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not saying we’ve time travelled to the 1970s but inflation is going through the roof, there’s a heatwave, Russia and the West are at loggerheads and *Kate Bush* is top of the charts.

If you’re all mad and trying to gatekeep Kate Bush from the young generation you’re a Fuckin loser with no life straight up.

So wonderful to see her back at no 1! Loved her work since this burst into my consciousnes. Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights - Official Music Video - Version 1 via @YouTube.

Always loved Kate Bush and now and then I listen to “Don’t Give Up” with Peter Gabriel because they both have such unique voices..

Ok but what does being a one hit wonder have to do with Kate Bush ?? The first woman to top UK charts with a self written song, multiple number ones, blueprint for literally every indie/alt girl making music today,.

Finally convinced my dad to watch “Stranger Things” thanks to Kate Bush. Happy Father’s Day..

Me to my Google Dot for the fifteenth time this week: Hey Google, send Kate Bush some money..

I’m not a fan of Kate Bush in general. I like a couple of songs but after years of trying to listen to her albums, I’ve conceded defeat. I do however think she is brilliant and extremely talented, just not to my taste. I’m also delighted she is having this resurgence #katebush.

Top gun in the cinema, Kate Bush top of the charts and half the boys in the team having mullets! May have to dig out my stonewash jeans and denim jacket! Marty mcfly be turning up soon wondering why 2022 is exactly the same as 1985!.

Guess I never anticipated listening to my 8 and 10 year olds reciting Kate Bush lyrics. Nor playing her music on flute and piano. Not in a million years. #runningupthathill @KateBushMusic.

@becs_and Another bit of trivia: it was playing at my gym today. 😂 Kate bush + gym = 🤯.

Kate Bush - Sat in Your Lap - Official Music Video via @YouTube For anyone discovering KB`s music for the first time..

@addi_boo It’s so good. I’ve been a Kate Bush fan since I was a kid and I played him her stuff when he was little (his favourite is Cloudbusting). It’s so good to hear her music everywhere and that people are loving it all over again 🙌.

@alaskaofstars onu unutmaya çalışıyorum karıştırmaOJDFIQREJIERG bide kate bush abla wpde aklıma geliyo kadın twden alakasız.

Can we get justice for these Kate Bush tracks next please I beg!! 👏🏻🖤.

Kate Bush Foto,Kate Bush Foto by DarkGa #TeamJinkxMonsoon,DarkGa #TeamJinkxMonsoon on twitter tweets Kate Bush Foto

Jag vet inte om man ska skratta eller gråta över att Kate Bush är på Billboardlistan igen?????.


Kate Bush Makes Rare Statement on Stranger Things’ Use of “Running Up That Hill”.

I cannot believe I fell for the Netflix hype about a perfectly fine scene set to kate bush.


@trixiemattel I’ve never even heard the name Kate bush before the handmaids tale I’ll be honest, I thought she was a new artist.

kate bush checking her bank account notifications.

Kate Bush Foto,Kate Bush Foto by Royal,Royal on twitter tweets Kate Bush Foto

People only know that Kate Bush song cause of Stranger Things!!! I thought it was a Placebo song for years 🙄.


they played “running up that hill” at the wedding i’m at, kate bush’s mainstream slay.

Be careful here we don’t want another ‘Kate Bush’ situation where 50 yrs after it was released @billybragg shit song ‘sexuality’ goes to No. 1!!!.

This Kate Bush J Files is a pure enlivening delight. Enjoy.

Lagu Jadul Kate Bush Populer Lagi Berkat Serial Stranger Things.

The tweet doesn’t directly call Kate bush a one hit wonder but it’s baffling to even bring it up… she never had a number 1 in the US before but interestingly enough she is a global superstar, icon, legend despite that bc there are several countries outside of the US.

Kate Bush Heardle #21 🔊🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ yes.

เมื่อคุณเป็นแฟนคลับ Kate Bush อยู่แล้วก่อนที่ Stranger Things 4 จะใช้เพลงของเขาและทำให้เขาดัง:.

Kate Bush Foto,Kate Bush Foto by Navy2548 | VTeacher 📚 | TH/EN | TRIVP (Gen 0),Navy2548 | VTeacher 📚 | TH/EN | TRIVP (Gen 0) on twitter tweets Kate Bush Foto

Kate Bush Heardle #21 🔊🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️.


Yo si lloré en el capitulo 4 de #StrangerThings cuando Max esta escapando de Vecna y suena en el fondo la canción de Kate Bush… que sentimientos de verdad 🥺✨.

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