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Updated: September 22nd, 2021 06:50 PM IST

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[기사] #TXT on being “Gen Z it boys”: “They recognise these stories as stories of their own”

Loser Twitter

@LOVESlCKGYU Gracias igual mente, aunque dudo que tendré un buen día al tener clases a la tarde :(

An embarrassment for our country and an obvious reason to believe that this is an illegitimate government. No one votes to be a loser 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Trump Sues NYT and Niece—Who Calls Him ‘F*cking Loser’ via @thedailybeast

Trump Sues NYT and Niece—Who Calls Him ‘F*cking Loser’ via @thedailybeast


@MarianaBaabar He is the loser in the deal. These wards must realise that none remains apple of the eye forever. Taliban too will be replaced by who knows what one day not too far.

今日のmaimai その1 MF,LINKSUMEDA LOSER BASIC ALL PERFECT+(理論値) さんさーら! Southern Cross アンビバレンス BASIC 新曲下埋め #はやっちのmaimai修行

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Who loser is funding lunch? findom femdom paypig irishfindom findomuk canadianfindom findomcanada canadafindom

TSさんやばいな。 しかも後で配信します。 とか言ってたけど、配信でいちいち囲い作るのはどうかと思いますけどねw

@AndrejBabis Každý den hledáte příležitost jak být větším a větším ubožákem a každý den se Vám to daří. Gratuluji! Jednou loser vždycky loser!

Sold some items to a local sub including footdust, spit, ass pop and butt plug and he’s so weak for them😂 he licked the butt plug clean as soon as he got home😂 Findom paypigs sissy humiliation humanATM cashchow loser beta cuck contentforsale fetish spit asspop footdust

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@LeaderMcConnell Suffering wishful thinking? Previous debt makes up the debt ceiling including Trump tax breaks and you think Dems will be blamed? 🤣 The GQP will be blamed for gov shutdown. The Trump LOSER lost the WH, Senate and Electoral College. Nobody with a brain wants Trump back in the WH

Just a pathetic loser simp junkie addict for @Mistress_Mollie 😈🥵🔥👸🏼🖤🙇🏻‍♂️ Owned for life with no escape, no own thought, with no choice! Totally at Her disposal Totally obedient only to Her Chaste for Her pleasure CONTRACTED ~ INDEBITED ~ CNC ~ TPE ~ (my) FLR ~ PA ~ OWNED!

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jungkook provoking jin by not considering his point and joon saying lets be nice to each other Aahhh since loser will pick someone to tag along in penalties 🤣

I’m awake early but I can’t seem to fall back asleep. Send for breakfast and approach for drains • Findom finsub cryptosub finbrat cuck crypto moneyslave paypig whalesub cryptocuck humiliation sph cei joi humanatm footfetish walletdrain cbt loser subfunded luxurybrat tribute

@tedcruz Hey Teddy, still beating that drum hey?? Sit down Trumpster remember Heidi is a pig??? Ya you are a loser and a sellout!

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@nationalpost LOSER American Hedge-Fund-owned garbage partisan rag No one believes your lies & BS! Harper: 2 consecutive minority govs 2006, 2008 lowest seat count in CDN history, hahahahahaha Time to scrub CDN media from foreign influence like the Christo-Fascist IDU @nationalpost

He’s blocked from every single page but knows my where about maybe. What a fucking loser

ikily, loser lover - txt O. O. O -girls planet 999 crazy - 4minute


@realLizUSA The only cesspool is the one Traitor Trump climbed out of before the American voter sent him back there LOSER.

@POTUS You fucking loser forgot to mention China and Russia in your UN speech. Climate change is not the biggest crisis we face, it’s Joe Biden in the presidency. You’re an anti-American hating piece of shit

My face going on a bull date knowing I’m about to get destroyed 😂😂 tribute for my future dates! 🐷 • Cuck • Findom • Femdom • Sph • Sissy • Cash slave • Wallet drain •chastity • Finbrat • Cuckholdress • chastity • beta • loser

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@07cafe1220 @73_Jun_loser /73_Jun_loser ゲリラ初心者ですが精一杯頑張るので貴重な確定枠いただけると幸いです。

Look at that little broken disgraced and dysfunctional toy on the left. What a disgrace to this country. What an absolute weak embarrassing con man. This pathetic weak loser named Donald Trump. This coward. The brilliant businessman who filed bankruptcy six times

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[기사] #TXT on being “Gen Z it boys”: “They recognise these stories as stories of their own”

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