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Jensen Ackles é um monumento de tão PERFEITO! Quem mais é apaixonada por ele desde o #DeanWinchester em #Supernatural?.

I remember when Blonde starred Poppy Montgomery, Patrick Dempsey and Jensen Ackles.

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les gens : je regarde the boys pour la profondeur du scénario moi, un intellectuel : je regarde the boys pour le torse nu de l’acteur américain jensen ackles.

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#Herogasm  is the best episode of The Boys! Waited 3 seasons for Homelander to get spanked by Butcher! Jensen Ackles brought that Dean Winchester energy!! Antony Starr once again showcasing the true power of his acting talent. The truth has been revealed, can’t wait for next week.

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Almost forgave Jensen Ackles for spending 10000 years in Supernatural after this episode..

#Herogasm debe ser el mejor capitulo de The Boys, Jensen Ackles termina de confirmar porque es mi actor favorito en series y Karl Urban rompiendola como Butcher, es un 10/10 la pelea del final.

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“You made those words up.” Say what you will, but Soldier Boy is adorable sometimes. Or it may just be Jensen Ackles. #SoldierBoy #JensenAckles.

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@ProbablySamsa Yep. So much stuff happened. Jensen Ackles is magnificent as Soldier Boy..

THE BOYS É UMA SÉRIE DO CRLLLL, A chegada do Soldier Boy foi do crllll. Jensen Ackles é um Homem do crllll pqp. Que episódio fodaaaaa..

Gran capitulo de #TheBoys. Felizmente no trato de replicar lo del comic y dejo la orgía en segundo plano. La actuación de Anthony Starr como Homelander es remarcable, el personaje es mítico. Y la versión oscura de capitán america de Jensen Ackles esta a la altura..

Petition for Jensen Ackles to do a puppy interview!! Please🥺 #JensenAckles #SPN @BuzzFeed.

Okay so now that Chris Evans did a puppy interview I want to focus and manifest buzzfeed letting Jensen Ackles do a puppy interview and Sebastian Stan needs to do the puppy interview too !!!!!!.

tô no início da série e não vejo a hora de voltar a ter jensen ackles na minha tela.


fico incredula como o jensen ackles envelhece como vinho que homem infernal de gostoso.

El cabellito de Jensen Ackles como Soldier Boy🥺 #TheBoysTV #Herogasm.

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I am 100% all for the Jensen Ackles/Karl Urban/Jack Quaid team up! This was just a taste of what’s to come in the final two episodes and I can’t wait to see more! @TheBoysTV.

@mishasdiary Jensen Ackles can be the asshole in one moment and make you feel sorry for him in the next one 🥲.

@rebelmooned He does. Love to see it, and love to see new people discover the gold that is Jensen Ackles. Everyone brought their A Game to #Herogasm.

@weryweird @confusedchappal jensen ackles actually voiced the batman in an animated movie so yeah.


trying not to be weird about jensen ackles when he’s been rotting ur brain since u were 14 is HARD.

every time i think of jensen ackles i think of that video of him accidentally? saying the n word.

Não é por nada não, mas a voz que o Jensen Ackles fez pro Soldier Boy me deixou completamente 😳.

📷 acklesology: You know when they look at you and they’re like… || Jensen Ackles on Seth Myers.

📷 dailydanneelackles: Odette Annable talks to KSiteTV about running into friends Danneel and Jensen Ackles several yeras ago and learning the Padaleckis were naming their daughter Odette.

Fui clicar em Jensen Ackles nos trends e tipo, 90% é gente cobiçando meu sou ciumenta! #JensenAckles.


i can’t believe i’m saying this in 2022 but gahd jensen ackles is still such a pretty fucking man.

@theefefe Nearly 20 years? Some of us have been 😍😍😍 over Jensen Ackles since his Days of Our.

The random CW actors popping up on @TheBoysTV is hilarious. Hello Kyle valenti and Jensen ackles 👋.

please jensen ackles is so fucking hot 😭😭😭😭 the chokehold this man has on me still. i love it.

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