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Jonathan David scored a brace tonight, waiting for his move this summer. Lille board had a meeting with his agent few days ago to discuss price tag and details. 🔴🇨🇦 #Lille Lille are open to sell Jonathan David in the summer if the proposal is right..

⚡️CNN: UN official warns Putin millions will die if Ukraine’s ports remain blocked. David Beasley, head of the UN World Food Program, told CNN that if Putin does not reopen Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, it could cause a global hunger crisis and the collapse of Ukraine’s economy..


~ Make we no lie, make we no steal - STAND STRONG by @davido is actually a dope song. Personally, I believe this is one of his best songs. Song has been on repeat. A different David, totally different. 2nd verse >>>>> Keep shining, David Adeleke..

David “Skywalker” Thompson, perhaps the most phenomenal basketball player of the 70s that nobody ever talks about. Took down the Wooden and Walton UCLA juggernaut, scored 73 in an NBA game. Top 10 all-time dunk artist. Put respect on his name..

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⁣⁣96 years of Sir David Attenborough in 96 seconds. We are not worthy. Happy Birthday, David 🎈 Watch David Attenborough on @bbciplayer.

A Fulton County judge has rejected former Sen. David Perdue’s request to inspect ballots from the November 2020 election, saying his evidence of voting fraud amounts to “conjecture and paranoia.” #gapol.


David Le Bars : «il y en a marre d’entendre Jean-Luc Mélenchon et ses acolytes salir la police».

“Carlson has repeatedly used the language of replacement to argue that Democrats are orchestrating ‘demographic replacement.’ David Duke praised Carlson for ‘finally’ promoting the ‘great replacement,’ and a white supremacist website said Carlson is ‘our greatest ally.’” Buffalo.

Just a reminder that the UK was ranked the best place in Europe to be LGBTQ+ in 2015 when David Cameron was PM. By 2022, it is now ranked 14th under Boris Johnson. What an achievement. 🙃🙃🙃.

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for the love of GOD the bruins are by far a better team with David Pastrnak. I know everyone has their end of year hot takes but this is just stupid. the Bruins should do EVERYTHING in their power to keep him a Bruin for life. ffs.

Ate at Bob’s Big Boy tonight, honoring my guy, the David Lynch. I was too excited and ate too much.

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I think this is supposed to be a wax sculpture of David Naughton. #svengoolie.

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Alguns artistas aleatórios com menos scrobbles do que Seu Jorge no meu lastfm: Asking Alexandria Stone Temple Pilots Maroon 5 David Guetta Avril Lavigne Two Door Cinema Club Fall Out Boy Jorge Vercillo Papa Roach Van Halen.

Wow team - Hayate & Marlborough Bay both win for Fortuna - the first bought by David & the second bred by him! Expertly ridden by our apprentice Joe & Lisa Allpress respectively - that’s 3 for the day!! #thewinningcontinues.

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And here it is. David Perdue either doesn’t believe what he’s telling you now or he lacked the guts to do something about it then. Either way, he’s not qualified to be our Governor. #gapol.

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MINI-THREAD : jonny greenwood at end of the road festival - sept 4, 2021. photo credits to david wala. SOURCE :.

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David Ross sure doesn’t seem to know how to manage a pitching staff when that’s all he was considered good at as a catcher..

@sakura_nanii Mislis? Hra je hra atak to domeny negdo se uci par fanda us vim i zacala..

@dannydongotti @davidfaber You mean like an article? David writes articles as a journalist and when he says things like this, his track record is very accurate over decades..

@PatsKarvelas @David_Speers He did my seat and interviewed rich who can afford to live by the beach, and course all vote Liberal so it was not an amazing cross section of people. (I hope 😂).

Ya I will take your word for it David 😂😂😂let’s know when you become a virologist or able to interpret 80k pages of medical data.

@Po7bwG @David_le1654 我会唱“天上掉下个林妹妹,似一朵轻云刚出岫”.

2022 teacher appreciation day WEMS #bgsigmas #dke1sayings Thank you Warren East faculty and staff.

#insiders Does a leopard change its spots. Never as .@David_Speers tries to get Spender with a gotcha. #auspol.

Nu op ZTACK: Crazy What Love Can Do van David Guetta! 🎶 📻Tune in op !.

@PhilBrown62 @lindyli And never forget folks - this is EXACTLY what led to the whole Salem witch trials. Interesting irony: Alito pulls from the very judge in charge of those Salem witch trials, for reasoning behind his leaked anti-abortion case..

🚨⚽✍️ Terminó en Pasto. Fecha 19 #LigaBetPlay @DeporPasto 3-1 @AmericadeCali Camilo Ayala, Adrian Estacio y Duvier Riascos por el local. David Lemos de penal por los escarlatas. #LosDueñosDelBalónCali.

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David Icke, Julian Assange, Max Igan, James O Keefe, Gavin McGinnis, Judy Mitkovits Dr Shiva Ayuddarai.

@MichaelPaletta3 Ralph Garr Lou Brock Jim Rice Don Mattingly David Cone Manny Ramirez Jason Giambi Robinson Cano Melky Cabrera.

🔥¡Gran triunfo del Pasto!🔥 El equipo Volcánico derrotó 3-1 al América de Cali en la jornada 19 del Torneo Apertura de la Liga colombiana🇨🇴. Los goles: 🔴🔵Camilo Ayala, Adrián Estacio y Duvier Riascos 🔴⚪David Lemos.

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