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David Price texted Alex Cora last night at 1 AM to praise Connor Seabold: That kid is good..

Glaubt wirklich irgendwer, dass weniger Duschen hilft? Wer genau hat die Kraftwerke abgeschaltet? Und jetzt sollen wir unterhaken, damit es warm wird? Das schreibt nicht Cora, sondern Cord Stephan. Denn wir haben nichts mehr - aber Sexwahlfreiheit..

This tall ass woman in between Cora and I, is one hell of a loving I love her!!.

Cora Foto,Cora Foto by Roxanne (Parody),Roxanne (Parody) on twitter tweets Cora Foto

This was the BEST week EVER!! 🤩🤩😍😍 Liv Morgan, Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez already acoplished their dreams! 🥳🥳👏🏻👏🏻.

Cora Foto,Cora Foto by HiramTheGOAT 🇺🇦,HiramTheGOAT 🇺🇦 on twitter tweets Cora Foto

Ay qué vergüenza, de haber sabido que me iba a dar cora le habría escrito algo más lindo, jajaja me odio..

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Eso si Alex Cora es un abusador dejando ese lanzador después que te tiro el octavo innig.

Decime Lo Hermoso Que Estuvo El Sin Decirme Lo Hermoso Que Estuvo El Dia. 🤩🤩 Gracias bbs @CalleyPoche las ailaviu con todo el cora 💖✨.

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Cora Foto,Cora Foto by コーラ好き,コーラ好き on twitter tweets Cora Foto

Las nuevas campeonas en parejas femeninas de #WWENXT! Cora Jade y Roxanne Pérez han derrotado a la atracción tóxica #ToxicAttraction 😮😮😮.

Cora Foto,Cora Foto by #WWEColombia Sociedad,#WWEColombia Sociedad on twitter tweets Cora Foto

Só para avisar que se o resto dos livros da Cora não vier suprindo minhas expectativas e da @porraluiiza, iremos escrever uma fanfic KKKKK.

@TheSkippersView Well I would do that but Cora won’t so we need someone else in the market..

@Axel95840854 done with extras! good luck to all! also cora blocked me a while ago dk why.

NXT eating the main roster up! Cora and Roxanne literally just won the titles, and they’re already using their renders with the titles.

Adrián regalándome donas para comerlas durante el trabajo es un apapacho al cora 🥰.


@mookie_bombs I can’t really blame Cora that much. A bad bullpen will make any manager look like an idiot. Bloom deserves more heat for this bullpen, but I’ll never get over trading Mookie. That’s on the owners..

@gingersnaphyde Reporter- How could it get any worse? Cora- I could find out that Amber Heard shit in my know I know Bad joke sorry people.

Uyyy te amo taquitos de mty, aunque yo se que no son los mejores pero los llevo en el cora.

@SmittyOnMLB Like I just don’t get it. Most of the times when a guy in the pen is down this year we run into this situation and Cora chooses the wrong guy every damn time. Strahm was a way better option than anything those guys could have done. Heck I’d rather have seen Diekman.

Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez vs. Katana Chance & Kayden Carter: #WWENXT, via @YouTube.

@cora_onepiece いっぱいいすぎてを決めるのは難しいけどやっぱり小さな頃から私の中のヒーローは彼だったので「ルフィ」でお願いします(〃▽〃).

@victoourf a cora entra no porão e o outro pai tá lá dentro, já tá na fase q ela tá procurando os pais verdadeiros, aí ele tenta prender ela e afins..

It’s crazy how bro pressed me out and got ghost 😂 like sir, you ain’t have to lie to kick it..

Siempre que veo esto admiro a las fans pero igual me duele el cora porque jamas fui a un concierto de 1d.

Like it’s literally cost us at least 5 times this year if not more. I hope Cora’s learned the lesson once Whit is off IL.

@SoxFanInSD Cora insinuated using him for 2 innings tonight would make him unavailable tomorrow …. right or wrong that was Cora’s thought process.

@meryamaya_11 @arita_dayanara HAHAHAHAHAHA pero que dicen wapaaaas, en mi cora 🫶🏻🙊.

Me bajo en medio del turno y me puso re sentimental de estar cantando TOY MAS RICA QUE EL CHOCOLATEeee MI CORA POR TI YA NO LATEE a SIGO SIENDO EL MISMO TONTO ENAMORADO.

Essa foto da firma tá muito braba pra ficar só lá no tinha que vir pro feed aqui também kkk @ 💖 em CORA.

Cora Reilly acertou MUITO em By Virtue I Fall. Anna e Santino simplesmente os MAIORES.

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