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  • Madre mía esto parece FUT Chamions, Courtois no para una jaja.

  • If Messi nutmegs Courtois again he gets to keep him..

  • Remember when people compared Thibaut Courtois to David de Gea? Insulting..

  • "You need to be a man, and show that you made a mistake." "For a goalkeeper like me between my legs is the weakest point." An honest Thibaut Courtois fronted up after the game... 🎤 @DesKellyBTS

  • Mundo Deportivo | Une du 15 mars NOTRE PÈRE • Nouveau match colossal de Messi qui qualifie le Barça en quarts pour la onzième fois consécutive. • Il a marqué 2 buts entre les jambes de Courtois et compte 100 buts en Champions League et a donné un but à Dembélé.

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  • Gatti defiende a Keylor y critica a Courtois tras el duelo ante el Barça

  • Never want to see Courtois>Ter Stegen again.

  • Aham. Por baixo da perna do Courtois

  • ★Courtois: Hands up:- Thibaut Courtois admitted individual mistakes proved costly at the Camp Nou on Wednesday night......

  • Barcelone-Chelsea: «Marca» ironise en une sur «le point faible» de Thibaut Courtois

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  • Laughing when Courtois wins the UCL with Madrid next season and Chelsea gets knocked out of the europa league by Arsenal.

  • How Messi saw Courtois last night.

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  • @neblaruz @cko_mx @George12401802 @inmodelpino @smc_su @AgnelloPiero @anthony77631293 @jacob_jeshua @jelenamakarona2 @fabwrongnumber @MOCarballeira @AnaNivri @BLuismbm @braganzabooks @nicegook @VictorHannover1 @liciniodimichel @larsibacken @ReliveRR @couttetlovera @CristianeGLima @cmont4560 @RerumRomanarum @Lechatgriffe_fi @simonjetz @Tenn_Scarlett @SmPlas07 @sergey_silkin @EthicsAna @Clanlupi @curious_object @RitaCobix @Annru444 @Erminio664 @thtarthistorian @smarucci46 @agustin_gut @overjas @massimoantonio1 @mariaireneali @MatyldaStein @ViganoMg @henrirouen @SanremoAncheNoi @Biagio960 @YodaLayHeToo @giserafini22 @CerisesMacaron @Choco_Sandy1 @Amyperuana Jacques Courtois (12 December 1621 - 14 November 1675) was a French-Italian painter

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  • Messi vs Courtois last night Credit: SF

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  • Chelsea boosted in their hopes of keeping star man as Real Madrid look to rival Liverpool…

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  • Courtois coming out and saying his weakness is pathetic.

  • Messi then Courtois ein legs be like Mexicans then US border.

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  • Courtois is way overrated.

  • 🔥 Football News: #thibaut #mistakes #chelsea ♻️ Retweet to let your friends know!

  • @jpehaiti Il est tellement COURTOIS il a laissé passer deux ballons entre ses jambes..😂😂😂.

  • @JonBenjamin19 Courtois after the game

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  • @PremiumSportHD @ChampionsLeague Risultato bugiardissimo condizionato più dalla pessima prestazione di Courtois e il solito arbitraggio favorevole a @FCBarcelona (quando gioca in casa é matematico purtroppo) che dalla eccelsa qualità di Messi. Super Willian!.

  • @elo_mcdon @armallah_ @rioferdy5 @ChampionsLeague Only one place he could put that ball for the first goal, Courtois should of saved it, simple.

  • Te venden que Messi ha hecho lo que ha querido, cuando la realidad es que el Chelsea ha tirado 4 palos, no le han pitado un penalti a favor, no expulsaron a un jugador culé, y de los 4 goles 2 son regalos del exculé Cesc y 2 tragadas de Courtois. Y así os engañan, amigos..

  • Ahora resulta que dos cantadas de courtois es un espectáculo de Messi,venga hombre pero si el Barça a tirado tres veces a puerta #chiringuitobarcelona.

  • Courtois literally thought camp nou was quilox club...epic twerking and lap dance for messi tonight....

  • Ghana Twitter Trends 00:30 1. Stephen Hawking 2. United 3. Chelsea 4. Barca 5. Madrid 6. Mourinho 7. Courtois 8. Spain 9. Hazard 10. Man Utd 11. Ben Yedder #GhanaTTrendz #amsgh.

  • @sidlowe Should have put that chance away when Courtois gifted it to him. For some reason I feel hardly done by as Chelsea fan even though we were done by the greatest player who ever has ever lived..

  • @ChelseaFC we need to sell out courtois.

  • El atuendo con el que debió salir Courtois el día de hoy en el Camp Nou #barcelonavschelsea

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  • Next season is gonna be one serious bout of depression. Europa league, no hazard, Kante and courtois. Just pure L’s all round.

  • Thibaut Courtois and his legs tonight #UCL #BARCHE

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  • #CourtoisOut Enough is Enough Mr. Basket and Tall for nothing. Dear @ChelseaFC and stubborn Conte, It will be in your interest to dash out Courtois to Real Madrid or Nigeria League. Courtois is a Basket Useless Goal Keeper. As frm today play #Caballero ahead of Idiot #Courtois.

  • Gotta sell courtois immediately @enthuxiasm @Duffington17