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#Arrow Post Mortem: @Kat_McNamara Takes Us Inside the Blackstar Reveal: How Can It Be True? Why That Last Name? And Any Chance for a Family Reunion?.

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If any of my teachers/friends wonder why I will be incapable of thinking for AT LEAST the next month, it is because Melwood is engaged and Felicity on #Arrow is pregnant. Rip my grades..

@wwxxq12 저는 준이최애 미남이라고해요!! 제가 친해지려고 많이 노력할게요ㅠㅠ!.

트레카 가격 양심 어디로 갔냐 끌디 여름콘 20장에 만원 / 1장에 500원 / 총 60종 앙콘 13장에 7천원 / 1장에 약 538원 / 총 65종 캐랜 7장에 5천원 / 1장에 약 714원 / 총 82종 끌디의 증발한 양심을 찾습니다 보신 분은 연락 주세요 ^_^.

i wonder what happened to oliver bc highkey she said i’m felicity’s daughter and also felicity gave her her last name instead of oliver’s.

아아아ㅏㄱ 미처ㅠㅠ 세젤귀 늑대야ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 흐어어율.

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@Felicity_SHUA 내 티켓팅 일화 스팩타클하다니까ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ.

@Stern_1O16 언니 ㅜㅜ 새벽반 했을때가 좋았는데 돌아가고싶다 나 이제 오늘 이후로 아마 없어질거야 잘지내야돼 고마워 진짜 ❤❤❤❤.

@Felicity_O224 라미니 생일짱짱추카해 내가마니조와해❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

@Felicity_O224 마 라민아 생일 축하한다ㅠ 요즘 좀 살짝 사이가 멀어진거같아 역시 새벽반의 존재가 크다... 다시 사이 붙자 ^^~.

@Kat_McNamara @CW_Arrow Perfect blend of Felicity and Oliver! I love the little details you added to Mia that shows bits of felicity and Oliver in her. I’m so excited to see more of Mia!!!.

A Felicity e o Oliver me mataram, to em shook ate agora. Eles tem uma filhaaaaaaaaaa, caralho.

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@SchwartzApprovd please please don’t ruin the moment that Felicity tells Oliver about her pregnancy 😭😍♥️ it’s something we’ve been waiting for,for a long time and it’s important to be on screen 🙏🏽🌸♥️.

@LadyMris How dare you put that in the universe take it back 🤣🤣if so I hope Felicity hunts his ass down and shoots him with his own arrow.

pessoal que assiste arrow me digam uma coisa a mia é filha do oliver ou não? ela se chama mia smoak que é o sobrenome da felicity e normalmente seria mia queen, e também no 7x12 ela chama ele de oliver não de pai, eu tô muito confusa agora.

He was one of my favourite actor/character in Arrow. Will definitely miss the situational comedy that he brought to Arrow and his friendship with Felicity, Diggle and the NTA members..

sooo how many weeks is this hiatus?and when we come back will that many weeks also have passed in arrow time?? and if so has felicity already told oliver she’s pregnant? cause I need to see that.

Williams is season 4 Felicity level of bad. They redeemed Felicty for me, but then made me despise William..

Felicity is low key agreeing with William. William is not wrong here that oliver did do this without consulting and talking about what this meant for felicity and william. #Arrow.

I had the worst thought. Tell me it can’t happen, I’ll totally believe it! But what if Oliver leaves Felicity & baby for “their own good?”.

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@SchwartzApprovd @Kat_McNamara Mia should have been Laurel’s daughter. Why keep rewarding and writing stories for a character (Felicity) that has already ruined several seasons of the show?.

@Felicity_O224 우리 라민씨 오늘 생일 완전 축하해💜 오늘 하루는 맛있는거 왕창먹고 가족들이랑도 즐거운 시간 보내고 나랑도 더 잘지내고❗❗ 연락좀해😊😊 제발 나랑 트친해줘서 고맙구 앞으로 더 잘 지내자 사랑하고 우리 성인되서 꼭 만나자 알제??😍😍 나랑 카톡이나 하자 쟈긔💗.

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Felicity and oliver being good cop bad cop. And oliver got away with a lot. A LOT A LOT! #ARROW.

Felicity is mean. no pancakes before spilling the beans? what does William have to do to get bacon? #Arrow.

do jeito que tá as séries da dctv perigoso colocarem a iris grávida junto com a felicity e elas irem pra maternidade juntas num crossover pra ter os bebês no msm dia.

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#Arrow Post Mortem: @Kat_McNamara Takes Us Inside the Blackstar Reveal: How Can It Be True? Why That Last Name? And Any Chance for a Family Reunion?.

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