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When she loses control, bad things happen. #DarkPhoenix is in theaters June 7..

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I’m excited! #DarkPhoenix @SophieT Sophie Turner shines as Jean Grey in the latest X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer.

This movie looks like hot farts. Thanks fox for ruining the life outta the xmen #DarkPhoenix.

I’m putting together my box office predictions for the Top 10 summer movies. Does this warrant a spot? #DarkPhoenix.

This is the trailer they should have led #DarkPhoenix #Xmen.

Nuevos pósters del último filme de los mutantes bajo el cobijo de Fox. #DarkPhoenix le da la oportunidad de lucirse a Sophie Turner (Game Of Thrones)..

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PHOTOS | #JessicaChastain is seen on April 17, 2019 in New York City — Promoting X-Men #DarkPhoenix at Today Show. @jes_chastain @XMenMovies Remember that we’ll post new media of all the actors during Dark Phoenix Press Tour..

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In the new #DarkPhoenix trailer, Jean Grey loses control of her abilities and unleashes the Phoenix.

Jennifer w zwiastunie #DarkPhoenix.

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I’m always reminded about how unexcited I feel about any X-Men movie that comes out. Never really cared for them. They’re filled with underdeveloped characters and never utilizes the core aspects of what makes X-Men so great. #DarkPhoenix.

Dark Phoenix trailer: Sophie Turner aka Jean Grey is back to unleash her cosmic phoenix powers: WATCH Video - #DarkPhoenix.

This trailer looks so much better than the other #DarkPhoenix trailers before!! Now I got hopes for this movie!!.

My reaction to the NEW and FINAL #DarkPhoenix trailer!.

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@DarkPhoenix_DP Yup Phoenix sensed Jean when she decided to try pull her friends slipping consciousness back into her her lifeless body after she got in an accident. Annie I think her name got hit by a car..

There is really no good trailer for #DarkPhoenix. Which is sad because this is the film that is going to close out the Fox’s 20 year X-Men legacy, more so than New Mutants, and I really want it to be incredible..

Esta era la sorpresa que nos tenía @SophieT, ¿ ya vieron el tráiler final de #DarkPhoenix?.

Final #DarkPhoenix trailer kills Fox’s X-Men Universe:.

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Nuevos pósters de #DarkPhoenix Estreno en Colombia el 6 de junio.

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Sophie Turner turns the badassery up a level in the latest #DarkPhoenix trailer (via @XMenMovies).

se o próprio criador está animado para ver o filme o resto pouco importa #DarkPhoenix.

Después de ver el último trailer de #DarkPhoenix, hubieran dejado mejor que quedara en el olvido. Parece un remake de X-Men 3..

Trailer de X-Men: Fênix Negra com trilha sonora do Joy Division. #DarkPhoenix.

Con el tráiler, llegan dos nuevos e increíbles pósters de #DarkPhoenix. ¿Cuál es su favorito? La película se estrena en Colombia el 6 de junio..

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When she loses control, bad things happen. #DarkPhoenix is in theaters June 7..

When she loses control, bad things happen. #DarkPhoenix is in theaters June 7..

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