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#NBA 104-113: Los Raptors superan el triple-doble de LeBron.

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@KingRicar4 Crees que verificarse es ahora más fácil que en anteriores fifas ?.

@lillostvdos chill bro everyone knows that LeBron is the goat they’re just hating cuz their team won’t make the playoffs.

Dont be afraid of failure. This is the way to succeed. - LeBron James, Shooring Stars..

@Lewiskiller_1 Case y que crees que le pasó a gorila ? Porque después de la ficw de FIFA 17 no volvió a ser el que era ?.

@LeBron_Ocean ちょっとあれこれこうしてですね... (ここだけの話秘密ですよ!).

@LeBron_Ocean 今シーズンは最後までマルチ潜らずに負け無しでトロ上げる予定なんで4桁になることは無いですよ!w.

@MF_Brown Lebron working out to games we play the day after that episode dropped killed me.

@king_rela I dunno anything about Lebron but what I do know is CR7, whilst the season is on his sole focus is football..

Lebron with a whopping 13 points on 5-15 shooting tonight in a LOSS to the Raptors Also 50% from the FT line 🤢🤢 You LOVE to see it tbh Let’s see which Bronsexual has the best excuse below.

The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off their sixth straight season in which they missed the NBA playoffs, but still had a healthy LeBron James and a promising young core. However, shortly into the 2019 NBA offseason, they traded nearly all of that young core for Anthony Davi….

A groin injury and other factors limited LeBron James to just 55 games in his debut 2018-19 NBA season with the Los Angeles Lakers, marking the fewest he had played in a single season since entering the league in 2003. Some believed James’ age was beginning to catch up to h….

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have come out of the gates hot to begin the 2019-20 NBA season, starting 7-1 for the first time in nearly a decade. While the Lakers being this good this early is somewhat surprising, the real shock is just how good head coach Frank V….

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James became the third player in NBA history to score 20 points in 1,000 total games in the team’s 95-80 win against the Miami Heat. This milestone adds to an ever-growing list of achievements in James’ no-doubt Hall of Fame career. And to ….

After sweeping their three-game road trip, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers returned home and were able to extend their winning streak by defeating the Miami Heat, 95-80. It was a rough night offensively for Los Angeles as they were flummoxed early on by Miami’s zone….

LeBron James Posts 13 points, 15 assists & 13 rebounds vs. Toronto Raptors.

All the times LeBron won a championship he had two other all stars on his team. All the times he carried a quote on quote weak team to the finals he.

lebron went 13p 15a 13r, and barely lost, i’m not even that mad cuz he scoring more than 20 in the playoffs.

saw this shit coming aftr lebron was sitting dwn during a post game interview last game 😂.

@Anthonysmdoyle Tough to establish his driving too because of the Lakers interior defense as well. I bet most of the lanes were blocked by AD, Dwight, Javale, LeBron etc in the beginning..

LeBron James was in the gym at 3:30 before shooting Space Jam 2 | NBA on ESPN.

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Rondo only buys us time when he comes back. That’s it. Because if Iggy gets traded and Rondo goes down again. what’s plan B? Lakers gotta look at all the options. Because Lebron as initiator will be an issue, win or lose (because god forbid he goes down)..

@jimJackson9924 @Lakers Kobe is not better than Lebron at anything besides free throws.

#NBA 104-113: Los Raptors superan el triple-doble de LeBron.

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@washingtonpost It is a total hotchpotch this Baker Mayfield, LeBron James, Greta Thunberg and the world football all in It is obvious you get paid for this, but don’t loose face, pls. And don’t talk about football, game you definitely don’t understand.

Who ranks higher on the all time list? Magic or LeBron. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU ANSWER!.

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