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A Filipino ENGENE Addressed ENHYPEN’s Weight Shaming Controversy To Jake During A Fan-Sign Call, Netizens Have Conflicting Opinions.

FirstEnergy admitted last summer to bribing both the Ohio House Speaker and the state’s former top utility regulator. I went back through the record produced in those related cases to see where Gov. Mike DeWine was in all this. Here’s what I found:.

🚨 DOUBLE SIGNING 🚨 We have signed Jake Leschyshyn and Paul Cotter to three-year contract extensions! 🎣 🖥 #VegasBorn.

White House statement on Salman Rushdie attack makes no mention of Iran, the fatwa, or how the regime has repeatedly called for his death.

@jakeyh77 I was looking at him on the bench thinking “this is the future you chose is it”. Was saying to Tyler and jake yday that could never be me!.

@KSI @jakepaul Bro thinks he’s slick 😂 Doing everything he can to avoid fighting Jake.

@tmbg13 Ian Fleming, L Ron Hubbard, Iceberg Slim- it’s genuinely hard to pick a favorite from that podcast, one of my absolute all-time favorites.

@KSI @jakepaul Bro how people saying that ksi is ducking when jake ducking hasim rahman jr jake pulled out a a week before the weigh in hasim would of made the weight.

@jakepaul bro we went from wassabi which was ok for a comeback, then we got the excitement of a potential jake fight, and now this bum how has this happened.

@DhilanPatel12 There was sooo many options, Mcbroom, Jay , Jake , Tyron , Danis but nah we get Swarmz.

@combat_insider @jakepaul “We talking about now” 🤡 come on bro. You’re supposed to be an expert. Swarmz called out ksi first & was contracted as a back up the same time as when the wassabi fight was announced. This is the same level as Jake fighting Nate. Ones a rapper the other was a baller. Simple..

@afclewisss @HxnchoIini Bro thought he did something💀 what’s this got to do with ksi ducking jake.


@cspensley_ @MamsTaylor trying to come up with another excuse after jake offers to fight ksi with 1 hand.

Jake Foto,Jake Foto by Dev,Dev on twitter tweets Jake Foto

Walk off by @Jake_Gatewood2 👊🏻!!! Let’s gooooooooooooooooo!!!!!.

@gbennylola y’all are so chronically online, y’all are so outraged about the age gap between taylor, lautner and conor, but what about john and jake 😕.

Got the re-up today! Decided to get some protein while I was at it 🤤 Also hello @GhostLifestyle 🥺.

Jake Foto,Jake Foto by Jake Trankler,Jake Trankler on twitter tweets Jake Foto

@KSI @jakepaul Again let me fucking clarify ksi said can beat jake RIGHT FUCKING NOW HOW ARE YOU SO DUMB.

@KSI @jakepaul Oh hell nah KSI nows your chance to prove who’s better you or Jake. Don’t nobody wanna see you fighting anyone else lmao who is this 2nd fighter? Jk NO ONE CARES FIGHT JAKE NOW THAT YOUR CHANCE HAS COME.


@KSI @jakepaul KSI is not dodging tbh. Dodging is what Hasim and Tommy did, this is not what’s he doing. KSI isn’t prepared for Jake, and wasn’t preparing for Jake in the first place. Preparing for 5’9 fighter with a shorter reach is different than preparing for a6’1 fighter with a longer reach.

@new_eazy @Jidion6 Jake ACCEPTED every single term KSI presented. Jake wins! KSI is still ducking him. All the talk in his pressor with Jake wins..

@KSI Ironic for you to say Jakes full of shit, when you said you’d fight jake anytime and now you’ve shit yourself ahah.

@KSI @jakepaul I bet when the opponent is announced its going to be so underwhelming. A fight against Jake will bring in so many eyes..

@W_BR0WNIE Jake has a good amount of armor break moves. Grounded neutral normal, down neutral normal, and second hit of aerial neutral normal all go through armor, for example. 🙂.

@MichaelBensonn @jakepaul Jake a joke now no u want to be a real fighter fight a fighter!.

—cast: -seokjin: Jinandra Pratama -jisoo: Jihan Adisti Pratama -jake: Jazel Azhar Pratama.

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@cyberwark7 @jakepaul ksi beat logan before he got decent, and logan isnt better then jake, he said it himself jake would win if they ever got in the ring, and he didnt draw with floyd, floyd beat him.


@nba_karen @Jidion6 Mate that’s completely wrong, Jake didn’t want to fight kSI. That’s why kSI fought literally if u watch kSI. KSI even said when I announced he was fighting logan. That he would rather fight.

@KSI ??what does this even mean, been a fan for years and you constantly talk shit on Jake in your videos mocking him claiming you can beat him all talk where’s it at now, you won’t fight Jake because you know you wouldn’t win..

@Pepa2002Le @SunflowerYema Omg que será? Me dan ganas de participar sea lo que sea.

Jake Foto,Jake Foto by Jake,Jake on twitter tweets Jake Foto

@EddieHearn you gotta have a look at Wrexham’s Jake Dodd and get him on our screens! Welsh champion, British champion and now commonwealth bronze medalist 🥉 all action exciting and will sell silly amounts of tickets.

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