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Today we honor Navy Hospitalman Dustin K. Burnett who was KIA on this day in 2008 in Afghanistan. We will never forget you, brother..

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I have a BOLD prediction: In the postseason, Dustin May will be taking the hill for the Dodgers in the 9th inning..


ALSO DUSTIN CRYING?!!!??!? HELPPPP. i already know that this scene is gonna bREAK me 😭.

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Merci de laisser Steve, Max, Dustin, Erica, Robin, Lucas, Eddie et Nancy en vie. Bisous #StrangerThings4.

You don’t have to like them, but Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, and Bryson DeChambeau is a pretty strong trio of frontmen for LIV Golf. That’s a combined 40 PGA Tour wins and 7 majors for 3 guys that are still very much competing at a high level..

@ChimpsNFT Why do projects pretend that a human can mint a free one at public. Gone in a millisecond.

corta pro steve morto porque o dustin não ia sofrer daquele jeito se não fosse ele, boa tarde.

Y de entre TODOS los personajes (son un puto huevo xd) de momento me quedo con Dustin. Está siendo el encargado de carrilear al equipo de la grandeza..

dustin, steve & erica should be everyone’s top 3 favorite characters on stranger things..

@colpadeltempo oh porca puttana lo sento anche IO VOGLIO SPERARE CHE EDDIE CE L’ABBIA FATTA E DUSTIN È FELICE PLS.

and what happens when eddie definitely sacrifices himself to save dustin then what.

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« Gngn ils sont hétéro et c’est les années 80 » osblk même Netflix France ils ship Eddie et Steve, MÊME L’ACTEUR DE DUSTIN SHIP EDDIE ET STEVE..


WAIT is Dustin screaming Eddie in the trailer ORRR??? OMG OMG OMG NO PLS.

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I’m crazy for saying this but Dustin Hoffman’s Hook is such an underrated performance! His performance is just as good as Heath Ledger’s Joker or Marlon Brando’s Godfather or Daniel Day Lewis’s Daniel Plainview. Like those iconic performances, I don’t see Dustin Hoffman at all!.

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Mientras no toquen a Max, Dustin, Steve y Robin todo bien, que se muera el grone ☝🏻.

No me toquen a Steve, Dustin, Robin, Eddie, Will, Nancy y Max porque se pudre 🤬.


@floralstancy I think he’s playing it to distract the demobats? like I think everyone minus him and dustin is going to creel house (nancy/steve/robin in the upside down, lumax & erica in the non-upside down) to fight vecna, and him and dustin are drawing the bats away from vecna.

@brent_waggoner It would be hard to see any of them go but my gut punches would be Joyce, Dustin, Steve, Robyn. Also just saw the trailer for Volume 2 of season 5 and I am not prepared for this..

@Ibroxbear1872 Hello! Thanks for the interest. With the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan you can do this without issue. To learn more about this service, please check here: We hope that helps. -Dustin.

@SAMLYYMAN i just don’t want dustin, steve & the others to end up hating him for it 😭.

@aterry65 From the trailer it’s seems like Steve or Eddie will die, the scene where Dustin is screaming out a name makes me think it’s one of them..

@SarahMair14 Wait how far in Stranger Things are you? Have you not reached Erica yet??? OOoooohhh exciting times ahead then! But anyway, Max or Dustin then..

ou você é feliz ou você tem o eddie, max, robin, nancy, steve, dustin, will como favoritos, não dá pra ser feliz e gostar desses ao mesmo tempo.

let’s go back to indiana circa 1983 just 4 boys in their basement chillin playin dnd there was lucas there was willy will and dustin there was mike but one night will goes missing while he’s riding on his bike yikes that’s when they met me elev i had no hair on my head i had been.

mano se matarem o dustin, o eddie ou o steve eu vou caçar a netflix até o quinto dos infernos e lançar uma bomba na casa deles já estou avisando.

oq me tranquiliza e que dps deles atrairem os demobats o eddie ainda vai ta vivo cm o dustin.

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From raccoon to white supremacist racefaker to n*gcel to high schooler to racefaker named Dustin Jr. to black guy but only so we can make fun of his hair to--.

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@slipkslut na real o dustin n tem muita backstory então acho q se ele for atacado, nao vai ser pelo vecna, e sim pelos morcegos do carai no trailer ele atrai esses morcegos,.

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