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You’re cancelled for saying your chlamydia is Fiji. See a doctor. Gross..

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Erm ... because here are so many terrible things the Morrison govt are doing ... and he confects to accompany a rugby team to Fiji - all in the name of playing an iconic Aussie and water boy for the team - then gussling a coldie. Pure theatre - and we called it out..

🇫🇯 iTunes Fiji: #1. K-12 - @MelanieLBBH 35th #1 on iTunes.


Australia, Fiji to send peacekeeping mission to Middle East.

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Loving the hype for the Fiji Day celebrations took two couches from my place for the chief guests and I’m not even going coz my social skills are at 0 right now. 😭.

My kids first FIJI DAY celebration in the land of the free. 🇫🇯🇺🇸.

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When you have that one fucken ass Beqan momo who sends you this for Fiji day. Large table salt bottle for comparison..

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@futboltrotters Quitando algunos detalles, los uniformes BLK que usaron los equipos de fútbol y seven de Fiji son muy similares..

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That’s a tad unfair Simon. The PM has just been a water boy with two RL teams on the threatened island state of Fiji. Surely that will make a difference in the Pacific and ipso fact in Oz to meet our targets in a ‘practical’ way!? 🙄.

Una de las camisetas mas bonitas de los JJOO Rio 2016 fue la suplente de Fiji. Gran nivel de detalle..

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@phbarratt @MicheleS_Aus This was not a private time event caught on camera ofMorrison. He was a guest in Fiji which the wider shot with PM Fiji conveys. No respect for Fiji. If the Aus footballers behaved this,way they would face disciplinary action..

Every year for 7yrs I had always spent my Fiji Day weekends somewhere other than Suva. I loved meeting the people of this villages and how welcoming they were. Nabumakita, Ra Waiyala, Navosa Nadroga Viani, Savusavu Sabeto, Nadi Kadavu Lovonivonu, Taveuni ❤❤❤❤.

Immigration Officials Are Pushing A Proposal To Add A Fee For Dreamers And Charge For Asylum Applications. The US would be the fourth country in the world to charge for asylum application (Iran, Fiji, and Australia). #OneVoice1 #OneVoiceImmigration.

A snake oil selling fool!! And a major embarrassment! 🤢🤢🤢🤮.

#scomo swaps running the country for running the water in Fiji. Finally finds true.

так блять я надеюсь что вскоре все вернется на круги своя иначе это уже совсем никуда не годится на ровном месте забрали у меня 20 фолловеров норм вообще да.


@SimonEdwardsSAF As It is a fake copy of a Fiji Rugby 7s shirt. 😂.

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Or they just printed something random on to fill up the space. I prefer to imagine they dialed up Fiji to pitch an exclusive marketing opportunity in “the most innovative city on the planet”..

Tiny neighborhood club Fundación Garzón of Medellín’s Primera B are apparently sponsored by Fiji Airways?!? An airline that almost exclusively operates in Australasia Fundación Garzón have the most ambitious & persuasive commercial department on the planet haha #Global #Brand.

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Uruguay team for their final match at #RWC2019. After significantly improving on their 2015 performances vs Fiji and Australia, hopefully for them they can finish strongly here and do so against Wales as well..

Impressive list of actions taken by Fiji to respond to climate impacts #TurningTheTide @devex.

Bula Vinaka Silktails! The Dirty Reds can’t wait to play the Kaiviti Silktails in the 2020 Ron Massey Cup competition. Congratulations!.

You’re cancelled for saying your chlamydia is Fiji. See a doctor. Gross..

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