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Derrick White is terrible tonite. Celts have 9 turnovers with mins left in the half..

You need to believe that you belong here. I profiled Celtics X factor Derrick White @ringer. A story about persistence, work ethic, family, and confidence:.

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It was really fun coaching those guys. I really grew to admire all of them. Steve Kerr on coaching Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Jayson Tatum, and Derrick White in USA Basketball..

Steve Kerr on coaching Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Jayson Tatum, and Derrick White with Team USA in 2019: “It was really fun coaching all of those guys and I really grew to admire them.”.

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Derrick White is shooting 12-44 (27%) in his last 5 games. 1-6 so far in Game 6..

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Here’s @MirinFader on Derrick White — traded from a team he loved in February, thrown into a new city with a pregnant wife, and 4 months later he’s defending Steph in the Finals..

Absolutely will not go through any more stats than this today, but just cruising through a few things and this leaps out: -Derrick White in Game 1: +25 -Derrick White in Games 2-4 combined: -48.

Jay King
Jay King

Derrick White: I think we just got a little stagnant. ... No player movement, no ball movement..

Aliás, não posso deixar de dar crédito aos minutos do Derrick White que mais uma vez deu trabalho a todos os lugares na quadra..


@junesfoshiz Theyre literally both having legendary finals performances. What is your point? Personally I would give the edge to steph because the refs are giving derrick white and payton pritchard more calls than him..

Love seeing Derrick White excel in the NBA Finals Spurs development is unmatched🙌.

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◾️Curry sendo marcado por Al Horford 9 pts Fg 50% 50% 3P ◾️Curry sendo marcado por Derrick White 10 pts Fg %57,1% 66,7 3P%.

Um jogador que não teve sua atuação ofensiva mais brilhante, mas que foi ESPETACULAR na defesa é Derrick White. O tanto de pesadelos que Jordan Poole terá com ele não tá escrito, além dos diversos momentos em que ele guardou o Curry muito bem no off-ball. Extremamente importante..

@jovzinn @NBAdoPovo E contra os juízes também, ele recebe quase a mesma quantidade de faltas que o Derrick White com o dobro de infiltradas no garrafã.

@cettobin @khashdinero Bro acting like Brown isn’t playing outta his mind and Al Horford/Derrick White don’t randomly drop 23 points outta no where.

grant williams had 30 in a game 7, derrick white and al horford turned into deadeyes in game 1, you just gotta face the fact that boston has really good role players..

Fui na cozinha beber uma água e acabei tropeçando no tapete. MAIS UMA FALTA EM CIMA DO DERRICK WHITE.

Μιας και ο καιρός μας τα χάλασε και δεν είμαστε εκεί που πρέπει, βλέποντας ξανά το Game 4 να πω πως ο Derrick White μου βγάζει έντονα vibes prime Βαγγέλη Μάντζαρη Έχω την αίσθηση ότι δεν έχει χάσει κανένα ελεύθερο τρίποντο, δεν κουνιέται καν το διχτακι, wtf #NBAFinals.

If he got a tenth of the whistle they Derrick White does he would have yesterday lmfao.

I dont know how Cs fans feel, but Derrick White has been incredible defensively this series. Every time he checks in, things change on the perimeter. He needs to play 30 minutes..

En este caso, los 3 jugadores con mas chances de ganarlo serían: 3. Aaron Nesmith (tiene cara de retrasado) 2. Al Horford (Es dominicano y su hermana hizo que simmoneta pierda la cuenta) 1. Derrick White (se apellida White, es fachero y jugó en los Spurs).

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Jaylen was cooking 1st half and Marcus got him like 0 shots in the 3rd. That is the point guard’s job. Shot quality is so much cleaner with Derrick White.

The 3 pt miss from Derrick White in the corner promoted Mike Breen to say “WAY OFF”.

Boston employed ways to get the Jays attacking mismatches. Bjelica, Looney, and even Steph just held their own. There was maybe one play (?) where I thought Boston could’ve spaced the floor better (Derrick White in dunker spot does nothing) but that was about it.

Hit 3 slips but the NBA didn’t cooperate hitting 4/5 on all slips. Derrick white, draymond, horford, the usual suspects. @papazirk back to the grind in baseball trevor story, altuve, semien, Rasmussen couldn’t go 5 innings. So close to another huge day but ill take a profit #GG33.

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Stephen Curry vs Marcus Smart: 25 Matchups, 7 Shots, 5 Points & 14% EFG% Stephen Curry vs Derrick White: 23 Matchups, 7 Shots, 16 Points & 93% EFG%.

Derrick White had the quote of the year and it seems it’ll always be accurate with this Celtics team: “If it was easy, it wouldn’t be us.” #Celtics #AllAbout18.

I think I’m done with Derrick White’s points after tonight. This guy continues to score 7-8 before halftime and will make you sweat the rest. I love my health much more..

Prolificbet Friday Recap 4-1 + 1* F5 Cubs Under 🏆 1* F5 Cubs F5 +.5 +134 🏆 1* Contreras over .5 hits -170 🏆 1* Derrick White Under assist +122 🏆 1* Otto Porter Over points -127 🚫.

Derrick White Is More than a Motivational Poster via @MentalDimes.

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