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Trump just posted this on his social media platform. He believes he will be arrested on Tuesday.

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The Memphis police supervisor on scene when Tyre Nichols was beaten to death by officers retired with his benefits the day before a hearing to fire him.

“When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just…get in trouble. Good trouble. Necessary trouble.” -John Lewis.

#AMuS | Toto sobre o resultado de Lewis na qualificação: 🎙️ | “Temos que investigar isso agora. Talvez o pneu ainda não estivesse na janela. As diferenças de configuração entre os carros eram pequenas. Mas certamente há uma explicação para isso.”.

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Lewis Hamilton says he’s got some pretty pumping CDs in his Mercedes for this weekend’s Saudia Arabia Grand Prix - ‘Waking Up The Neighbours’ by Bryan Adams and Simply Red’s ‘A New Flame’.

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“american shit” when daniel day lewis is the king of method acting… with three oscars.

Clickbait as usual He said Lewis’s decision to choose his NEXT physio. What’s wrong with journalists these days?.

Brandon Bracy really invests time into his guy. He did a big time job with one of the best Wings in California Will Heimbrodt (Seattle U commit). Nick Cubley has been on a scoring tour this HS season. Larry Lewis will be another one guys will talk about..

cara estou tentando focar no treino mas é impossível pq eu estou realmente triste pq não teremos mais a angie ali com o lewis :( quero muito chorar.

Stephon Gilmore trade will allow CB Daron Bland to battle #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation.

nobody’s awake at this time so I’ll post this scuffed thing when I was doing some werk eheh Song: Someone You Loved -Lewis Capaldi 😎.

@SkySportsF1 Everyone blaming the car 😂 George qualified 3rd in the same machinery. George out scored Lewis last year….

We are always here for you Lewis! 💜💜💜 Our GOAT 👑 We send all the love 🫂 @LewisHamilton.

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AND…just like that we have a Wildcat! Thank you to @UKAgriculture and UK Lewis Honor’s College for a great Merit Day. #GoBigBlue 💙.

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🎙️ Lewis Hamilton, pós-quali: Eu lutei um pouco hoje, mas só precisamos de continuar a tentar. Não importa quais as mudanças que estamos a fazer, temos lutado para extrair a velocidade, e eu simplesmente não me sinto devidamente conectado ao carro de momento… ⤵️.

Breaking news, urgent now and beyond future! Save our retirement age healthcare, healthcare of abortion, healthcare! Save our John Lewis act, voting rights act, and much more! Save our democracy blue wave Party!.

@MercedesAMGF1 Could’ve done something like Hungary 2017, where Lewis gives the place back if he can’t get Alonso. Poor from George. They’re not fighting each other for the title..

@fiagirly all i see is lewis back ahead of george in the championship and that’s fine by me.

Buddy shot from the hip with that gun that enraged Arsenio in “Harlem Nights”.

it’s ok fia. we see it. we see it really was all deliberate to stop lewis. all soooo clear. you’ll never know peace 🔪.

@zooweemamma69 him getting p3 but Russell behind Lewis in the standings so I dont have to see utter dross on the TL siiiii.

@melnickjeffrey1 I remember when Rilo Kiley came to my campus on their last tour and so many of my women students spontaneously shared their intense, but fraught feelings about Jenny Lewis. It must be a lot for her..

City of Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis addresses officials at the JOC….

@Luke_MCFC Stones is the perfect on there tonight, the times he hasn’t been able to go back to right back from midfield Akanji have been going wide while stones have been sloting in as an cb. It wouldn’t work with lewis.

Marcia Lewis Katherine Zimmerman #推特号 #推特老号 05:09 上午..

@SportsCenter What if Aaron Rodgers is making the Jets sign Lazard Cobb and Lewis to force the Packers to sign/trade a big name at wideout?.

Cedric Garcia Page Lewis #南通资源 #南通 Cynthia Marshall.

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Moira Isaac Tobey Lewis Letitia Sassoon #佛山同城 #佛山.

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Elva Lindberg(h) Gordon Zephaniah Lewis Hodge #哈尔滨资源 #哈尔滨.

How to Become a Badass Vegan and LIve Your LIfe Right with John Lewis ( via @YouTube.

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