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LeBron stuffs it with two hands in #PhantomCam! #LakeShow.

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After today’s loss to the Knicks, the Lakers have a < chance to make the playoffs. This would be the first NBA Playoffs in 14 years without Lebron James. #LakeShow #NewYorkForever.

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We seriously got swept this season by the fucking Knicks. I know it was only two games but still that shit is ridiculous. Just end the season and put us outta our misery already. 🤦🏽‍♂️ #LakeShow.

Safe to say Alex Caruso is the new Andre Ingram (player that @MagicJohnson and Rob Pelinka will avoid signing to become a rotation piece at all costs)? #Lakers #LakeShow.

Final de partido. #LakeShow 123 #NewYorkForever 124 Destacamos lo increíble que está jugando Caruso. Se está ganando ese contrato NBA. ( 👀 Maginka ) Williams también tuvo una tarde destacable LJ 33p/6r/8a AC 12p/3r/2a RR 3p/5r/5a JW 12p/7r/1a KK 18p/8a JM 12p/7r RB 14p.

@Lakers @KingJames #LakeShow #KnicksVsLakers nice way to tank. Hope for future easying the pain.

@JTTheBrick Congrats on win number 14 of the season. The #LakeShow will be back next year..

@SportsTalkBarry If LeBron reachs a ring with #LakeShow will be the only one player with championships of three different teams. End of discussion ever with Michael Jordan. Or not? 😎.

@Lakers This whole process is a disgrace. This FO has failed, big time. #Lakers #LakeShow.

Folks really want me to be mad about this loss when y’all should be mad you wasted your time watching that game lol. You know what’s going on, don’t kid #Lakers #LakeShow.

2 de las 14 victorias de los @nyknicks esta temporada han llegado ante los @Lakers. Los angelinos pierden en el MSG tras recibir un parcial de 13-1 en los últimos 3,5 minutos. #LakeShow #NewYorkForever.

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Kobe has never gotten blocked by Mario Hezonja. Trade LeBum and sign Kobe to a 10 year max #LakeShow #lakers.

We want YOU to call in and leave us a message with your thoughts on the #Lakers. You could be featured on our post-game #LakeShow. ☎️.

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We really trash yo smh it’s still #LakeShow forever doe. I need @kobebryant back.

LeBron 100% all in on the tank supposedly. I’d believe that if he hadn’t been doing it in the 1st couple months as well #TankForZion #LakeShow.

If y’all need some Zion to the Lakers merch, DM me. 😂 #lakeshow.

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The Lakers are officially tanking for Zion 💪🏼😤 #TankforZion #LakeShow.

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If this game happened right after the All-Star break I’ll been sick right now #Lakeshow.

Lmao Bron losing to my Knicks is sad af and funny at the same time #LakeShow.

FINAL SCORE THREAD Mario Hezonja comes up with the clutch block and @nyknicks close the game on a 13-1 run to defeat LAL! #NewYorkForever 124 #LakeShow 123 Emmanuel Mudiay: 28 PTS, 8 AST Damyean Dotson: 25 PTS Kevin Knox: 19 PTS DeAndre Jordan: 15 PTS,….

LeBron stuffs it with two hands in #PhantomCam! #LakeShow.

King James NO-LOOK! #LakeShow 💻📱:.

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