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Essa parte do herogasm com o homelander levando me deixou louco.

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Homelander telling her to “put it away” Victoria Neuman basically telling her she ain’t no match for her. Like this getting a bit nasty and disrespectful???? when they gone allow her to wack somebody?.

slate thinks the laser eyes thing is an homage to the fascist anti-superhero homelander from The Boys.

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Viendo la escena de la orgia///Viendo la pelea contra Homelander #Herogasm.

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Decidme que no soy la única que en la escena del espejo de Homelander ha pensando en la del Duende Verde de Spiderman. #TheBoys.

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Just wore my #Homelander outfit and no one at the con recognized me. I find that when you wear villains skin it actually effects how you walk and carry yourself. It’s fun to have a total egotistical moment once in a while..

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@Wismichu La cara de maniático de Butcher pegándole a Homelander no tiene precio. Disfruté cada segundo.

@IGN This episode was a 9 at least. Homelander for the first time felt vulnerable in multiple ways: his image, his power, and his friendships. Noir left, Vought hates him, and now there are supes that can stand up to him. He is borderline between being human and an experiment.

let me tell you: in reality he’s offing Homelander at this moment. OFFING..

La desesperación de Homelander tras ser doblegado se puede sentir, que pedazo de capítulo nos dio #TheBoys con #Herogasm. Magnífico..

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Homelander might actually be one of my favorite villains ever, I’m so invested every time he’s on screen cuz I don’t know WHAT this maniac is about to do #TheBoys.

@hkhan_4 @VulcanCentaur the utter disappointment I had when homelander flew outta there.

no thoughts, just that scream homelander lets out… tremendous and chilling performance by antony #Herogasm.

Homelander was definitely gettin his ass beat! This kinda proves my theory about him not being as powerful and people think he is when he’s fighting someone that’s equal to him in terms of strength and power..

@tropotropotropo i am sad to see the lack of fandom material where Butcher fucks Homelander and puts him in his place in a really horny manner what few fics there are just for some reason really woobify Homelander and i was like well i hate this.


Maybe the short-tempered narcissist who dreams about mowing down protestors with his laser eyes is … bad?.

@ResistenciaDC A maioria das pessoas (vai, 8 em 10 ou até mais) acabariam se tornando um homelander ao longo do tempo se tivessem os poderes do Superman. O Clark Kent não se corromper tendo os poderes que tem, mostram um caráter quase 100% puro.

o que o Anthony Starr faz com o Homelander é coisa de maluco, transformou o cara em um dos maiores vilões da história da TV.

But I loved the fight scene with Butcher, Soldier Boy and Homelander!! And having Homelander, probably for the first time ever, having to escape because he was losing. #TheBoys #Herogasm.

How Crazy was that 3v1 fight in the new episode?! Looks like Homelander was holding his own. Hope we get another fight soon. Great episode probably my favorite. @TheBoysTV #TheBoys #Herogasm.

@AvhWhistler Quote worrying that someone would think Homelander is some kind of hero after the end of the first episode. The whole blowing up a plane with a kid on board was kind of a clue hes not a great guy..

bruhhh that 3v1 Against Homelander was the coolest fight seen ive ever seen #TheBoysTV.

mujhe lagta h homelander could defeat soldier boy in a fair fight. but idk maybe soldier boy hasnt tapped his best potential yet.

empecé a ver el capítulo pensando que me iba a reír de lo bizarro que iba a ser y terminé así con la pelea entre soldier boy, butcher y hughie con homelander #Herogasm #TheBoys.

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@JackSportsTweet Nah it’s confirmed for 4th season. It won’t end until it’s only butcher and homelander left imo. But yeah I’m excited to see how OP homelander actually is.

@Ann_something_ yOOOOOOO Hasta dropee, no pude, de paso butcher me pone de malas y homelander uy.

How dense does someone have to be to go through a single episode (let alone three whole seasons) to realize Homelander is a bad guy?.

Homelander told her if he’s getting caught he’s turning 5 places into a smear on the map within the hour but she still talking about fairness.

The #Herogasm scene with soldier boy, butcher and Homelander have off Civil war (Cap,Winter soldier & iron man) vibes.

@anitaskywalker 🤔 no sé... Homelander es el malo con principios, hasta que lo tengan colgado de los 🥚🥚 va a seguir siendo malo. Deep me resulta más detestable porque se las tira de bueno y se acomoda para el lado que sople el viento.

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