champagne de !! #Pan 0 - #BEL 2.

Biggest culture shock of the day was a guy walking in the bathroom in boxers while I was brushing my teeth and asking to borrow my toothpaste, coed bathrooms take some getting used to tbh.

Chelsea news: Manolas’ agent reveals all on interest, refuses to rule out move: via @YouTube.

Hazard passa pra de bruyne que cruza pra Lukaku podia ser o trio de ataque do chelsea hoje em dia se a diretoria não fosse burra pra caralho.

What a ball from De Bruyne to Lukaku. 2-0. Those 2 ballers should be at Chelsea football club..

kalau ada 11 hazard, bkn sahaja jara dunia, juara galaxy. yup the power of chelsea.

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