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The one and only Freddie Highmore looking ✨iconic✨ at #DisneyUpfront22.

Freddie Foto,Freddie Foto by The Good Doctor,The Good Doctor on twitter tweets Freddie Foto

Freddie Freeman getting in some early drill work with @Dodgers coach Dino Ebel in Philly. He snags 80 of these a day, seven days a week. “He doesn’t miss a day,” Ebel says. “If we have a doubleheader, he’ll do it before both games.”.

I still can’t believe Freddie is a Dodger @FreddieFreeman5 #AlwaysLA.

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Odubel Herrera strikes out swinging, catcher Will Smith to first baseman Freddie Freeman. End of the 5th | 3 outs #LADvsPHI.

Johan Camargo grounds out, shortstop Trea Turner to first baseman Freddie Freeman. Kyle Schwarber to 3rd. Bottom of the 5th | 2 outs #LADvsPHI.

It’s not me. I’m a XL. It’s not Freddie even though it’s his size. Because it’s his size it’s not my Momma or my sister..

@BenClemens95 @DMAC_LA Ben it’s not hating on Freddie. He just put Braves in a terrible spot. I love the guy but lost a ton of respect for him. Chipper told em exactly how it would play out if he went the FA way. Chip was spot on. IMO Freddie wanted to go to CA. Only one Freddie but Olson is our 1B!.

Hilltop fast dash - Devin Moran, Jacob Hawkins, Corey Conley, Freddie Carpenter, Zack Dohm, JR Gentry.

Freddie got a job trial as a coffee barista, someone tell me how to do those cool cappuccino drawings.

Freddie Foto,Freddie Foto by FreddieTwenty,FreddieTwenty on twitter tweets Freddie Foto

@McR1B69 think the core of it is Freddie and Lancaster being basically the same person but Freddie can roam free and Lancaster is bound by the master (Amy Adams).

@GulfFLLinda Hey Linda, I have been good until last night. Picked up a bug or something and I’m under the weather today. I’m watching your boy Freddie Freeman😀 he just knocked in two runs 👍👍 I hope your trip was nice..

@PhilliesSI Even though he played for 2 teams I hate…I could watch Freddie Freeman play every damn day. Pure hitter in an era of grip it and rip it (or miss it)..

@bth6975 Mike Marshall is still that guy for me. Freddie needs to be around a bit longer.

If Freddie mercury didn’t break up the band, queen woulda been over any rock group in history.

actually let me embrace that freddie brooks aesthetic again and see what kinda people it attracts. this is an oxford experiment!.

Freddie Mercury - The Great Pretender (Official Video Remastered) vía @YouTube.


me muero que le hicieron camiseta a louis y a freddie, ni soy de arg pero imaginate que se la ponen al mismo tiempo lloro 100 años de la ternura chau.

HERMANA SOS UNA GENIA T BESO EL CEREBRO la única camiseta de otras q quiero q toque encima pensaron en freddie nana 10/10.

@32mitsu_32mitsu おはよう、Mitsuさん😊 法被の販売、知らなかった〜😆 色々、出してくるねー🤣 花火大会に合わせて販売かな…🤭.

I’m beyond excited and proud of Bre and just the whole Girls Varsity Track Team!! I’ve been watching Bre since 7th grade run and seeing her win districts in the 100 and 200 - 4x100 relay advances also had me in tears! Now her and Freddie can go have fun at prom!!! #ThereIsOnlyOne.

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Freddie Mercury - The Great Pretender - Subtitulada (Extended) via @YouTube.

@scousegit66 @BlueAce1878 Gary it’s frank having the crowd at his finger tips just like Freddie did nothing to do with capacity m8 just a special moment with same similarities 👍.

@kanova @DMAC_LA Freddie just hot rn so they love him lol. Once he slumps they will be wanting him gone😂.

ay me parece a mí o se la hicieron gigante a freddie le va a quedar de vestidito pobrecito.

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@iIPDFB6gpK4mHKS やっぱり、思い出し笑いはフレディ案件ね👍😆 同じだよーー😂 フレディとともに生きてるから仕方ないよね(ˊ•̤ω•̤ˋ).

louis le ama tanto a freddie me voy a morir 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

adrian chase ( vigilante , peacemaker , hbomax , dc comics, prometheus , freddie stroma ) fancam.

@mattLarnold So Freddie is all about aikido demonstrations but not a delicious treat?.

@ThatEricAlper Not much. Just to be able to play guitar like Jimi, Pete, and SRV, piano like Elton and Roy, sing like Freddie, Rutherford, and Henley, play bass like Entwistle, and sax like Clarence..

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