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Eight years ago today, Tim Howard saved 16 shots vs. Belgium An iconic goalkeeping display at the World Cup 🧤.

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BREAKING REPORT: Retired plumber Joe Howard Teague, 93, shoots and critically wounds burglar breaking into his home with gang that came at him with a FISHING.

Damian Jones says he envisions fitting in with Anthony Davis in a similar way that McGee and Howard did a few seasons ago.

Ron Howard’s new documentary, “We Feed People,” shows the chef José Andrés’s ability to step off a plane into chaos, find some resourceful locals, and organize them into a relief army..

The students of Howard University sleeping in molded dorms and tents outside would like to have a word.

I sat down earlier in the week and recorded a podcast with Local YouTuber @AdamP1242. He was open, honest about the criticisms he’s faced and so self aware. It’s a great pod and one I’m excited to share. Coming Soon 🎙.

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Do you think Schwarber will beat Howard’s Home Run Franchise record?! (He’s on pace!).

明日は銀座PLUS TOKYO @plus_tyo のルーフトップパーティーでDJです!🏠 天気良いと良いな🌌 at PLUS TOKYO OPEN 21:00 CLOSE 4:00 DOOR ¥1500 1D 🏖ROOFTOP Seimei CHIKA taros KO10NE howard ShoSho REM.

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Ok so y’all do know Diddy went to Howard right ? And he WAS Howard Homecoming for like two decades. If you hate Howard cause you think it gets too much attention take it to the lord in prayer. Howard is the Mecca for a reason..

sh deviating from his actual goal [of signing his actual page] can be further explained by the phenomenon called /distractor effect/, defined by Howard and Tipper (1997) as slight changes in the output of a movement when a visual distractor is present.

Congratulations to the new (and first female) president of @RMU Michelle Patrick (@RMU_SBUS_Dean)..

i pass the exit for howard drive every day on my way to work call that a bad choice road.

For someone who loves howard, I don’t ever hear diddy talk on his love for DC …like bruh was howard not in dc? How was your experience lol.

@UnderBt Everton, tim Howard veya Campbell dışında hepsi aynı futboldan anlıyorsun abune uldum.

@realtalk360blog @TimHannan They had one with Howard Dean in 2004. But the DNC was more interesting keeping an outsider from power..

Saying those Howard students don’t need that money makes you sound like some type of Jack ass. They on student loans, got poor housing and scrambling just like every other HBCU. Howard is not in Scottsdale 🥴.

Somebody finally noticed that tehGraun has been publishing clickbaity BS about Sheffield Hallam?.

@Powelly1985 Pickford is a good shout. I mean, he literally just shouts the entire game. Schmeichel vibes. I personally prefer an out-field captain. But Howard was captain during the good times..

@Howard_Cole Bard would be a nice addition, but I’d prefer Mantiply. And no, it’s not because I have a thing for endangered species!!!.

#auspol #thedrum Howard Government not only spied on the East Timorese but the purpose was the “screw East Timor “ out of their fair share, if I remember correctly - why am I not surprised about another scandal that shamed Australia under little johnnys’ regime. Downer involved ?.

@leo_mrusso @BBorbz The rest is going to benefit Taylor, and his elbow especially, although obviously this isn’t the way I was thinking of for him..

@MalcolmCameron7 Where there’s been a coup new PM straight away ( Lloyd George after Asquith, Bonar Law after LG). Unlikely Tories will all settle on one person immediately as they did in opposition for Michael Howard. Constitution always develops though, maybe an interim PM would work?.

Tipper, S. P., Howard, L. A., & Houghton, G. (1998). Action–based mechanisms of attention. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences, 353(1373), 1385-1393..

Howard, L. A., & Tipper, S. P. (1997). Hand deviations away from visual cues: indirect evidence for inhibition. Experimental brain research, 113(1), 144-152..

British billionaire hedge fund manager Alan Howard wed chef Caroline Byron in lavish Lake Como villa.

Park Circle Gallery to Exhibit Works by Jessie Renew and CJ Howard @NChasArts #chsnews.

River sewage is a serious public health issue, warns Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, Jonson Cox, chair of Ofwat, and Emma Howard Boyd, chair of the Environment.

@BeschlossDC Kavanaugh paraded his daughter’s soccer team into his confirmation hearings pretending to be NOT sexually deviant. I remember thinking at the time “he’s covering up for something’..

Brenda Howard, also known as “Mother of Pride,” organized the first Pride parade to honor the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots..

Léonardo dans Aviator de Scorsese ; biopic bactériophobe sur Howard Hughes..

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