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After forcing millions of children to get the Covid vax and insisting it was safe and effective, hospitals are now normalizing a side effect they once called rare: myocarditis..

We’re pushing the DISCLOSE Act now because dark money is fueling the dissatisfaction in American politics. Get rid of it; put voters in charge; and Congress will starting working for people again..

here we go. now admitting he didn’t have enough asylum seekers in Florida to get in on the migrant harassment game. so he had to send his team to Texas to find people..

Imagine the ketchup on the wall @joshgerstein asked a great question: how did financial institutions let him get away with this? THAT should trouble the entire financial community..

(🧵) Now that GINNI THOMAS will be interviewed by the House January 6 Committee, it’s a good time for everyone to get acquainted with what this powerful insurrectionist was up to pre-January 6. This thread contains the exhaustively sourced PROOF reports on this. PLEASE RETWEET..

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The Beast of Prey Collection Event is now live! Hop in and play the new limited-time mode Gun Run to: -Take on 3 other teams 💪 -Fight your way through every weapon 🏹 -And secure victory with the throwing knife 🏆 Check out this guide to get started 👇.

#RRR will be submitted for the #Oscars in best picture, director, lead actor (for both Rama Rao Jr and Ram Charan), original song (“Naatu Naatu”), and other eligible categories. Can it get any noms now that India chose Last Film Show? via @Variety.

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i could listen to her talk for 80 years and never get bored. ALSO THE REFERENCES TO DEBUT. SHE MUST BE RERECORDING IT AROUND NOW..

“We need to clear our names.” @AMSTERDAMMovie arrives at #AMCTheatres October 7. Get tickets now:.


if jeongin doesn’t get an ost right this moment i’ll literally produce a show RIGHT NOW just to have him be on it im sick of waiting.

the meetup won’t be happening until after the 24th get your sleep we are safe for now.

@Naija_PR Let the difference be X The difference between 10 and 2 = X (Now Substract) 10-2 =X 10-2= 8 Therefore:- the difference is 8 The person has gone through 8 steps to get to 10 You sef Waka your own🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️.

When I first started on twitch years ago under my old Xbox GT vs where I am now under SithGamiing It might take you years, but you will get there - never give up! If you have a dream/ goal - chase it. Don’t stop chasing it, until you catch it. #Twitch #TwitchStreamers.

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@CardPurchaser $50-75 reduction in price at the show I did and I added a couple blasters to a single box division break I did last night. Now I will wait a few days for an estimate on how long it will take to get silvers.

Wondering how you can have to carry a smooth shopping without struggle to line up to buy,@owletapp the best online shopping store in Uganda with all the affordable item listings is here to save you. Simply download the owlet app and sign up to get started now. #TradeOnOwletApp.

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Oddly I feel at peace right now. The bandaid has finally been ripped off. No more having to get my hopes up only to be disappointed. It’s over and I can finally move on..

A few more days and our @imjeremyg will definitely heat up that #1MXLondon2022 stage! Get your tickets now!!! #JeremyG.

Plots already selling fast at our Gold-mine bush. Be one of the opportunity takers now. Buy cheap to develop or sell high later. You can get a free plot now for every outright payment for 2plots of land with us. Or a free plot for an installment payment of 3!. #realestate #invest.

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@ozzAR0th Yes I agree. I especially find exclusive content annoying. Glad I can try Deathloop now, it was bound to come to Xbox due to the Bethesda deal but still good to get a chance. Yes, I’m looking forward to the mid console in this cycle 👀.

Come here dog~ Get on all 4s now let me collar you and use you as my personal pet💞 What are you waiting for puppy, hand me your wallet💋.

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Trust us, we get the anxiety people are feeling. Please do not panic or listen to the hype of social mediarologists. Listen to trusted sources like us, NHC, or respected TV mets. We will let you know when there could be impacts for our area. For now, enjoy the sunny weather!.

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After a 2-0 day in MLB, @TheProfessor305 is now up since the weekend! Get all of his official plays and hit the books with us by joining The Classroom📚 #GamblingTwitter.

💜+♻️ and reply with pic of your muse for a rating! (Special offer! Now S and above can dm) EX = Marry me already~ SSS = Get in my I need it~! SS = Come get some sugar~ S = Pretty Hot Darling~ A = Oh my! B = Cutie! C = Eh.

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NEW! Avery YouTube branding kit! Get it now for 70% off at --> #Neutrals #YouTuber.

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@rileybeans_eth Ok universe this is the 3rd time the core values concept has come up in the past 3 days. I GET IT NOW. I NEED CORE VALUES. ahah ilu Riley.

@drnathimdladla Maybe they stopped recording every single death as Covid to boost the numbers and get the world terrified and are now reporting the actual cause of death. How can a pandemic just stop overnight? Because people lost interest in it? 🧐 or because the internet revealed the con? 🥲🫡.

Great news! FIELDS OF FIRE is now available in-store are more than 350 @BNBuzz shops across the country. Get your copy today!.

@LebeaPompe @harumutasa One guy wrote recently that he was earning better as a farmworker in South African than he is now as a maths teach in Zim. We are not fooled. Those house also have no running water. They get electricity 3 hours a day if they are lucky..

I’ll be hating them a few days from now tho, you know , when I get my September bill 🙄..

ppl who drink every day @ my age understand that if u don’t get it under control now you could easily become an alcoholic for the rest of your life. I was raised by one. it’s not worth it how can you heal & grow & face reality & become the best version of yourself drinking 1/2-.

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