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TWICE’s Jeongyeon Debuts Vibrant New Hair Color Ahead Of “III” Encore Concerts.

髪色変わってる!次のカムバックがたのしみだ #JEONGYEON.

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wts lfb ph ☆ momo pisngi set ⤷ 510 set (free pf if payo) ⤷ sold as a set only ⤷ rcbyt ## jeongyeon pink border nayeon fancy you sana fs feel special brown glittered pc photocard.

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˗ˏˋ WTS LFB PH ´ˎ˗ ↷TWICE PHOTOCARDS/ALBUM Conditions: — pcs are all in mint condition. From my personal coll and own pull. — tsb album is 8/10 — tyuzu index is 9/10 reply or dm for orders. t. twice once tsb ewo fol tol nayeon jihyo jeongyeon mina dahyun tyuzu chae wts lfb.

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sa kpop naman, 2yeon (nayeon and jeongyeon of twice), michaeng (mina and chae of twice), satzu (sana and tzuyu of twice), damo (dahyun and momo of twice), ryeji (ryujin and yeji of itzy), bae and sullyoon of nmixx, wonyujin of iz*one and ive, lizrei (liz and rei of ive).

A jeongyeon muito minha msm😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

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Our Purple!Jeongyeon has returned to us 😍💚🍭🥰🥰 📸 @Brilliant_Topaz.

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chae dila & full of love pc set ⤷ 580 php + 20 php PF 𓏔 gcash/payo 𓏔 good condi 𓏔 mod: sco/sdd 𓏔 reply/dm: mine 🏷: wts lfb fol study group ot9 full of love chae dila jeongyeon peace tzuyu mina pc ph.

get niyo naaa, 380 nalang :) # wts lfb twice formula of love fol album study about love dahyun jeongyeon id card nayeon chaeyoung scratch card ph.

lf kahati ! 😩 will get sana signed lng huhu ): - sana thin ratio 1:2 🔖 jihyo chaeyoung jeongyeon m&m fol.


wts lfb ph MOMO BEAR SET — shopee cod / shopeepay only 🏷️ twice pc photocards wil what is love jeongyeon ewo jihyo id fol.

up! 200 na lang today if payo # twice fol pob jyp explosion ver nayeon jeongyeon momo sana jihyo mina dahyun chaeyoung tzuyu wts.

Wts lfb ph Twice more & more sealed = ₱950 (940 if payo) 》from kpop_merch 》payo / 2 days res mop: gcash mod: sco 🏷 m&m album nayeon jeongyeon momo sana jihyo mina dahyun chaeyoung tzuyu.

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꒰ wts lfb ph ꒱ ⟢ twice official photocards ⟢ onhand ⟢ tingi (marked pcs must add 2 more) dm for more inquires ! t. chaeyoung dahyun jeongyeon sana mina tzuyu nayeon jihyo page two ttg mnm m&m yoy ewo fol sn wil tcl1 tol fancy.

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Jeongyeon and Dahyun being the cutest 😍😍 #TWICE_4TH_WORLD_TOUR_ENCORE #TWICEINLA @JYPETWICE.

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jeongyeon purple hair, sana black hair, nayeon blonde hair, mina curly hair, momo gray hair…perai gente são mtas informações pra serem dirigidas.


yoy is jeongyeon’s song and for that reason alone it’s one of their best🤷🏽‍♀️.

@girlgrouparea jeongyeon lu gini terus aja plis jangan kurusan lagi. kelihatan fresh dan sehat gt.

Not exaggerating when I say I was BAWLING at seeing all 9 of them together since all we could watch were the practice videos and the stages while Jeongyeon was on break.

@xziali_ @freezym1dzy Thank you so much po ulit!💕 Happy monthsary po sa acc niyo. Next ga po ulit🤣.

saw twice today…that didn’t feel real at all like I SAW JEONGYEON & DAHYUN AGAIN???.

Jeongyeon badannya keliatan sehat banget, terus bawaannya juga happy terus deh. Huhu sehat-sehat ya🥺❤.

みんなからの匿名質問を募集中! Noa🍭🐧名井JAPAN🐧さんはまだ答えた質問がありません! Noa🍭🐧名井JAPAN🐧さんの記念すべき最初の回答はあなたの質問かも!? #質問箱 #匿名質問募集中.


this is the real jeongyeon 🤣 she pour the water too our strongest leader in girlgrup only jeongyeon can do that.

@Jeongyeon_mika ミカちゃんお疲れ様!☺️💚 ジョンちゃん楽しそうだったよね!✨ エニーちゃんの近況を知らせてくれるのもうれしいね!✨ 水浸しで枝拾ってる😂😂ヤンチャで可愛い🐶💚笑.

wts twice assorted pcs set photocard pc photocards ph Twice Mina Mn Jeongyeon Jy signal ewo eyes wide open red bg background holo signed.

wtb | lfs | ph - not in a rush - not sensitive to album marks or dent - dm ur offer - preferably onhand - budget ₱1,200 ea still flexi - help me rt - tingi no to sets Tags🏷: Nayeon jeongyeon momo sana jihyo mina dahyun chaeyoung tzuyu twice shinhan bank fs.

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