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19 & 14… in game 6 of the NBA Finals… at 36 years old… when people didn’t even think we’d make the playoffs this season… I’ll take it. You did your thing, @Al_Horford 💪🏽☘️.

Com a derrota na final, Horford não conseguiu completar todas as metas de bônus salariais de seu contrato, e com isso deixou de ganhar aproximadamente 36 milhões de reais para o ano que vem. Seu salário que poderia chegar até 26,5 milhões de dólares, será de apenas 19,5 milhões..

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La mujer de Al Horford tirandole mierda a Warriors sabiendo que ella era más Warrior que Yo, Poole Colombiano, Paytoneta, Ottoneta y Kegod Looney juntos..

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Warriors tuti párharcok: - Curry vs. White: 18/34 FG - Curry vs. Horford: 15/26 FG - Poole vs. Pritchard: 9/13 FG - Wiggins vs. White: 8/11 FG Ebből kettő, talán három viszont full tudatosan keresett párharc. #nbahu.

Bostoni tuti párharcok: - Horford vs. Green: 7/13 - Brown vs. Looney: 7/13 - Brown vs. Poole: 7/12 - Williams III vs. Green: 8/12 FG Ebből csak Brown vs. Poole tudatos matchup hunting eredménye. #nbahu.

@HEATVSREFS got no help from the bench? Those pussies in the bench and deformed skull horford were playing out of their minds. Mf white was shooting 50 percent from 3 at one point wtf is that!? 😭.


@yungballer13 Bro cmon CP3 is a top 5 in his position all time lmao Al horford is a great player but can’t be held to the same standard as Chris Paul.

@GgKlepto Tatum cant under any circumstances average less in the fourth than al horford and kd couldn’t take one game?? Giannas brought them to 7 without khris..

@WatinForDaTrain KD scoring on Georges Hill vs Curry scoring on Al Horford.

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@inigo_dangi @pierregoesin Hij is eeeeecht niet die guy, Horford carried him!.

@GreggPopovsky Hyper impressionné par sa défense, le niveau était flagrant au match 6 sur Tatum, Horford ....

Where in my statement did I say warriors play one on one basketball?? I said wheh Steph is on warriors were setting multiple screens to get mismatches like Horford on curry which falls under the play style I described. Y’all gotta read tweets man.

On this day: Vincent, Lewis drafted; Horford/Walker/Brown trade; Spector passes.


Je vois beaucoup passer de tweets de ce genre dans la commu #Sixers #76ers, incriminant Morey. Personnellement,je comprends pas trop, tant il a fait des petits miracles avec une situation catastrophique à la sortie de la bulle et à son arrivée (Horford, Richardson, Rivers ...)🤔.

@ElTabloncillo Ruddy Fernández Manu Karl Anthony Tienes Pau Gasol Al Horford Sexto hombre Carl Allen Herrera (2 anillos).

@JohnRobyGriffin Steph humbled horford because horford thought his feet where quick enough.

@taylorcsnow @Al_Horford He had so many because their opponents had triple the opportunities with all those god damn turnovers.

Lo bueno de Al Horford es que en la post temporada se entretiene embarazando a Amelia..

@ThotMotivation Bruh he stepped his defense up and was guarding Jayson Tatum and Horford on a island at various points throughout The Finals and was playing the best defense of his career this year you’re from Chicago I understand there’s goin always be that hometown bias 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️.

Celtics fans Anna & Al Horford 🤝 Banner 18.

“Congrats to b*tch a** Warriors” Al Horford’s sister reveals bitterness for Stephen Curry and co after 2022 Championship triumph #SmartNews.

#18JUnio Al Horford puso fin en 141 el número de partidos de playoffs que había jugado en la NBA sin haber disputado las Finales, una cifra que supone un récord histórico en la liga. Al Horford: Es duro perder, los Warriors estuvieron a otro nivel.

@SamsonChung5 @RealSkipBayless jt don’t affect the game at all he doesn’t demand the ball like the “superstar” he is should and he just sits corner a lot and makes horford and jb do it all.

@ilovebasket_rm1 @Al_Horford Good job!! dos latinos uno x cada bando , Halford en Celtics y Toscano x Warriors.

2021: Game 4 Curry goes for 43. Game 1 Al Horford and Derrick White go 11/16 from 3 1st quarter Jaylen Brown for half the series was nice Andrew Wiggins balling out Curry 31/6/5 averages on 48/44/86.

@unibroward4405 Horford not stepping up had me perplexed beyond belief on PnRs from Steph.

@JJMaples55_MST Horford is probably the better player right now. But Draymond obviously had a much better peak.

@CelticsRiley Jayson Tatum is immature still and needs to learn to play more together as a team and not try to run the team and make everything about him. The captain next year should be Al Horford, and Assistant Jaylen brown..

@WipeTwiceVideoS @AllysinLombard Wrong again. Wiggins was tatum’s defender, and no curry wasn’t defending horford either.

Conley for Horford is really interesting both ways, and gives the Jazz a ton of flexibility to be creative if/when Rudy gets moved..

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