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20 PTS & 10 REB for the double-double in the @celtics win for @jaytatum0! #CUsRise.

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Bill Russell a pleno pulmón. La leyenda verde sopla 85 velas para su 85 cumpleaños. #CUsRise.

Após comentar que não estava sendo divertido jogar no Celtics contra o Clippers, Morris falou sobre a vitória contra o Sixers: “Foi muito divertido.” #CUsRise.

@celtics had a different vibe tonight on the court. now they also all commenting on each other social media post giving each other support. they looking more and more like a team now. lets continue this attitude guys! #CUsRise #ProudFan.

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20 PTS & 10 REB for the double-double in the celtics win for jaytatum0! #CUsRise.

26 PTS for gordonhayward while shooting 6/7 from behind the arc in the celtics W! #CUsRise.

26 PTS para gordonhayward ¡6/7 en triples! #CUsRise #nba.

26 unités pour @gordonhayward ! ☘ 6/7 à longue distance Victoire des @Celtics ! #CUsRise.

☘️☘️ Doppia doppia da 20 PTS & 10 REB per @jaytatum0 e @celtics che sbancano il parquet di Philadelphia 112-109! #CUsRise [36-21] è in quarta posizione nella Eastern Conference!.

In other news, GOOD LAWD, Al Horford and Hayward were SUPERB last night! Those 2 dudes are the key, if we can get them playing like that consistently, we have a BIG chance! #NBATwitter #CUsRise.

It’s so beautiful that even when Celtics are coming off their worst losses in forever and the Sixers just sold their souls to uograde their team, they still can’t beat us #CUsRise #Celtics.

Y Gordon cogió su 🏀🏀🏀 Golpe de autoridad de Boston de cara a PO. #CUsRise #Celtics.

O, Celtics ograli Sixers. Niby nic nowego, ale tym razem poprowadził ich dla odmiany robiący regularne postępy Hayward. Zawsze jakieś urozmaicenie. #CUsRise #NBApl.

if the Celtics would’ve loss tonight i was gon get a Bible & have somebody swear me in as a Milwaukee Bucks fan tomorrow. i was bout to be out SKILP! #CUsRise #NBA.

Comments from Brad Stevens after @celtics win over @sixers Wednesday night. #CUsRise.

@pauligrino @celtics say that again, Paulie? Come back when you can actually shop in your Mart. #CUsRise 🐸☕.

20 PTS & 10 REB for the double-double in the @celtics win for @jaytatum0! #CUsRise.

Celtics 7-3 against Milwaukee Toronto, Philly, Indy, Philly is 3-8 but were shit ok, come playoff time these are the teams in your way for a title 3-8 aint winning you a first round #CusRise.

As a Celtics fan I’m backing Embiid’s beef with the refs. If the roles are reversed, I’m pissed at a no call in that situation. #cusrise.

I LOVE Kyrie Irving, always have, even when he was with the Cavs . But my Celtics play better without him. I’m liking the idea more and more of him not re-signing with Boston. I’d like to see him with the Knicks though. #CUsRise.

Mr. Paul Roberts speaking never count us out #CUsRise.

Great ball movement, spacing, and passing from the #Celtics in the fourth quarter. #CUsRise.

meanwhile the hawks (18-38) beat the lakers. and here we are beating Philly on the road. #CUsRise.

@sixers and they fans gonna b mad as hell if they lose and kyrie ain’t even play 😂 #CUsRise #BOSvsPHI.

N sei vcs, mas pra mim é top 10 da temporada fácil! #CUsRise #NBA.

@MNightShyamalan: the end of this Celtics-Sixers game is going to have a shocking twist #CUsRise #76ers.

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